Sunday, November 29, 2009

Powers Within

November 29, 2009

A lady friend from the San Francisco Bay Area named Nancy wrote that when she was six years old, she had an accident wherein she fell on her head onto concrete from a 12-foot height. Miraculously, she recovered completely, although a neurologist told her mother that some soft tissue (or “brain buffers”) may have been injured. Some years later, while in college, Nancy decided to have herself tested for psychic ability, in a lab. To the amazement of the scientists administering the test she was able to perform psycho kinesis: the ability to move objects with her mind. Nothing fantastic (or phony) like Yuri Geller’s artificial act of spoon bending, but she was able, at will, to move a wire so that it made an electrical connection and sounded a bell. She was tested repeatedly and succeeded every time.

My family and I had a fabulous Thanksgiving prepared by my son, Craig Ellis and his wife, Bethany Ellis. At the dinner table, the conversation turned to the blogs I’ve been writing. My niece, Laura, an exceptionally beautiful (and unmarried) girl, related a few instances that she felt were precognition and four instances of a “ghostly experience”. They were interesting enough to set forth here:

When she was going to college (in Indiana) sometimes she and a bunch of the girls she roomed with would go off to have a little fun. They would pack themselves in a car and just take-off laughing about everything. Because Laura was the smallest one in the group, they told her to lie down in the back where they usually stored the luggage. Laura had a premonition that she was not safe, so with her girlfriends’ approval, she squeezed into the back seat with the others stating that she had a strong feeling they were going to be in an accident. Minutes later, a car crashed into the rear of their car and crushed the area where Laura was supposed to be lying down.

In another event, Laura had rented a hotel room and all of her friends came over bringing lots of beer. Laura was upset because she was the only one in the room that was legitimately over 21. Laura cautioned everyone to stay quiet as Indiana does not cotton to people under 21 drinking beer. They all had quiet fun until a pizza delivery man knocked at the door. Laura hushed everyone and said she saw an image of a cop standing right behind the pizza delivery man. Everyone laughed. When she opened the door, there was the pizza man…with a cop standing directly behind him. They had not been making any noise and there was no known reason for the cop to be there.

Laura also told of a ghostly experience: She was trying to sleep when she felt someone pushing down and bouncing the foot of her bed. She thought it was her roommate playing a prank, and she was not going to open her eyes to appease her roommate until the bouncing of the bed became too severe. She opened her eyes…and there was no one in the room. She says she was not sure if it had been a half-awake/asleep dream, but the shaking of the bed was very real. No one was there except Laura. Laura told me this happened to her three more times…always when she was alone. She always tried to keep her eyes closed until the shaking of the bed became too severe to ignore it.

The above, unsolicited, stories are examples of how the paranormal affects our lives and existence; often in ways we tend to ignore until we start reflecting back on them and we realize that there are special forces within each of us. If we will only make the effort, we can learn to control them and use them for our own benefit and the benefit of others.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Questions and Answers 4

Questions and Answers-4
November 22, 2009

Dear Mr. Ellis: My uncle belongs to a group that studies UFOs. He tells me that our government knows that UFOs are based on the back side of the Moon, and is keeping the truth from us. What do you think? David in Gallup, NM

Dear David: Theories about where the UFOs come from have been talked about for fifty years, and no one seems to know the answers for sure. Granted, it is far more likely UFOs come from our Moon or from Mars than that UFOs have traversed the vastness of outer space to visit us. There are a lot of “conspiracy theories” out there about our government knowing what (and who) UFOs are and keeping it a secret from us.

The above having been said, there are also conspiracy theories concerning man’s landing on the moon, about so-called concealed photos from Mars and the Moon that show the remnants of life and buildings, etc. These conspiracy theories have just flooded the internet. It’s worth a few moments of our time to look at them closely and see if, perhaps, they answer some questions about UFOs or even about our own origins.

YouTube has at least four or five videos claiming that the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon never happened. They say it was a massive conspiracy to deceive the world into believing that man had actually set foot on the Moon. I’m certain that Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins get very upset when they hear these theories.

I am not, particularly, a conspiracy buff. I do believe that our government has intentionally concealed much information about the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, but there are important, serious reasons behind our government’s concealing the truth in these instances:

In the case of JFK, there is strong evidence that the assassination was planned and formulated in Cuba. If this was true and could be verified, The USA would probably have bombed and invaded Cuba. This would have brought Russia to Cuba’s defense and probably started World War III. So, our government might have had some strong reasons for not wanting the full facts to be known.

In the case of 9/11. Virtually every knowledgeable structural engineer in the world has agreed that the WTC towers could not have collapsed the way they did due to the crashing of the jets into the towers. Tower #7 showed no signs of weakness when it collapsed with only a minor fire on its roof. So, the conspiracy theory is that our government intentionally or accidentally imploded the towers in order to give us the grounds to start a war in the Middle East. Again, there would be some serious reasons for the government to conceal this information. Thousands of people died.

