Sunday, May 30, 2010


May 30, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

Every time I think I’ve seen just about all there is to see regarding UFOs, something new pops up: NASA has what is called the SOHO imaging system. This photo system is designed to photograph the solar flares and hydrogen storms on the surface of our Sun by blocking out the light of the sun (for the most part) and allowing us to see what’s going on near the edge of the Sun…where the temperature is approximately 11,000° Fahrenheit. It doesn’t take much imagination to realize that if rock melts at about 2,000° F, anything we know of would be vaporized in milliseconds at 11,000°. I repeat: anything we know of…

So, when the SOHO imaging system reveals several moving…and orbiting…things almost touching the surface of our Sun, it raises more than a few questions. Don’t take my word for it, Google “UFOs near our Sun” and look at some of the many videos taken by NASA. There are some U-Tube videos with commentaries available as well.

There seems to be at least three or four round objects orbiting our sun next to the surface of the sun. Compared to the size of the Sun, these objects appear tiny…but in fact they are about the size of the planet Earth. Additionally, there also appear to be a multitude of smaller objects that travel at very high speeds that disappear into the Sun’s corona and many objects (about the same size) that seem to be leaving the Sun’s corona and venturing into space. NASA has photographed these things with time lapse photography so their movements can be easily be followed by video viewers.

What are they? Why don’t they burn up? How can anything we’ve seen or even theorized about dip into the corona of the Sun, then back away and eventually move into outer space? Make no mistake about it…these objects, whatever they are, are actually there.

The first logical explanation is that there must be some sort of material we do not know about on Earth that can withstand the temperatures on the surface of the Sun. If so, wouldn’t that be a great material to use in making spacecraft? Able to withstand the incredible heat of friction at light-speed travel? Able to re-enter our (or another planet’s) atmosphere without burning up?

Now let’s look at another possibility…perhaps not quite as logical…but, nevertheless, a very real possibility: What if those objects are man-made? By “man” made I mean non-Earth beings with vastly superior intelligence and manufacturing capability. It’s a little far-fetched, but should not be dismissed too quickly:

Let’s suppose that you were a super-intelligent form of life and wanted to observe things in our solar system: where would be the best place to hide and still be able to send scouting ships out to visit and view what’s going on? Even in the vastness of space, the light from the sun and nearby stars would probably reflect off of your space craft, and thus be seen. It would probably be far better to stay hidden behind the brightest possible light. Someplace where the brightness of that light would be so bright as to not allow anything near it to be seen…such as our Sun. Could this be the place where UFOs originate?

I’m not saying that this is the definitive answer, but when you study UFOs you must keep an open mind. There are many anomalies that are still unexplained. There are any number of authenticated videos that show UFOs releasing numbers of smaller UFOs that fly in formation and then scatter apart. Later, these smaller ships return to what appears to be a mother ship.

Even the largest UFOs that we have seen are like tiny specks compared to the ones appearing in the NASA-SOHO imaging photos.

I have often said that I have great difficulty in believing that inter-stellar travelers have traversed the incredible vastness of space to visit our Earth. But what if they don’t have that far to travel? What if they’ve been there for centuries…or millenniums and are just waiting…waiting for something to happen?

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Monday, May 24, 2010


May 23, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

This week, I had a very interesting experience: I was e-mailed by a reader (a lovely girl who, for purposes of today’s column, we’ll call “Jill”). She wrote and asked for my help. A couple of years ago, a young, teen-age girl (whom Jill had never met) apparently committed suicide by leaping from a 15th story window. For purposes of this column, I’ll call the girl who died, “Betty”.

Although Jill did not know Betty, Jill has some psychic abilities and had exceptionally strong instinctive feelings that the girl did not jump…she was pushed. These instinctive or psychic feelings were so strong, Jill went out of her way to locate Betty’s mother and offered to help her find the truth. In the course of seeking help, Jill e-mailed me and requested I try to locate a good psychic detective who might be able to recount exactly what really happened.

The feelings I got from Jill were so strong that I agreed to meet Jill and Betty’s mother at a local cafĂ© where the events were recounted to me as follows:

Betty and her girlfriend, Megan, had just returned from an out-of-the-city outing, and decided to stop by the apartment where Megan and her parents lived before Betty went home. According to Megan, as told to Betty’s mother and the police, for no apparent reason, Betty walked to a tall sliding-glass window, opened it, and jumped to her death. The police report listed it as a suicide.

To me, teen-age girls are not, necessarily, the most stable class of people in this world. Teen agers are typically wracked with emotions and rebellion…all a necessary part of discovering oneself and growing into a mature adult. That having been said, I have heard of very few teen suicides where the teen did not leave a note: either an apology to their friends and parents or a note accusing the friends and parents of being responsible for the teen’s suicide.

In this case, there was no note.

My first question: “Was there a boy involved?” This question received a somewhat ambiguous response: Yes, there was a boy in another room of the apartment when it happened. No, there was no apparent involvement of the boy. No, there seemed to be no boyfriend-girlfriend jealousy motive involved.

