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Let's Talk About Sex - The Females

October 31, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

I skipped a couple of weeks of writing because I’ve been receiving some comments lately that my articles on UFOs, reincarnation and the like are becoming repetitive. As a result, I do not want to lose my readership. So, for the next few weeks, I’m going to write about things that never seem to become boring. On top of the list is “sex”.

For a topic that seems to always be one of the consistently hottest topics, there are more misconceptions concerning sex and sexuality than most people can even imagine. Most talk about sex concerns abstinence versus activity or about sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS and Herpes, and warts. Gonorrhea and syphilis have, essentially, been eradicated in the Western World (but definitely not in third world countries).

Let’s start by recognizing that life, itself, is sexually transmitted. Sex is probably the most normal activity with the exception of breathing and eating.

Most misconceptions about sex come from one or more of the Bibles and the religious beliefs they represent. The concept of “marriage” (vastly different than the Biblical “taking a woman to wife”) was created by a burgeoning Christian Church in about 400 AD. They promoted the idea that sexual activity (which was rampant in ancient Rome) was against the laws of God unless blessed by the Church. It was a great way to increase both the power and income for the Church. Because violation of this religious rule was so frequent, it became necessary that God be an all-forgiving God. Confess your transgressions, donate to the Church and all will be forgiven.

Fundamentalists in some religions, even today, use this as a means of controlling a naturally sexual population. Islamic Law (Sharia Law) provides a death penalty by stoning or hanging for any woman who commits adultery…or even engages in any intimate act with someone not her husband. This, of course, is a throw-back to the belief that men are important and women are little more than baby-bearing chattels. Men are allowed to have numerous wives and/or concubines, while women are supposed to stay home and breast-feed babies until their bodies wear out.

Male dominance in sex is also a religious thing and is promoted by many cult-type religions (such as Pentecostal and Church of Christ): Again, this is contrary to the laws of nature and was created to maintain male dominance over women.

The truth is that, generally, women are significantly more sexual than men. Think about it: which sex usually does the screaming and can have numerous orgasms? Not the men who claim to be the sexual aggressors. Most men lose their interest (and ability) in sex sometime between sixty and seventy years of age. Most woman don’t lose their sexual ability or sexual desire until they die. In ancient Rome, Carthage & Babylon, before the Church grew in influence and power, it was normal and accepted for both men and woman to have numerous sexual partners…whether or not they belonged to a specific household.

So, which sex should, logically, be the sexual aggressor? It seems that most misconceptions concern female sexuality, so let’s look at some interesting statistics about girls and sex right here in the USA:

In the USA, sexual standards have changed dramatically in the past fifty years. When I was a kid I was taught that if you had sex with a girl and (heaven forbid) you made her pregnant, you were supposed to marry her…and stay true to her for the rest of your life. These days (according to Kinsey & Home Foundation statistics) girls start masturbating and have their first sexual intercourse while they are still children. Three to five percent of girls age ten or younger have already had their first sexual experience. By age twelve this number now jumps to just below ten percent. By fourteen, it leaps to almost thirty percent and by eighteen, it’s more than eighty percent. By age 18, most girls have had multiple sex partners. These statistics are slightly higher in Black communities and slightly lower in more affluent areas.

Surprisingly, these figures for the USA are significantly lower than in most parts of Europe. According to published statistics, children in Scandinavian countries, in most third-world countries, and in countries where religion has not become all-consuming (such as in America), children become sexually active at younger ages. In France and in Spain, it has become more common to have a female aggressor than for a man to take the lead in a sexual relationship.

The United States is fraught with ridiculous laws on its books concerning sex: It is against the law for a male to have a sexual relationship with a girl under the age of eighteen. That means that more than fifty percent of all girls are helping to break the law. Interestingly, as a carryover of supposed male dominance, girls are seldom prosecuted for this while men are frequently brought to trial and sent to jail. When a girl alleges she has been sexually taken or abused by a man, the girl is almost always the one who is believed.

Real sex crimes or taking advantage of a child is a different topic: If there is an age difference of the male being more than ten years older than an accusing female under the age of eighteen, the man’s guilt is “assumed” as, probably, it should be. I see nothing wrong with a boy of 15 having sex with a girl of fourteen. But, if the girl is fourteen and the man is twenty-four, this is hardly the basis of a consensual relationship and is strongly indicative of something which, in my book, is totally inexcusable.

Next week, we’ll take a look at the men.

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