Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More About Orbs

December 28, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

The subject of “orbs” seems to be coming up more frequently and several scientific researchers have gotten into the act.

First of all, let’s try and understand exactly what an “orb” is: An “orb” is a roundish ball of nothing…much like a large bubble from a bubble bath or a bubble-machine. They are extremely difficult to see during daylight (or even in artificial light), but are often caught by the camera’s sensitive lens. Unlike the human mind, camera lenses usually see whatever there is to see and are not disturbed by light anomalies and mental “denial”.

In dark places (both indoors and out) orbs appear to have a definite glow and are quite visible to the naked eye. Things like walls or other obstacles seem to have no effect on them. Unlike a projected light or image, orbs do not follow the contours of a wall. Rather, they appear to pass through the solid object with the greatest of ease.

Apparently, they have been around for centuries, because even some of the oldest writings, that are still available talk about them. Usually orbs are referred to as mysterious spirits…or as strange glowing balls, etc.

There have been thousands of reports of people seeing them and of orbs showing-up on otherwise normal photos. There are hundreds of photos of them (both still photography and videos) available on Youtube.com.

Earliest explanation of their appearance in photos was that there was some moisture on the camera lens, that they were some sort of light anomaly and/or that they were some sort of fraud or hoax being perpetrated on the public by some photographers. The fraud/hoax concept was abandoned recently when several scientists visited a house in Australia and, first hand, observed them. Reports were written about what they saw and what their investigations revealed. Many of these reports are available on the internet.

The concept of moisture on the camera lens was also abandoned when several investigative photographers and videographers checked their cameras before taking pictures and, still, the orbs appeared.

The matter of orbs being some sort of a light anomaly is still out there, but there does not seem to be any explanation of what causes this particular light to play tricks on the eye and on the camera. But the concept has not been ruled out.

Recently, there have been a spate of paranormal investigators checking them out. The interesting thing is that, unlike most previous “scientific” investigations of paranormal things, the scientists have not simply declared orbs to be a lot of “bunk”. Don’t misunderstand me: Science is not agreeing that orbs are a paranormal phenomena. Science simply does not know what they are or how to explain them…and they’re still looking for answers. A lot of theories…but none hold water according to science.

Let’s review some of the more popular notions and let’s see if they contain any merit:

1) Orbs are an interterrestrial form of life:
Don’t laugh! As absurd as this may initially sound, in fact we do not have the slightest idea as to what interterrestrial beings may look like. A life form could be shaped like round globules just as easily as skinny green men with large heads. Orbs have clearly shown a form of intelligence: they do not move in a pattern, but each one seems to move as it wishes and may remain stationary and/or change direction at any time. Assuming that they do have intelligence, their means of communication may be such that it is undetectable to mortal beings.

2. Orbs are an interdimensional form of life:
As the reality of other dimensions is taking hold in our scientific community, there is a chance that these orbs are a life-form from a different dimension. In support of this, orbs do seem to appear in masses in very specific locations. It could be that these places are where there is a tear in the dimensional fabric and these life forms have seeped through.

3. Orbs are the residue of human minds after the body has died.
I have no personal conviction that this so, yet it is difficult to write-off without knowing more. We know that our mind/aura goes someplace after we die…so why not as orbs? I think this is kind of far-fetched, but if we shut the door of our minds to any possible explanation in the absence of a known explanation, I believe we are doing ourselves a great disservice.

4. Orbs are some inexplicable light anomaly.
Although scientists will tell you that this is the most plausible explanation, the fact is that these moving glow-balls follow no known patterns of physics…or of anything. Again, more has to be learned.

While the foregoing explanations all seem a bit foolish, it’s much more foolish for us to deny the possibility that there may be a ring of truth to them. When all rational or logical explanations fail to explain something, we should be willing to examine the more irrational explanations.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Let's Talk About Sex - The Females

October 31, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

I skipped a couple of weeks of writing because I’ve been receiving some comments lately that my articles on UFOs, reincarnation and the like are becoming repetitive. As a result, I do not want to lose my readership. So, for the next few weeks, I’m going to write about things that never seem to become boring. On top of the list is “sex”.

For a topic that seems to always be one of the consistently hottest topics, there are more misconceptions concerning sex and sexuality than most people can even imagine. Most talk about sex concerns abstinence versus activity or about sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS and Herpes, and warts. Gonorrhea and syphilis have, essentially, been eradicated in the Western World (but definitely not in third world countries).

Let’s start by recognizing that life, itself, is sexually transmitted. Sex is probably the most normal activity with the exception of breathing and eating.

Most misconceptions about sex come from one or more of the Bibles and the religious beliefs they represent. The concept of “marriage” (vastly different than the Biblical “taking a woman to wife”) was created by a burgeoning Christian Church in about 400 AD. They promoted the idea that sexual activity (which was rampant in ancient Rome) was against the laws of God unless blessed by the Church. It was a great way to increase both the power and income for the Church. Because violation of this religious rule was so frequent, it became necessary that God be an all-forgiving God. Confess your transgressions, donate to the Church and all will be forgiven.

Fundamentalists in some religions, even today, use this as a means of controlling a naturally sexual population. Islamic Law (Sharia Law) provides a death penalty by stoning or hanging for any woman who commits adultery…or even engages in any intimate act with someone not her husband. This, of course, is a throw-back to the belief that men are important and women are little more than baby-bearing chattels. Men are allowed to have numerous wives and/or concubines, while women are supposed to stay home and breast-feed babies until their bodies wear out.