But then, why would a teen-age girl, doing well in school, without warning, jump to her death?

A description of the apartment only created more questions: The window on the 15th floor was such that it had no protections? No lock to stop it from opening it too far? No tall sill? The window as described to me was about two feet from the floor rising up to about six feet. To me, this means that when the window was open, any children playing or any adults who accidentally tripped could easily go sailing out the window to their deaths. It doesn’t make sense! And, when something doesn’t make sense, it’s almost always not true. I have not been to the apartment, but I would bet a fortune that the building owners would not let the situation of a dangerously placed window exist.

Then, too, the apartment has a balcony. Why would someone thinking of suicide climb up over a sill for a window, squeeze through a window open only on one side and jump when there’s a perfectly good and available balcony that would give someone no obstructions to a planned suicide?

People rarely walk across a bridge and, suddenly, decide to jump. Even if they’re suicide-bound, they will climb over the guard railing and think about it before jumping. Newspapers are replete with stories about people who sit on the precipice of a building and think about jumping, or contemplate shooting themselves or overdosing on pills, etc. Suicide is rarely an instantaneous decision.

I’m going to be contacting an excellent detective to review the police files, but I’d like a favor from my readers: If any of you have strong psychic abilities, I’d like you to contact me and see if you might not be able to relive the scene of the alleged “suicide” and bring a probable crime to justice.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


May 16, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

To me, one of the most amazing things about UFOs is that there are still so many people who do not believe they exist. Despite the hundreds of thousands of sightings, photographs and videos, most people still do not believe they exist. Another amazing thing is how various governments around the world, have been able to keep the information about these UFOs “under wraps”.

Just about everyone has heard of the supposed UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The U.S. military said it was a weather balloon although most of the actual witnesses say it was something completely different. The problems surrounding the Roswell crash are (a) that there is no consistency in the information released about it and (b) so many UFOlogists have expanded, elaborated and written-up so called facts concerning Roswell that have no bearing on the truth.

So let’s look at some of the other UFO crashes that have not received nearly as much publicity: Oh yes…there have been several UFO crashes that have been witnessed and photographed. All remains have been taken away and sent to labs for examination…and kept secret.

Let’s look at a few of them:

The first UFO crash that was recorded was in Aurora, Texas in 1897 (there were many before this one, but they were not recorded). There were several witnesses and newspaper items about the crash of a huge flying object near Aurora…six years before the Wright Brothers made the first, famous, flight at Kitty Hawk. Remnants of the metallic, crashed object in Aurora were dumped down a deep well by the superstitious residents who may have thought that God was raining down fire and brimstone upon them. That deep well, although now buried in a five-foot cube of concrete still emits strong radiation. For those who think it might have been a meteor, meteors contain very minimal radiation.

There was another crash in Aztec, Mexico in 1948. Witnesses said there were no remains other than a giant hole in the ground. But there were numerous witnesses who claim to have seen a disc-like object crash.

In 1953, there was another UFO crash in Arizona. There were a lot of witnesses who saw this saucer-shaped object crash. But not one word from our government about it.

In 1962, there was a UFO crash just north of Las Vegas adjacent to the Nellis Air Force Base.
Although there were more than a hundred Airmen who witnessed the crash, the government and military have been completely silent about it.

In 1967, more than five hundred residents of Nova Scotia saw a huge round object crash into the sea at Shag Harbor.

In 1969, there was a famous crash in Sverdolovsky, Russia. There are videos available about Russian troops and scientists examining the crashed disc-shaped object. This was witnessed by many. Some details have just been declassified by Russian authorities.

In 1974 in Lladro, Wales, there was a giant UFO crash. US military and scientists were invited to join the British in examining the wreckage. Not one word about the crash until the Brits recently declassified some information about it.

In 1974, there was a UFO crash in the Mexican State of Chihauhua; about thirty miles south of Texas. There are any number of photos and videos of the wreckage. Claims of alien bodies in the wreckage have been made, but no genuine proof offered.

On August 28, 1991 there was a crash of a UFO that Russian authorities claim measured approximately 600 meters long. The crash took place in the Shaitan Mazar region in the Tien Sham Mountains of Kyrgyzstan (near the border with China). To this date, Russian military and scientists have not been able to get too close to the wreckage because the radiation is so strong that even our radiation-protective suits have not been able to fully protect the scientists and military who want to examine it. The only photos of this crash were taken from high-flying aircraft and have been kept as classified documents.

So why do most people still deny UFOs exist?

Let me have your opinion.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


May 9, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

There are lots of mysteries right here on Earth that need explaining: For example, how, in a Mayan Temple in southern Mexico, did they find a drawing of what is clearly an elephant…complete with trunk and tusks. The drawing dates back about two thousand years according to radio-carbon dating. Anyone who has ever read about the animals of North and South America knows that elephants are native to Africa and certain parts of southern Asia. Elephants, nor fossil remains of elephants, have ever been seen in the Western Hemisphere (except in zoos or circuses).

