Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Emotions

By Stephen Ellis

Nobody asked me, but…

“Love” is an interesting word.

The dictionary defines it as 1 a (1): strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties (2): attraction based on sexual desire : affection and tenderness felt by lovers (3): affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests b: an assurance of love 2: warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion 3 a: the object of attachment, devotion, or admiration b (1): a beloved person : darling —often used as a term of endearment (2)British —used as an informal term of address4 a: unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another: as (1): the fatherly concern of God for humankind (2): brotherly concern for others b: a person's adoration of God5: a god or personification of love6: an amorous episode : love affair7: the sexual embrace : copulation.

The dictionary definition is fraught with possibilities, but, if you think about it, the above definitions tell us how to “describe” love, but not what it is. It’s important that we all ask ourselves what “love”, “hate”, “joy”, “sadness”, and all of our other feelings really are. Of course, we know they are all emotions…but what is an emotion…and why? Ever wonder why some people can hear about the death of a stranger or someone they knew only slightly and not react to it, while others burst into tears? Or why a joyful or happy feeling can make some people cry?

Science tells us that if something can’t be detected by any of our five senses (sight, sound, taste, touch and smell) that is simply does not exist. Can you see love? Or sadness? You can see how some people react with love or sadness, but your five senses cannot detect an emotion. Emotions are something inside you that science has unsuccessfully tried to explain for centuries. The reason science cannot explain emotions is because emotions emanate from your aura…and science does not recognize the aura as anything but a meaningless electromagnetic field surrounding your body. Yet certainly emotions exist even if there is no scientific explanation for them. Your emotions are very much a part of your life…and very much a part of your life after death.

Please do not confuse your emotions with strong physical stimulus. When you’re very young, many people tend to confuse “love” with sexual desire. Certainly good sex can make a body feel great. Contra to a lot of religious beliefs, the fact is that a great sexual liaison does not require “love”. Further, the same person that created strong sexual desires in you twenty years ago may not create the same animal-type feelings in you today. Love, joy, sadness, etc. are not something physical although they may have physical manifestations.

If you loved a person once, you will probably feel strongly about them for the rest of your life unless you have found someone else to fulfill your emotional needs for love. We all need someone to be an essential part of our lives. It doesn’t have to be a “mate”, it can well be a parent, a child or a sibling…or even an outside party. The universal desire of almost all people is, “Please love me.” Some try to achieve this through a mate, some through business or political success, some through religion, some through their children, and in many ways too numerous to set forth here.

Why all this talk about “love” and “emotions” in a paranormal blog? It is because “emotions” are the things that bind you to another person. They are the thing that binds your spirit or aura to someone else’s spirit or aura.

None of us are perfect, despite what we may think of ourselves. We all have inadequacies that can only be complemented by other people. You love someone (even God) because you need something that special someone gives you. Not money or physical pleasure; you need them to make your own internal spirit whole. You may complain about that person(s) day and night, but without them, your life seems empty. That’s why, when someone you love dies, you start to look for someone else who may fill the void the dead person had filled. The void created by a dead (or divorced) mate may be filled by a parent, a child, a new mate, intensified religious beliefs, etc. Sometimes, that void can be filled by a part of the dead person’s aura staying behind to help complete you. But it is a void that must be filled or your life will feel hollow.

So it is with auras or spirits.

Your aura, with a sort of life of its own, is not perfect, either. It needs to be completed. That’s why you can meet someone for the first time and you feel you know that person…or you immediately like that person, etc. What’s actually happening is that your aura is meeting with that person’s aura and if your aura feels that person’s aura helps to complete you, you instantly like them or feel you can trust them. If both auras feel that the other aura completes them, you have “love at first sight”.

Think about it for a minute: We live in a dimension where nothing exists if our five senses cannot recognize it. Someone’s physical appearance may be very attractive to you, but there is nothing in a physical or sexual attraction that can make you feel “close to” or that you “know” a strange person. Your five senses have nothing to do with the feelings you feel inside of you. Logically, love must be something non-physical that our five senses cannot perceive. And the non-physical part of us is our “aura”.

This is why, when your body dies, your aura will sift through millions of other auras and find the auras that completed you the most during your lifetime: the aura of your mate…your parents….your children, etc. Even if a part of that aura has moved on to a new physical body, there will always be a part that will be waiting to help complete your aura again.

“Love” is pure magic! There is absolutely no physical or visceral explanation for it. Yet it is not only the key to a happy lifetime, it is the key to happy eternity.