Now let’s look at Apollo 11: What serious reasons would the government have had to cover–up a failed mission? No lives would have been lost, no wars started. It might’ve been a big slap-in-the-face for NASA, but hardly worth a government cover-up. There would have been another mission attempted after about six months. Britain, Russia, India and others have subsequently sent missions to photograph the moon, so what would have been the big deal?

It is these other subsequent photographic missions circling the Moon that have created even bigger conspiracy theories: YouTube has several videos of our Moon that some believe to show manmade structures on the surface. I’ve seen several of the videos and, I must admit, there are things on the surface that appear like they could have been manmade.

Is this the kind of thing you keep under wraps? I think not! I’m certain all Moon surface photos have been examined thoroughly by NASA and Russian scientists. If they felt there were any indications of life (past or present) on the Moon, there would have been several exploratory missions to check it out. Your uncle has his beliefs, but until there is a lot stronger evidence than unclear photos of the Moon’s surface that can be interpreted in many ways, I’ll have to assume the Moon is not a UFO port.

Thanks for writing. Stephen Ellis

I love your questions. Please keep them coming.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

More on Reincarnation

More on Reincarnation
November 15, 2009

Maybe it’s the holiday season, but this week I did not receive any questions or e-mail. Either that means no one is reading what I write, or that no one is curious about the paranormal. In either case, it gives me the chance to write more about reincarnation:

The only thing about reincarnation that is a great mystery to me is why more people haven’t recognized it as a true fact of life. The evidence that reincarnation is real is absolutely overwhelming! Granted that it is empirical or circumstantial evidence, but what kind of forensic evidence could possibly exist?

In the case of Shanti Devi, a young Indian girl of nine was able to go back to the village in which she lived in her past life which was many miles away from where she now lived and in a village where she had never visited. Accompanied by a group of scientific skeptics, she not only correctly located what she claimed was her former home, but noted the changes in it caused by remodeling. She immediately identified her former husband although he, anticipating her much publicized visit, intentionally,
pretended he was an onlooker and had an actor pretending he was her former husband. In front of numerous witnesses, newspapers and skeptic Shanti related intimate details of their married life that no one could have possibly known. That’s about as close to “forensic” as you can get.

I recently read of an Englishman named Ricky Wills who, when regressed by a hypnotist to a past life remembered being a printer who could never keep his hands clean of printers’ ink. As a printer he was always embarrassed by his ink-stained hands. When he was killed (being run-over by a horse and cart) he remembered watching his own funeral where his widow, as an emotional gesture, threw a decorative dress pin onto the dirt as they were covering the coffin. Ricky went back to the place where his former self was buried, found the grave, and out of curiosity dug down about a foot into the dirt covering the grave…and found the pin! Forensic evidence? Incidentally, Ricky, for some reason, in his present life, had never understood why he had a fetish about keeping his hands clean.

Or what about Bruce Kelly? The young man who, under hypnotic past life regression, remembered being a sailor, James Johnston, who died aboard a submarine that was sunk in WWII. Under hypnosis, he related in detail what it was like dying on the sinking submarine although Bruce had never been on a submarine. This was recent enough so that some of Johnston’s family was still alive and the details of Johnston’s life before enlisting and his Naval career in WWII were verified as told to the hypnotist by Bruce. Kelly had gone to the hypnotherapist because he had an unexplained fear of water. Forensic?

It’s not that these are isolated cases. There are more than one hundred that have been written about, detailed and verified in intricate detail. It does not seem probable…or even possible…that all of these people are lying or making-up stories while they are hypnotized. One of the characteristics of hypnotized people is that they tell the truth.

Hypnotism is, and always has been, a magic key to the paranormal. Hypnotism puts the brain to sleep and allows the mind/aura takes over. It’s the mind/aura that has lived before and will live again. During a waking state, when the brain is active, for some reason, direct communication with the mind/aura is exceedingly difficult. All communications with the mind/aura in a waking state are influenced by the brain.

It is while hypnotized (usually self-hypnosis, but sometimes under artificially produced sleep through anesthetics) that people can experience astral projection (mind-body separation). It is while hypnotized that psychics get their clearest telepathic communications.

As I stated at the outset, the biggest mystery to me is how so many, otherwise intelligent, people can refuse to even accept the possibility that reincarnation is real.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Questions and Answers 3

November 8, 2009

1. Question: What are “orbs”?

Answer: That’s not an easy question. Orbs are roundish balls ranging in size from pin-points to the size of a volleyball. We do not know what they really are, so, perhaps, a description of them would be best:

These (not always) round balls will appear in photographs and make a photo look like there were rain drops or a lot of dust on the lens of the camera. Of course, these possibilities have been tested and found to be without merit. At first, orbs were thought to be imperfections in the film. But when they started to appear on digital photos, this was also eliminated. If the orbs had been imperfections on digital photos, they would have appeared Square and not round.

A spectro-analysis of orbs has shown them to be surrounded by a coat of energy. Not very high-grade energy, but clearly the markings of energy. Thus, some scientists started to call them balls of energy. They have since retracted that theory.

