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Speaking in Strange Languages

June 27, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

The following letter was received yesterday from a reader. I think it is interesting enough to want to share it with everyone because it highlights that there are many things happening in life that need explanation, and science or medicine has not offered us any genuine understanding:

“I went into my teenage son's room this morning to check on him as he was out last night and I know he and his friends were drinking. (He is 18). I saw a bucket by his bed so I wanted to make sure he was okay so I wakened him. He started speaking in a language that was completely gibberish. I started asking him questions and he was calmly answering me, with his inflections rising and falling as if speaking in a language, not slurring or mumbling in the slightest. I sternly called his name and he responded as if he were awake and alert...but still in this foreign tongue. Then I asked him his name. (His name is Brady) He replied "Casey". At that point, I ran out of the room to awaken my husband because I was worried about him--I thought perhaps he was even having a stroke or something else related to alcohol poisoning. When I returned with my hubby, he continued speaking to us, in normal English. He didn't realize that he hadn't been speaking English. I am very "freaked out" by this. Do you have any further insight?”

I really want to thank the writer of this letter for sharing her experience. It’s not that this type of thing is becoming more common, it’s just that “recognizing” it is becoming more common. To me, it is highly doubtful that her son was talking gibberish. It is highly probably that he was speaking in a language his mother did not understand. I say this because, when asked his name, he responded, clearly, “Casey”. “Casey” is not a common name now…but it was very common about one or two hundred years ago. Remember the poem, ”Casey at the Bat”?

The language he was speaking may have sounded like gibberish to his mother, but anyone speaking a tongue totally unfamiliar to you would sound like gibberish. The fact that his speech inflections were there means that whatever he was saying…he understood it!

Is this something to worry about? Not at all!

I have often written about how the brain and the mind are two totally different entities: the mind is definitely not a part of the brain. Brain damaged people can still think clearly.

The brain is a physical part of the body while the mind is the energy providing thought, analysis, etc. When someone dies, the brain, which is a part of the body, dies, too. But numerous photographs show that the energy (I call it the “aura”) which surrounds the physical body stays alive and moves off. To where? I probably won’t know until it’s my turn to go, but we have many strong clues that it acquires another body and lives again. The evidence that reincarnation is a fact of life is absolutely overwhelming. But what, really, is reincarnation?

I believe it is the “aura” acquiring a new body. The memories of that energy or aura move into the new body and have an incredibly strong influence on that new body. That’s why identical twins or triplets can have such totally different personalities.

The memories of the past life are there, but as the brain matures, the absorption of new life and experiences tend to block the former memories out. That’s why, past life memories, language, etc. seem to be best brought-out in young children or under past-life-regression hypnosis. Almost all professional hypnotherapists have had past life stories to relate from their clients. Again the question, “why”?

During a waking state, the brain is more powerful. During a sleeping state, the mind takes over. When the sleep is really deep (when hypnotized, under anesthesia or in a brain numbing sleep resulting from an alcoholic stupor) the brain is unable to block the mind and the mind brings out these memories. Thus the boy in the letter was, confidently, speaking a language he knew in a previous life. As his brain awakened, he again started speaking in the language he commonly used and his former language became buried in his mind.

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Monday, June 21, 2010


June 20, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

Do you believe in reincarnation? By reincarnation it should be clearly understood that it refers to someone who has died coming back in another form, or another body…living another life. The Hindus (hundreds of millions of them) believe that after you die, you return in the form of an animal. The type of animal you become depends on the quality of life you lived. A cow is considered to be the holiest form of reincarnation and there are many areas of India where a cow is considered sacred.

Not being a follower of Hindu beliefs, I do not believe that people get reincarnated as animals…but I do believe people get reincarnated as other humans!