As I said, nobody asked me.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


By Stephen Ellis

Nobody asked me, but…

When we talk about “ghosts”, what are we really talking about? The image of the dead girl I saw in my San Francisco apartment? The noise we hear when we visit a haunted house or haunted castle? Are we talking about some mysterious glow in an otherwise dark room or on a dark night? Maybe the image of some person who was harmed by you or your family and wants revenge? Or, something out of a Stephen King novel?

When ghost-chaser organizations investigate a house they believe to be haunted, what are they really looking for? They bring a lot of sensitive equipment into a house and try to measure electromagnetic changes from place to place. Is that what we call ghosts?

Let’s have a reality check: Do ghosts really exist? Not only do I believe they exist, but I’ve seen one as clear and perfect as if she was alive. I’m as certain that ghosts exist as I am that if I cut myself, I will bleed. To me, there is no question about ghosts existing. It’s true that most ghost-chasers have never really seen one…but the presence of these spirits can be detected…and sometimes, if rarely, seen. Another thing I am very certain about: Ghosts do not harm you!

Unlike the great movie “Ghost”, dead spirits cannot move physical objects. Now I know I’m going to be besieged by mail telling me about chains clanging and about bricks flying across a room…and even about things in your home moving from one place to another; window shades that were open, being shut, etc. In truth, I have received more than a hundred stories about physical objects that moved from one place to another or moved in a similar manner, without explanation…but not one single case of anyone who “saw” that object being moved…or that window being opened.

I’m not going to suggest that those who wrote me lied or had overly-vivid imaginations. Almost all the letters I have received and/or read are from people who are very sincere in what they write and may very well have experienced something seemingly inexplicable. But, to the best of my research and knowledge they have experienced something different than merely “ghosts” or “spirits”. We’ll talk about this in another blog. Right now, I want to talk about the thing we call “ghosts”.

So what are they? My research and studies have brought me to believe that they are the mind, the spirit, the aura…or, if you prefer, the immortal souls of people who have died.

What happens to the mind or spirit of a person when they die is something we have all experienced, but cannot conceive of while we are alive. In all probability, your aura or sprit goes to someplace we have no way of knowing about where it joins with other spirits...and probably waits to be reborn…possibly even looks for someplace to be reborn. Perhaps, in returning to its own natural dimension, it travels to places and worlds we cannot even imagine. When it gathers with other spirits, it very likely is a place where you can re-meet your deceased parents and other loved ones; where you can reflect on the human life you have just lived, the love you shared, review the opportunities you failed to take and perhaps feel critical of things you did during life.

But what about your parents who may have found someone else into which to be reborn? Does that mean that you cannot re-visit with them as a spirit?

Things that make up the paranormal are very complex. That’s why, even though it may seem that this blog is “all over the place”, the truth is that it needs to explain how the mind and aura work before going into what the mind and aura do when you body has died.

If you remember, in my blog on déjà vu, I spoke of how I actually visualized a former girlfriend wearing a particular dress and, moments later, I saw her wearing that very dress…and I do mean that very particular dress which I had never seen before and that, in all probability, she hadn’t even owned when I was dating her years before. I tried to explain that a part of my aura had separated from my body and “looked-around”. It saw her coming and came back to my body with an image of her.

I further tried to explain how this type of thing can happen; how your aura can make contact with the aura of someone you haven’t seen for a long time and the thought of each of you is simultaneous. Then, without any apparent reason one of you picks up the phone to call the other and say “hello”.

The key to the déjà vu experiences is that a “part” of your aura can separate (and return) from your main aura. And, so it is when the body has died. A “part” of your parents’ auras may have gone to be re-born, and a part of it may have remained behind to share and re-enjoy the relationships you had during your lifetime. I know it’s complex and difficult to understand how your aura works once it leaves you body, but we are talking about something that exists in a totally different dimension. It has a marked influence on our lives while we are living, but has (a sort of) life of its own when it leaves our body.

We’ll go into it more at another time, but for now, you can feel quite confident that even though a part of your loved-one’s aura has gone to be reborn, a part of it has remained behind to re-visit the love you shared when you were alive. As we will learn more, the word “love” becomes key.

As I said, nobody asked me.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What Do Your Dreams Mean

By Stephen Ellis

Nobody asked me, but…

How many times have you awakened in the morning following a very realistic dream and tried to give that dream some meaning? It’s not easy, is it? Your brain is your computer and your mind (or as I prefer to call it, your “aura”) is at the keyboard.

