Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dying and Living to Tell About It

By Stephen Ellis

Nobody asked me, but…

One of the things science finds impossible to explain is “returning from the dead”. Medical science refers to this frequently as “near death” experiences, almost all of which are discounted as dreams and/or hallucinations. This occurrence, which is not uncommon, is one of those paranormal things that must be looked at closely and carefully:

Whether we are looking at a scientific or spiritual view of the world, there is one thing that cannot be refuted: There is one and only one universal order to the world in which we live: We are born, we grow-up and mature, and we die. What we accomplish or fail to accomplish while we are alive is an individual thing, but the fact that we enter this world, mature in it and leave it, cannot be refuted.

The way we are raised and our own consciousness will determine, to a large extent, what we will do while we are alive, but there is a universal order to the basics of life and death.

Just about every religion and philosophy teaches us that life here on Earth is followed by a life-after-death. A good question might be, ‘How is it that all these hundreds of scholars came to the same conclusions?’ There are relatively few religions that believe that death is the end. Some religions teach people that death is a celebration of entry into a new dimension and a rejoining with their loved ones. Far Eastern religions, generally, teach that death is merely the entry to a different life. Their funerals are happy occasions. Catholics teach that life is merely preparatory to life-after-death and that, upon dying, your life will be judged. Zoroastrians teach that living the right life enables us to communicate with those who have passed-on.

There is a clear disparity in what people are taught during their lifetimes. Yet virtually every “near-death” experience (stories told by people who were pronounced clinically dead) are identical! The way clinically dead people describe other dead people when they have entered the after-life dimension will vary, markedly, depending on what they had been taught during their lifetimes…i.e. some see their dead family wearing flowing robes, some will see the spirits of the dead wearing the clothes in which they were buried …but there is a universal order to what they report: All their dead friends and family appear very much alive as they were when they were about thirty years old (unless, of course, they died when they were younger); all infirmities they had during their lifetime are gone…and everyone appears happy.

You should ask yourself how it is that people from totally different cultures…who speak different languages…who come from a wide disparity of economic circumstances…all report the same thing? Observe what some who have been declared clinically dead had to say:

Mrs. Virginia S., a resident of California, had formerly held various responsible jobs in management and business. On March 13, 1960, she underwent surgery. During surgery, she lost so much blood she was declared, clinically, dead. Nevertheless, surgeons worked feverishly to bring her back and she did recover. Mrs. S. said: “I was climbing a rock wall and was standing straight in the air. Nothing else was around it; it seemed flat. At the top of this wall was another stone railing about two feet high. I grabbed for the edge to pull myself over the wall, and my father, who is deceased, appeared and looked down at me. He said ‘You cannot come up yet; go back you have something left to do’. I looked down and started to go down and the next thing I heard were the words ‘She’s coming back’.”

Mrs. June L.H., a Canadian, was on her way back from her stepfather’s funeral with a friend, Clarence, when they were involved in a terrible automobile accident. Clarence was killed instantly and June was declared almost dead while surgeons tried to save her. “I don’t remember anything except seeing car lights coming at me, for I had been sleeping”, she explained. “I first remember seeing my dead stepdad, George, step forward out of a cloudy mist and touch me on my left shoulder. He said, ‘Go back, June, it’s not time yet.’ I woke up with the weight of his hand still on my shoulder.”

Mrs. L.L. of Michigan was in an automobile accident with her husband on December 19, 1968. Her husband was killed and she was hospitalized, and given up for dead by the doctors. Her sister visited her while Mrs. L. was still unconscious. Although unconscious her sister reported that Mrs. L. spoke freely about a place she was seeing and her dead relatives she was in contact with. She knew her husband had died, and also knew that her time had not come…that she could not stay on the “plane” she was temporarily visiting. The sister asked whether Mrs. L. had seen God or visited Heaven. The unconscious Mrs. L. replied that she had not seen God or Heaven but was visiting a different “plane” of existence. The sister thought this was all nonsense but related what Mrs. L. had said to other members of the family. Mrs. L. remembers nothing about what she said while unconscious, but quite clearly remembers how life returned to her: “I felt life coming to my body from the tips of my toes to the tip of my head.”

These are merely three of thousands of examples of people, living great distances apart, with totally different family and religious backgrounds who experienced an almost identical phenomenon: the transition from the dimension of life to the dimension of after-life. Death is not a word to be feared. It is merely your soul’s or aura’s shedding of a worn-out or infirmed body to be replaced with another, younger, body.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Where or When


By Stephen Ellis

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By Stephen Ellis

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What Do UFOs Look Like?

By Stephen Ellis

Nobody asked me, but…

A number of people are asking a very practical question: What does a UFO look like? Most people have never seen one and wonder if they would even know it if they did see one.

The answer may be a bit surprising: The first UFO sighting around 1946 was by a pilot of a propeller driven aircraft who said he saw a saucer-like object flipping through the sky. This is a far cry from what we now call UFOs. First of all, most of the UFOs people claim to have seen do not “flip” through the sky…they sail along quite smoothly.

The shape of UFOs seems to change with almost every sighting: at first, they were called “Flying Saucers” because they were shaped like a disc or a saucer. There have been some reports of bell-shaped objects. Recent sightings have been much more detailed: Some say they have seen a huge triangular-shaped object; some have said that they saw a diamond-shaped object; some have said they were surrounded by white lights while others claimed they were surrounded by multi-colored lights. I want you to look at the pictures above and tell me what you think. These sightings were made over North Carolina. The objects stayed in the sky and “hovered” long enough for the photographers to run, get their cameras and snap the pictures before the UFOs (allegedly) shot off silently at super-high speeds. I’ve been told that there were about 50 witnesses to these objects in the sky.

Note that the shape of the object in the top picture appears to be significantly different that the shape of the object in the lower photo.

Also note that these are the first night photos I have seen of UFOs where the objects were in glorious Technicolor.

Clearly, these are not what our astronomers call “sprites”. They are nothing at all like natures lights such as the Northern Lights. They could possibly be some sort of kites or weather balloons with an electrical apparatus attached…although since the upper photo’s lights, where the object is much further away from the camera, are significantly brighter than the more close-up shot, that doesn’t make sense, either.

We have to conclude that either (a) this is the result of an Adobe Photo Shop and the approximately fifty witnesses are all conspirators, or (b) that there was some genuine object in the sky unlike any we’ve encountered before.

Now, let’s get back to the reports of different shapes in the sky: Is it possible that what UFO spotters are seeing is something that changes its shape? These photos would certainly indicate would reports of diamond-shaped, triangular-shaped and disc-shaped UFOs. I have difficulty believing that we are being visited by a rash of different people who fly differently shaped craft.

How can something change shape in ur atmosphere? These photos do tend to support my statements that I believe our “visitors” are from a different dimension…probably a dimension where shapes can change as needed. To me it is next to impossible that a multitude of varied craft can visit us and make no attempt at contact…if they could. The reason they can’t is because they are from a different dimension and no means of communication or contact has ever been established between dimensions.

As I said…nobody asked me.