Readers often comment on my independent thinking and the fact that I use a lot of rationality and common sense. It really does not seem practical for someone like me to accept a thing like reincarnation as being factual. Yet, the proof is so overwhelming that it seems to defy any and all of the more commonly accepted religious theories of life and death. For example:

The story of Shanti Devi: the Indian girl of seven or eight who claimed she was married in a previous life and died following childbirth. Then she went out and proved the accuracy of her previous life to the shock and surprise of a dozen or so very skeptical scientists, to newspaper reporters around the world and to a Pulitzer Prize winning author. She guided the skeptics, the newspaper reporters, etc. to the house where she used to live in a town she had never been to in this life, identified her husband who was pretending to be an onlooker, and related some extremely intimate things about their marriage to him which he confirmed.

The story of James McCready, the six year old boy who had recurrent nightmares about being shot down in an airplane near Iwo Jima in WWII. His parents, at first, ignored the statements of the boy but started paying attention to him when his knowledge of WWII aircraft exceeded that of his parents. He described the Japanese Zero that shot him down; the name of the aircraft carrier on which he was based (a small, little known carrier which was at the battle of Iwo Jima), the names of some of his friends, the mess-hall conditions aboard the carrier, etc. James’ parents decided to check out what they could. There were still many WWII pilots living. Everything that James McCready had described was confirmed and proven to be 100% accurate.

The case of Bruce Kelly, a young man in his early twenties, who could not explain his phobia about water. He went to a Psychologist and a Hypnotherapist for help. The Hypnotherapist regressed Bruce back to a previous life with astounding results: Bruce said that his name was James Johnston; that he was in the Navy in WWII and assigned to submarine duty. Under hypnosis, Bruce described James Johnston’s life, his friends, his family and even the night when a Japanese depth charge sank the submarine he was on. Everything was described in such intricate detail that it would have been virtually impossible for someone to imagine if he had not been there. The Hypnotherapist decided to check it out…and did. Everything Kelly had described…down to the smallest detail of his family, his friends and the records of the submarine were confirmed.

The case of the Before Mommy: A four year old child would have sporadic moments when she would talk like an older girl and described a previous life in a mountain cabin in Tennessee. She told of her “before” mommy who wore long skirts and a big hat; of the living conditions where the water was from an outside pump, an outhouse was the only bathroom, fire burning stoves and ovens, etc. and that she died at age 12 due to a sickness. Information and descriptions a four year old could not even have imagined.

One thing all recorded cases of reincarnation seem to have in common: They are best remembered in childhood. As the person gets older, the memories fade completely and seem to be only brought out by hypnotherapy using past life regression. But bringing these memories out through hypnotherapy is not uncommon. The case of Bridie Murphy (a best-selling, factual, story of past life regression), my own experience with a girl who spoke archaic French and lots more.

The numbers of documentable cases of reincarnation is relatively small. Most parents ignore the ranting of a young child and those moments of past life memory are quickly buried. Still, the accuracy and provability of those cases (and there are many) that have been documented leaves little room for doubt that reincarnation is very much a part of our lives.

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Monday, June 14, 2010


June 13, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

Last week, I asked the question “why” is information about UFOs and extra terrestrials being covered-up by NASA and other Government and military agencies.

Superficially, it may be easy to say that our government(s) do not want to frighten the inhabitants of the Earth by demonstrating that we are not the supreme beings our egos feel we are. Or, it may frighten people to know that our defense systems are as primitive as trying to battle tanks with wooden clubs. Yet, these superficial reasons may have some merit to them.

We still live on a planet where two thirds of its people are illiterate. Almost 90% of our population still believes that if we pray in a specific manner that there is a God who will look after us. Without saying that there is or is not a God, the “concept” of an omnipotent God is archaic: Is Allah or Jehovah any more omnipotent than was Jupiter or Zeus to the Romans or Greeks? Strange as it may seem, I do believe in a God…it just may not be the same God I was taught to believe in as a child.

But if we were to meet someone who could cure anything that ails us by touching us…or who could keep us forever youthful…wouldn’t we believe that person to be a kind of God?