It would appear logical that your ‘memory’ files are in your brain. When you sleep deeply, your brain shuts down to rest and get “recharged” and your aura takes-over. When you do not sleep deeply, your brain does not shut-down long enough to get fully recharged and when you wake-up you feel sluggish, tired and your thinking process is slowed-down. So, if your memory files are shut down while you dream, it’s going to be very difficult to recall what it was that you dreamed about.

According to what I’ve read, science tells us that when we dream we are no longer deeply asleep, but starting to approach the waking level. If that’s true, it may explain why, immediately after you awaken, you may be able to recall all or a part of a dream as your “memory’ files come back to life. But once your brain starts to concern itself with your bodily movements such as walking or talking, the dream file which was not securely imbedded in your memory files, starts to fade very quickly.

The only portion of a dream that we can recall is just prior to awakening when your ‘memory’ files are starting to function again.

Actually, we may dream hundreds of dreams every night, but since our ‘memory’ files are sleeping or are, effectively, shut down, we never remember them. If a dream is disturbing enough or important enough it may wake us up suddenly and we may remember portions of that dream.

There are, literally, thousands of books that have been written about interpreting dreams. Certainly I have not read them all, but those that I have read are pure baloney. Symbols, faces and events that we dream about come from our aura.

Inasmuch as our aura has lived before and will probably live again many times in the future, the messages sent to us while we sleep can be quite important. We may be facing a problem that our aura has faced many times in the past and we wake-up suddenly finding a solution in our head. We quickly write down what we remember before it fades so that when we awaken there will be something for us to look at and file in our ‘memory’ banks.

One very interesting thing about dreams: We can dream of things with which we are very familiar: your spouse, your parents, your children, etc. Yet, when we see them in a dream, they are somehow different. It’s not that we can’t identify them, but they appear somehow different than they do when we’re awake. The same thing can be said for places. They are very identifiable…but somehow different. Recently, I’ve dreamed about my father quite a bit:

Of course, in my dreams he is quite alive and I never even think of him as being dead until I awaken. This is because, in the dimension my aura exists, he is not dead. To my aura, which exists in a different dimension (as I have detailed previously) contacting the aura of my deceased father would not be a problem…and my father would appear very much alive to the aura controlling my dream. It probably sounds complicated but that’s for another blog. For now I want to get back to the point that he appears somewhat different than he did when he was alive.

As he did in real life, in my dreams my father resides in a prestigious apartment house in Manhattan, NY. But the building in which he lives in my dreams is not the same building he lived in during his lifetime…or at least it seems to be somewhat different. In my dreams I have visited this building many times and am thoroughly familiar with it…but when I awaken, I know that no such building exists as I saw in my dream. I’m going to try and explain this:

Hopefully, as a reader of this blog, you remember the “astral projection” of Joe W. and Sasha K. Joe W., while being operated on by his dentist, found himself floating above the room, visited the dentist’s waiting room, saw and listened to a conversation in the waiting room and visited an office on a different floor of the same building. Sasha K. travelled 3,000 miles in a matter of minutes and identified a secret word in a book across the country. One of the main points I tried to make was that both Joe and Sasha could “see” and “hear” while they were away from their bodies. This opened a door with a plethora of possibilities inasmuch we see with our eyes and hear with our ears…which, obviously, were not available to Joe and Sasha.

The conclusion I reached is that our auras can see and hear by some method other than the one we know. But, if the aura sees something without human eyes, isn’t it a strong possibility that what they see may appear distorted from what we see? Things are still identifiable, but distorted from the way they look to us because the aura sees them differently. Thus, in our dreams, things appear slightly different because it is the aura that is controlling.

One more thing: When dreaming, a lot of people dream in color (as we see when we’re awake), but a lot of people dream only in black, white and shades of grey. This is because of differences in auras. If you dream in color, than that’s how things will appear to you when you die. If your dream in black and white, that’s what you will see when your aura leaves your body.

I know that I keep talking about our auras, but every bit of evidence I have indicates that our aura is our link to another dimension; our link between the world of the living and the worlds of the hereafter and much more that we can explore.

Please write to me in care of or directly at and tell me about your dreams. I may be able to give them some meaning for you.

As I said, nobody asked me.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Deja Vu

By Stephen Ellis

Nobody asked me, but…

Most people I’ve met or corresponded with have had what we call “déjà vu” experiences: For no particular reason, you start to think of someone you haven’t seen in a long time…and suddenly the telephone rings…and it’s that person. You’re walking down the street and, for no particular reason, you start to think about someone…and the next minute when you walk into a store…there that person is. You feel something has happened to a person you know…and you find out that it’s true.

You visit someplace you’ve never been before and yet you feel strongly that you’ve been there before…sometimes you even know where things are located in a strange city.