So, how did a drawing of an elephant get to Central America? Transportation across our oceans was unknown two thousand years ago and similar animals like Wooly Mammoths and Mastodons were extinct millions of years ago.

A recent study on Egyptian Mummies has also created some unanswerable questions: Some Egyptian mummies were sent to Sweden for forensic examination…and guess what they found? They found traces of cocaine and tobacco beneath the cloth wrappings.

What makes it particularly interesting is that the coca plant only grows in South America and tobacco was exclusively the product of North America. It is reasonably documented that Columbus brought tobacco back to Europe from his North American explorations. It is now grown and cultivated in places like India, China, Brazil…So how did cocaine and tobacco get to Egypt 5,000 years ago?

Perhaps a better question is “How did they get to Egypt in such quantities as to be used in the mummification process?”

Scientists, particularly forensic scientists, are not easily-fooled people. They explored the possibilities such as a grave thief or an early explorer accidentally dropping something on a mummified body, so they examined some never-before-seen mummies and found the traces of cocaine and tobacco…in the same quantities…on these “virgin” mummies.

Our world is filled with mysteries and myths that may have some basis in fact. For example, if you read the book of Genesis (from the Bible) about the story of Jonah, a submarine would fit the description of a giant fish far better than a whale. Of course, a natural question might be, “How would a submarine exist in Biblical times?”

If recently declassified documents suggesting that UFOs may actually be submersible machines are true…then many puzzling questions may have a reasonable answer. We still know very little about UFOs except that they strongly indicate a more technically advanced knowledge than ours. It is possible they’ve been around for millenniums.

It certainly is thought-provoking. There is much about our world still to be learned.

Please share your opinion with me.

Monday, May 3, 2010


May 2, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

The term “extra terrestrials” immediately conjures up images of skinny people with large heads and eyes, or Steven Spielberg’s movie version in his film, “E.T.” or even very human-like people as appear in “V”. The fact is, that we don’t have the slightest idea as to what extra terrestrials (“ETs”) might look like! Our egos create images of humanoid-types because we think of ourselves as being so intelligent. But, alien intelligence may be so superior to ours that they look at us in much the same way as we look at monkeys or other more primitive animals.

Because of the vastness of space, the likelihood of there being other forms of intelligent life out there is incredibly high. Our so-called community of science says we have been trying to communicate with ETs via radio waves…without any success. But what if ETs have no ability to perceive radio waves? Or they look at radio communication in the same way as we look at two tin cans connected by a piece of string? What if the mysterious “crop circles” which have been appearing around the world are not just farmers making practical jokes, but are ETs’ attempts at communication that we not only ignore, but make no effort to understand?

I’ve often said that if I was an ET, I’d probably want to stay away from the Earth because it is a “warring” planet. There has never been a time in recorded history that there has not been a war going on somewhere on Earth. But, what if ETs are even more warring than Earthlings? Are we really that certain we would want them to contact us? As Earthlings, we tend to think we would explore outer-space in peace and that ETs would be the same. This is not, necessarily, the case as leading physicist, Stephen Hawking, has recently suggested.

Then, too, ETs could be microscopic or gigantic in size. They could be friendly…or very unfriendly.

All these questions are not asked to frighten you, but merely to open your minds to other possibilities. In my opinion, there is so much here on Earth that we have yet to discover, we would be far better-off learning more about our own Earth than trying to put a “Welcome” mat down to a form of life we know nothing about.

For example: Did you know that there are undersea creatures here on Earth that live at approximately 200° C. (424° Fahrenheit)? Or that there are some undersea creatures the front of which are approximately 18° C. and the back of which exceed the boiling point? We’ve barely begun to learn about the creatures that inhabit the Earth…and we have no idea what may exist beneath the Earth’s 5 to 50 mile thick crust. No people and no machines have ever been how can we know?

And what about UFOs? Are they really extra terrestrial, or as science has begun to question, are they from within our own planet? The Russian Naval documents, recently declassified, indicate strongly that they believe UFOs come from somewhere beneath our seas. Are there places beneath the crust of our molten Earth that can support life? Of course it’s a possibility! The type of life would not be humanoid, but that does not mean it could not be intelligent…and far more intelligent than humanoid life.

We have explored less than one-third of the surface of our planet (including the land surface and our ocean floors). We have rarely explored more than 2 or 3 miles deep for any purpose.

Then, stop to think about this: the diameter of the Earth is approximately 8,000 miles. That means that we have explored less than .004% (one twenty-five-hundredth) of our planet. There’s plenty of room for lots of things to exist beneath us...things it may be difficult for us to imagine. We tend to accept science’s theories that there is nothing beneath us but a mantle and a molten core. But that’s never been proven. It’s a scientific theory much like science once theorized that we were the center of the Universe and that the Sun and stars revolved about us.

I think we would be much further ahead if science spent as much time and money learning about the mysterious ball on which we live rather than trying to explore the vastness of our Universe.

Let me know what you think?