It is interesting to note that the energy surrounding orbs is electromagnetic in nature and extremely similar to the electromagnetic field that surrounds our bodies… often called our “aura”.

Orbs have been around for a long time, but it seems that their presence has been noticed more in the past ten years than at any previous time.

In Perth, Australia, there is a house that seems to attract orbs. These are not orbs that the camera alone can see. They can be seen with the naked eye! In fact, the internet is replete with U-Tube videos of the orbs that seem to frequent this house. These orbs seem to come and go as per their own fee will. Solid objects do not seem to deter them…they pass right through. This, by the way, obviates someone using a flashlight or laser beam to make these things appear. When a light strikes a solid object, the light bends and goes around the object leaving a shadow on one side. These things clearly pass directly through solid objects.

The thought that these may be ghostly objects has also filled the internet with theories. Many people claim to be able to see faces in these orbs. To me, that takes a bit of imagination, but I can’t deny the “possibility” just because I don’t see them.

As I have often written about, I believe there are cracks in the time and fabric of our Earth and what we call “reality” or the dimension in which we live. Perhaps this house in Perth is near such a crack and some inter-dimensional objects pass through.

One thing is for certain: They have never harmed anyone.

Please keep the questions coming.

Stephen Ellis

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Questions and Answers - 2

November 1, 2009

Maybe I’m finally on the right track. Lots of questions have been coming in. Most writers have requested that they not be identified, so I’ll continue the questions and answers and respect the writers’ anonymity:

1. Question: Why do ghosts only seem to make their presence known at night?

Answer: They don’t. There are lots of “daytime” ghosts that have mysteriously appeared in photographs taken while the sun was shining. The reason that most people tend to associate ghosts with nighttime activity is because, at night, everything is usually a lot quieter than in the daytime and strange shadows can be sensed better than in daylight. Ghosts are not very loud. Unlike our human bodies, they do not have vocal chords and, generally, communicate by thought waves…or, as we call it, ESP. If your mind is not preoccupied with other thoughts, frequently you will be able to hear ESP messages. Since verbal communication, without speech, is very difficult, frequently a deceased friend or relative may set your mind to thinking of a song or a scene that you can readily associate only with that person. How many times has a song you haven’t heard for years just popped into your head without rhyme or reason? If you think about “when” and “where” you first heard that song, it might be a communication from a deceased loved one letting you know that they are O.K.

2. Question: This week there were a couple of ghost-chasers and “mediums” on the Larry King Live show. Did you see the show and, if you did, what did you think of it?

Answer: I did see the show. I was away in San Francisco at a Probate Referees’ Conference when my wife called me and told me to check-it-out. The so-called ghost-chasers were very impressive with the equipment they set up. They did acknowledge the existence of ghosts…or rather, “unexplained presences”. Insofar as the mediums, psychics and authors were concerned, I repeat what I have often said: I have never met a genuine medium, or psychic who made their living being a medium or psychic. There are some very fine people who run paranormal centers, but they usually do not claim they have psychic powers.

3. Question: Are the so-called hand-healers or Reiki healers for real?

Answer: First we have to distinguish between Reiki and hand-healers. Reiki is a technique whereby, through massage or other touching of your body, the tensions within the body transfer themselves to the hands of Reiki therapist. Reiki therapists are taught the Reiki technique and apply it to their clients. Those who go for Reiki treatments swear by it. If it helps people, I’m fully in favor of it. Hand-healing is significantly more complex: For thousands of years there have been hand-healers. These are special people with special powers. Throughout history they have been known by different names: witch-doctors, saints, voodoo hands, miracle workers, etc. They have the ability to draw the problems or dysfunctions of the body out of the body like an “Empath”. There are hundreds of thousands of recorded cases where hand-healers have cured such things as appendicitis, brain tumors, smallpox, scoliosis, cancer, etc. Hand-healers do not succeed more than 25% of the time, and even then, sometimes take months to affect a cure. Many physicians now hire supposedly authentic hand-healers to try to help their patients who do not respond to the more traditional treatments.

4. Question: Is there anything to astrology?

Answer: When you say “anything”, you’re asking an extremely broad question. If you mean, “Is there anything to published horoscopes?”, the answer is a definite “no”. Your astrological sign does not determine whether today will be a good day or a bad day, nor does it pre-designate your lucky numbers, nor tell you how, when and where to find love. If you meant “Does your position in the cosmos at the time of your birth have an effect on your life?”, then I would have to respond, “I don’t know.” It’s possible that the position of the sun, the moon and the stars at the time of your birth has some effect on your life, but I have not studied this possibility enough to give you an educated answer.

5. Question (from the same person): Is there anything to palmistry?

Answer: Again, I don’t know enough about palmistry to give you a good answer. It just seems to me that if there was anything to palmistry, every insurance company would want to look at your life-line before selling you a life insurance policy. And, of course, they don’t.

Please keep the questions coming.

Stephen Ellis