These are some of the things we call “déjà vu” experiences. The term is a French one meaning “seen before”, but common usage puts it together with a lot of other paranormal experiences. I use the term “paranormal” because there is no “normal” explanation for them. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, 70% of all people have had déjà vu experiences. Here are some examplesof my déjà vu experiences:

When I was all of sixteen, I took a train from NY to New Orleans to start attending Tulane University. I had never been there before and, other than knowing it had a Mardi Gras holiday every year, I knew nothing about the city. Yet, when I arrived at the train station, I had the feeling I had been there before. Everything was familiar. I even turned down an unmarked hallway because I knew I would find the Western Union office there and I wanted to wire my parents and let them know I had arrived safely. They told me at the Western Union office that some pranksters had taken down their sign directing traffic to them that morning…yet I knew where their office was located.

A few years later, I was walking east on 50th Street in Manhattan (NY) approaching 6th Avenue (now called Avenue of the Americas). For some reason, I started to think about a girl I had dated a couple of years earlier named Joan S. In my mind, I saw her wearing a yellow dress with a large floral pattern on it. About a minute later, when I reached 6th Avenue, walking north, towards me, on 6th Avenue was Joan S. with a girlfriend. She was wearing a yellow dress with a large floral pattern…exactly as I had seen her in my thoughts. Considering the hundreds of people walking on 50th Street and on 6th Avenue and the tall buildings which prevented my seeing 6th Avenue, there was no possible way I could have seen her. I was “spooked” by the incident.

About ten years later, I was at home in Los Angeles , when I started to feel very uneasy about my brother. I tried to call him in Chicago, but could not reach him, so I called my father in NY just to see if everything was alright. When I asked about my brother, there was a long pause, and then the question, “How did you know?” It turned out that the day before, my brother had been involved in a near-fatal automobile accident, and my father was getting ready to fly to Chicago when I called.

How do we explain these things? Certainly there is no “scientific” explanation for them.

In previous blogs, I have talked about our “aura”: that electromagnetic field that surrounds all living people. I have talked about “astral projection” where the aura seems to leave the body and has an existence apart from your body such as in the case of Joe. W. visiting an office on a different floor of the medical building while he was unconscious and under the influence of nitrous oxide; I have talked about the experiment with Sasha K. where he read a word in a book 3,000 miles away.

These two instances of astral-projection (there are thousands more) give a pretty strong indication that the aura can be separated from (and return to) the body it surrounds.

Let’s take it a step further and look at the possibility that a “portion” of the aura can leave the body and return while the body is still functioning normally. For purposes of this blog I’ll call it the “roving aura”. There’s a lot of evidence to support this and, hopefully, we’ll discuss it often in the future.

Certainly that would explain the familiarity I felt about the train station in New Orleans although I’d never been there: My “roving aura” had gone there, in advance of my arrival, and sent back images to my brain. It would also explain how I happened to see Joan S. wearing the dress she was wearing when visual contact was impossible. It would also explain how I knew that something bad had happened to my brother.

Let’s look at some possibilities: If “roving auras” can move around, they would certainly not be hampered by friction and could move anywhere they wanted in a matter of seconds. When a “roving aura” encounters a familiar aura, both auras could bring thoughts of that encounter back to both brains…so you suddenly start thinking about someone at the same time they start thinking about you. Thus my first experience in Paris, France brought the image of the Grand Ballroom of Louis XIV to my mind. But, as mentioned in an earlier blog, my aura had been to that ballroom before and it came back to my brain with thoughts of music that had been played there and people that had been there.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying that this is the only possible explanation, but it is one that works with everything my blogs discussed in the past…and science offers no explanation at all.

Let’s look at the few facts we know to be true: Every human being is surrounded by an electromagnetic aura (photographed with infra-red photography). This aura does not die when our bodies die (again, photographed with infra-red photography).

We don’t know for sure what happens to our aura when we die…but it fits nicely with everything I do know that it finds another body to surround (usually a newborn). This offers a very plausible explanation for such things as Bridie Murphy or the girl who spoke an outdated French dialect fluently although she never studied French, and millions of claims of reincarnation.

Another very important thing to remember is that our aura cannot be seen, touched, smelled, tasted or heard. It is out the range of the five senses that guide our lives. Therefore, the place it exists must be in a dimension different than the one in which we live. And, if there are other dimensions, it opens up a plethora of possibilities to explain things that science makes no attempt to explain.

If you agree with an increasing number of people that this blog is interesting and worth reading, I need for you to write to me at Facebook or at and tell me of things you have experienced. Your input is essential.

As I said, nobody asked me…