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July 18, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

Due to the unexpectedly high mail we received concerning “Bigfoot” or Sasquatch”, I felt that the subject should be gone into a little more thoroughly to help readers understand the mystery.

Actually, the mystery did not start in the Pacific Northwest (the region that most alleged sightings occurred), but rather in the Himalayas: the huge mountain range across China, Nepal and India which holds several of the highest mountains on Earth. There had been a number of reports about a hairy creature, somewhat humanoid, covered in white fur. Searchers gave it the name “Yeti”. Because of its white fur, it also became known as the “Abominable Snow Man”. It was described as a somewhat anti-social, humanoid, creature that resided near the mountain tops in the Himalayas. Although several claims were made, no one ever caught a photo of one, but several tabloids of the day published images of what they believed it looked like. The legend of this Missing-link between man and ape became quite popular and several missions were sent into the Himalayas to see if this creature could be found.

In the 1950s, there were several alleged sightings in the Pacific Northwest. Based on the descriptions given, this creature was covered in dark brown hair, but there is no question that this creature was the same creature as the Yeti. Reasonable people assumed that high in the Himalayas where there is snow and ice all year long, that the fur (like the fur of a rabbit) would change to white to offer it protection and camouflage from predators. In the Pacific Northwest, summers were very warm, so the fur would be the more natural brown. There were many American Indian legends of such a creature, so the Indian name of “Sasquatch” was adapted.

In the late 1950s, several hunters in the Pacific Northwest came across some huge footprints, much like the footprints of a giant ape. So the creature also became known as “Big Foot”.

Inasmuch as I do not believe that most people are “liars”, I’m going to assume that people saw “something”. It may not have been a Sasquatch. For example, the Himalayas are a very cold region and there have been many reports of large, white bears such as we have in our Polar Regions. Certainly our Pacific Northwest has plenty of large Grizzly Bears (with brown hair) that, when standing, would be about eight or nine feet tall. Granted that the proportions of a standing bear are significantly different than those of a humanoid creature…still in the mists that are commonplace in the mountains and the camouflage offered by heavy forests, mistakes are not only possible, they are probable.

Now let’s take a look at the photographs and the huge footprints: While not too many people intentionally deceive others about important facts, there are many who like to create and promulgate a “hoax” for the fun of it. The large footprints were acknowledged to be a hoax by the person who built some oversized feet to make footprints, and many of the photographs have, admittedly, been a part of a hoax.

So is the whole Sasquatch thing one big hoax? Maybe! Even truth-seekers like Lon Strickler (phantomsandmonsters.com) can be fooled. But even when they’ve allowed themselves to be fooled, they pick themselves right up and continue to seek out the truth.

There are many unexplained things right here on Earth. We are not very knowledgeable about our own planet; almost 80% of it is still relatively unexplored. There could be creatures and life forms under our seas or in our almost impenetrable mountains that could boggle our minds…or offer reasonable answers to many things we call “paranormal”.

The evidence that Sasquatch exists is simply not there. But, when we close the doors to our minds by saying or thinking that we know of everything that exists here on Earth, we are making a very big mistake. I predict that in the next fifty years, we will discover life forms unlike any we knew existed. Visit my website at yourparanormalcenter.com

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Sasquatch and Bigfoot

July 11, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

In his blog at Phantomsandmonsters.com, Lon Strickler presented some reports that the existence of Sasquatch was confirmed; that photo crews from news and other media networks were dispatched to photograph this often-elusive creature.

Before continuing, a moment to describe what Sasquatch or Bigfoot is: For hundreds of years there have been legends about a very secretive creature; approximately eight feet tall and covered with hair in the manner of a gorilla or a Neanderthal person. However, legend has it that Sasquatch is much closer to a human being than to an ape. There have been numerous sightings over the years including a few photographs and videos. I doubt there has been a single newspaper anywhere in the world that has not written some stories about “Bigfoot” or Sasquatch. The name was earned because of the enormous footprints it ostensibly left behind it.

Throughout history, there have been alleged sightings and contacts with Sasquatch, but generally this creature seems to prefer its privacy and has stayed away from humans and their cameras.

Theories have been brought that Sasquatch is (a) a missing link between man and ape, (b) a being from a different (perhaps parallel) dimension (c) an intergalactic space traveler that has become trapped on Earth…or maybe a combination of all three…or none-of-the-above.