This is where I believe that contact with extra terrestrials could create uncertainty and possibly universal panic. Most people, on Earth, have not advanced far enough to be able to face this kind of situation. There are many on Earth that could mingle with extra terrestrials. There are some brilliant people in this world that could not only “handle” the situation…but would look forward to it and learn things that would benefit us as Earth inhabitants. But, too many would be opportunistic, selfish and could readily create a religious apocalypse that would be devastating to our world’s population. This is not a “stretch”; just think of how many hundreds of millions have been killed because they believe in a different God.

Fully 75% of the Earth’s inhabitants could not handle it! And that might give us some logical reasons for trying to cover-up any information that would acknowledge the presence of extra terrestrials.

Think about this: I’m not saying that we are being visited by extra terrestrials or others from another dimension. But, if we were, don’t you think that these super-smart beings…assuming some contact had been made…would know of our primitive foibles and even request that information about them be kept as secret as possible?

Some of our Earth’s leading physicists such as Nassim Haramein and Stanton Friedman actually go around the world…to university after university…and present facts and photos that the extra terrestrials are already here; that they have communicated with our scientists…and that the extra terrestrials, not our scientists, are the ones who have asked for a “cover-up”. True? Let’s use some logic:

Anyone who is not living in complete denial recognizes that there are lots of UFOs. More than two million reported sightings; hundreds of thousands of photos and videos, etc. You have to be living with your head in the sand not to recognize this. OK? What’s inside of them? Men? Creatures? Machines? Whatever is inside them is not of this Earth…or at least not of the parts of this Earth we have explored. So, for lack of a better term, let’s call them “extra terrestrial”.

What about all the UFO crashes? New Mexico? Texas? Connecticut? Michigan? Long Island? Mexico? name a few. And that’s just in our local neighborhood. There have been some massive UFO crashes in Russia, in Africa, in South America…In all, more than fifty crashes where people investigating the crash scene have stated that there were non-human bodies in the wreckage …and perhaps even some survivors.

Ask yourself this question: If you were a scientist…and you found some extra terrestrials alive at a crash site…and they said to you that the people of the Earth are not ready to know…that it could mean devastation if word got out…wouldn’t you cooperate and try and keep it a secret?

Isn’t that why governments classify some information and mark it “Top Secret”…only for those who need to know? Do our politicians know? I doubt it. Politicians have big mouths and like to spout off. Do some of our scientists know? I’ll bet the answer to that one is big “Yes”. Scientists, particularly physicists, know how to keep their mouths shut. We were developing an atomic bomb for years before it was revealed to Presidents Roosevelt or Truman.

Stanton Friedman says he interviewed the airmen who were told to clean-up the Rosewell site after the UFO crash. They all acknowledged that it was not a weather balloon as told to our media, but none of them had enough information to know much more than that.

Sometimes UFO cover-ups can be absurd: There was the case of a 747 (loaded with passengers) over Alaska encountering something that was twice the size of an aircraft carrier, that flew circles around the jet. They reported it to the ground, where both the UFO and the 747 were clearly on the radar screens. The explanation from debunkers was that it was the planet Jupiter! Boy, airplane radar can pick up Jupiter? It was totally ludicrous. I guess Alaska felt that any excuse was better than none.

Rest assured that life is abundant in the cosmos. There are more forms of life than we can imagine. There must be some reason why the numbers of those visiting us and “looking-us-over” has increased noticeably. Are we on the verge of joining the families of the cosmos?

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

More on Extra Terrestials

June 6, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

It’s really very gratifying for me to learn that the theories I’ve been espousing for years concerning extra-terrestrial life; UFOs, black holes being portals to other worlds and dimensions are now being supported…and one of the world’s leading astro-physicists who not only believes as I do, but has taken my thoughts several steps further:

The name Nassim Haramein may not be recognized by many people outside of the field of physics. He is a young (born in 1962) physicist. Almost every generation has its Albert Einstein, and perhaps Haramein is this generation’s. He is the president of the Resonance Project and has received science awards from Universities around the world. He has published papers presenting a new solution to Einstein’s equations and has developed explanations of the “Unification Theory” and the “Singularity Theory” now being pondered by physicists and astronomers around the world.

I’m not going to try and explain the Singularity Theory. It’s complex; it’s an integrated part of the Super String Theory…and I’m not certain I fully understand it myself. For purposes of this column, let’s describe it as the place where two natural lines intersect and become one. Almost all physicists who understand Haramein’s complex theories agree that they may offer sensible solutions to virtually all the mysteries of our universe.

How does this affect my column on paranormal happenings and UFOs? In a major way!

Last week I wrote about UFOs that appear to enter, leave and orbit our Sun. I mentioned that NASA had some videos supporting this. Interestingly, NASA has withdrawn all their videos and/or replaced them with photo-shopped videos. NASA stated that their SOHO cameras had failed on January 10, 2010 making it seem like there were other images on the pictures. Several noted scientists have called NASA’s statements “feeble and unsupported”. NASA also decided that many of the objects approaching the Sun were actually small comets. Comets without tails? NASA pulled the video and when they returned it, suddenly all the small objects had long tails.

There are a couple of problems concerning NASA’s excuses: (1) NASA has a record of covering-up and concealing facts from the public; (2) these same UFO objects were noted in NASA’s SOHO camera photos more than five years ago; (3) NASA has some very brilliant scientists working for them, although the very top scientists will never work for a government agency: what NASA says has to pass “political” inspection before it can be released; all NASA’s papers have to be approved by the government before they are published to the public. I’m not suggesting that NASA is not a good agency…it is. But it is a “government” agency. Scientists like Einstein, Oppenhemer, Von Braun, etc., never would allow themselves to be restricted by political considerations.

What Haramein had to say went far beyond my simplistic thinking: He said that outer space is full of black holes…portals to almost anywhere else in space. Instead of traveling at light speed for thirty or forty years to get to another galaxy, the travel though a black hole would be almost instantaneous. Harmein also said that most black holes are shielded by bright, high-temperature objects. Thus he contends that our Sun itself is a black hole through which space craft…the size of our Earth...can easily pass and traverse the universe.

Of course, space craft of that size could not pass through a portal here on Earth because they would be too large. But smaller space craft could easily do so…and Harmein states he believes that the Earth has several black holes… we call them active volcanoes. He believes that these are the portals through which the smaller UFOs we see here on Earth enter and leave our planet.

At first glance, this may be considered a stretch, but if inhabitants of other worlds have developed materials that will shield them from the 11,000° surface of our sun, the 2,000° heat of a volcano seems small. In truth, we have no idea what lies fifty or more miles beneath the surface of the Earth…or the Sun. We do know that there are active volcanoes beneath the depths of our oceans…and maybe that’s how the under-water UFOs get there.

One of the biggest problems we human beings have is that our egos are monumental. We think that because we are, far and away, the smartest creature here on Earth, that it’s almost impossible to find more intelligent beings. The fact is that the human brain is small and has a very limited capacity. To other beings in other worlds we may be comparable to monkeys in intelligence.

It’s a fact that less than 5% of our science community really understands the Super String Theory…or even the Singularity Theory…both of which are essential building blocks to the basic comprehension of the universe in which we live. We still live on a planet where more than half the population believes that if you pray to an unseen God that your prayers will be answered…or that people who do not believe as we do are less human than we are…or that adherence to a different set of laws makes one group of people superior or inferior to another group...we still tend to do things because others do them and not because it is the intelligent or right thing to do.

As humans, we are just now beginning to show signs of developing a degree of genuine intelligence. Maybe that’s why the numbers of UFOs observing us have increased so significantly over the past 50 or so years. We may be the smartest creatures on this planet, but we are far from being the smartest creatures in the universe. I predict that it will not be too long before our world starts to recognize this in a large and irrefutable way.

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Stephen Ellis