The most famous photo of Sasquatch (can be seen on line or even at Wikopedia) has proven to be a fraud. Some people actually had someone decked-out in a gorilla suit just to deceive people and make their photograph famous. Little can be said about the few videos available except that they do not appear to be genuine.

So, when the headline of Phantomsandmonsters.com reads that the existence of Sasquatch has been confirmed; that photos have been taken of a Sasquatch family (including two children), it’s something worthy of note. Lon Strickler, the founder and editor of Phantomsandmonsters is nobody’s fool. Yet the excitement in his comments to the article belie any doubts and are filled with the kind of enthusiasm one reserves for a great discovery.

It’s not my position to say that Sasquatch is real or phony…only to say I have never seen one single report or photograph that convinced me of its reality. My position is and has always been to explained the unexplained things with which we live: Is there really a God? Why does the Earth keep spinning at the same rate in space…and what keeps us there? Is there really an afterlife? What about ghosts and reincarnation? What are UFOs? Etc, etc. etc.

Hopefully, I have kept my writing on a level that can satisfy the curiosity of readers. Where I don’t have a good explanation for people, I try and offer several theories from which to choose. I try and report facts…not wishful thinking. Visit my website at yourparanormalcenter.com.

At this writing, I am still unconvinced that Sasquatch really exists.

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July 4, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

One of the problems in remaining objective about UFOs is that the descriptions of them vary so widely from eyewitness account to eyewitness account. To me, with over two million reported sightings and more than a hundred thousand photos and videos, there is no question in my mind that there is “something” out there. Exactly what that “something” is, requires obtaining a lot more information than has been released to the public.

One thing seems clear: either there are a variety of UFOs making their presence known…or some UFOs have the ability to morph their shape and appearance. Let’s take a brief look at each:

The concept of there being more than one type of UFO is not only rational, it’s probable! If, in fact, UFOs are operated by intelligent beings from outer space or from beneath our seas, it is likely that all of them do not emanate from the same place. The vastness of space or other dimensions we have not explored is almost incomprehensible to the human mind. We are learning that there are millions (if not trillions) of solar systems, similar to our own, in outer space. The likelihood of numerous systems that can support life is exceedingly high.

So, it becomes logical to assume that there is more than one planet that can contain intelligent life. It may not be life as we are accustomed to viewing it, but it is life…and where there is life, the likelihood that some of it is “intelligent” is overwhelming. Our Earth-bound egos find it difficult to accept that some of this intelligent life may be hundreds of times more intelligent than are we, but the evidence is clear: We have not even come close to finding ways to traverse the vastness of space (assuming that UFOs are from other solar systems) but, obviously, other intelligent life has solved this problem. However, bear in mind, that all superior intelligence is not equal: one planet with highly intelligent people may design a space craft totally different than the beings living on another planet. Both planets may be home to beings with superior intelligence, yet one spacecraft design may be quite different than the other. The engineering, the propulsion, etc. may be quite different from planet to planet.

Thus, the difference in UFO descriptions may be due to totally different UFOs from different places.

The concept of a space-craft morphing and changing shapes is far less likely, but should not be ignored. There have been numerous sightings, photos and videos of craft that appear to change their shape before your eyes.

This can be due to fluctuations in our atmosphere distorting the picture of what we see, it can be due to the speed at which these UFOs travel or it could be that, as a defensive measure, the designers of some UFOs made their shape changeable. Then, too, there could be “mother” ships with smaller, exploratory craft. There have been several videos showing a UFO sending out numerous smaller ships from its “mother” ship.

The reports of crashed UFOs have reported vastly different sizes and shapes: In Russia one crashed vehicle was reported to be more than a hundred yards long. The reports I’ve read that claim to having actually seen the crash sites in North and South America have been very consistent: a round vehicle less than 20 feet in diameter and approximately 6 feet in height. Those few photos that have escaped being classified by the military, allegedly show dead bodies from within the craft that seem to validate the fact that whatever intelligent life was inside them was significantly smaller in size than the average human.

Are these reports accurate or truthful? I don’t know. For all the mail I have received concerning UFO sightings, none of them have been close-up.

For some unknown reason, most governments have still remained “hush-hush” about UFO encounters although Russia has opened its books and there have been some astounding reports.

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