Male dominance in sex is also a religious thing and is promoted by many cult-type religions (such as Pentecostal and Church of Christ): Again, this is contrary to the laws of nature and was created to maintain male dominance over women.

The truth is that, generally, women are significantly more sexual than men. Think about it: which sex usually does the screaming and can have numerous orgasms? Not the men who claim to be the sexual aggressors. Most men lose their interest (and ability) in sex sometime between sixty and seventy years of age. Most woman don’t lose their sexual ability or sexual desire until they die. In ancient Rome, Carthage & Babylon, before the Church grew in influence and power, it was normal and accepted for both men and woman to have numerous sexual partners…whether or not they belonged to a specific household.

So, which sex should, logically, be the sexual aggressor? It seems that most misconceptions concern female sexuality, so let’s look at some interesting statistics about girls and sex right here in the USA:

In the USA, sexual standards have changed dramatically in the past fifty years. When I was a kid I was taught that if you had sex with a girl and (heaven forbid) you made her pregnant, you were supposed to marry her…and stay true to her for the rest of your life. These days (according to Kinsey & Home Foundation statistics) girls start masturbating and have their first sexual intercourse while they are still children. Three to five percent of girls age ten or younger have already had their first sexual experience. By age twelve this number now jumps to just below ten percent. By fourteen, it leaps to almost thirty percent and by eighteen, it’s more than eighty percent. By age 18, most girls have had multiple sex partners. These statistics are slightly higher in Black communities and slightly lower in more affluent areas.

Surprisingly, these figures for the USA are significantly lower than in most parts of Europe. According to published statistics, children in Scandinavian countries, in most third-world countries, and in countries where religion has not become all-consuming (such as in America), children become sexually active at younger ages. In France and in Spain, it has become more common to have a female aggressor than for a man to take the lead in a sexual relationship.

The United States is fraught with ridiculous laws on its books concerning sex: It is against the law for a male to have a sexual relationship with a girl under the age of eighteen. That means that more than fifty percent of all girls are helping to break the law. Interestingly, as a carryover of supposed male dominance, girls are seldom prosecuted for this while men are frequently brought to trial and sent to jail. When a girl alleges she has been sexually taken or abused by a man, the girl is almost always the one who is believed.

Real sex crimes or taking advantage of a child is a different topic: If there is an age difference of the male being more than ten years older than an accusing female under the age of eighteen, the man’s guilt is “assumed” as, probably, it should be. I see nothing wrong with a boy of 15 having sex with a girl of fourteen. But, if the girl is fourteen and the man is twenty-four, this is hardly the basis of a consensual relationship and is strongly indicative of something which, in my book, is totally inexcusable.

Next week, we’ll take a look at the men.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010


October 24, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

Recently, there has been an unusually high spate of UFO reports including, without limitation, photos of UFOs over Manhattan Island, retired military men talking about things concerning which they were allegedly sworn to secrecy, UFOs appearing on radar screens…and much more.

In my opinion, it’s becoming absurd to continue to live in denial. Clearly, UFOs exist…but what are they? The general trend of those who concern themselves with such things is that they are extra terrestrial observation craft piloted by non-humans. There have been no report of incidents with them with the possible exception of those few who claim to have been kidnapped, examined by them and returned, unharmed, to Earth. To the best of my research there has never been any valid forensic evidence to support claims of kidnappings.

The world’s largest organization studying UFOs is “MUFON” (Mutual UFO Newtork). MUFON has counterparts throughout Europe and Asia. Most counterparts are affiliated with the governments and/or military of those countries where they are located. MUFON’s position, generally, is that UFOs are extra terrestrial.

Let’s take a look at what we know and don’t know about UFOs:

First of all, I believe it is very safe to assume that wherever they come from, they are not all from the same place. There have been thousands of reported sightings describing their shapes as “disc-like”, “oval”, “triangular”, “rectangular”, etc. There is no consistency in the shape of their vehicles.

The size of UFOs is also vastly different based on published reports: Some have been described “as big as a football field” while others have described them as being from fifteen to thirty feet in diameter across their broadest part. There have been several crashes of UFOs reported, and the size of the reported wreckage has varied from thirty feet (Mexico) to four hundred yards in length (the Ural Mountains in Russia). Although the concept of a “mother ship“ containing numerous smaller ships is possible, the variety of shapes and sizes tends to support the theory that they were not all built in the same place.

The propulsion system of UFOs seems far superior to anything built here on Earth. Based upon thousands of eye-witness accounts all UFOs have certain similarities: They seem to be noiseless; able to make right-angle turns; capable of instant acceleration; able to traverse huge distances at speeds far greater than Einstein’s speed of light. This tends to support the idea that they all use the same (or similar) propulsion systems not yet known to our scientists.

Lights are another thing they seem to have in common: Almost all night viewers of UFOs claim that there were lights, under or about the UFO. Some claim they were “flashing” lights, but most claim the colors were constantly changing with reds, yellows, greens, blues…Inasmuch as no one has claimed seeing lights in daylight sightings (and outer space is dark 100% of the time), I think it’s fair to assume that the so-called lights are colors radiating from their propulsion exhaust in our atmosphere. This would indicate that their propulsion system is nuclear based or nuclear affiliated.

One other very important factor is that almost all sightings have not been far from bodies of very deep water. The Russian sightings have been near the Black Sea and the Arctic Ocean. There have been lots of sightings in Russia, China, Mexico, Brazil, Belgium, Japan, Netherlands, the USA, Canada, etc….but always not far from bodies of exceptionally deep water.

According to several retired Russian Navy Admirals, their sonar often picked up rapidly moving bodies beneath the surface of the water. By “rapidly moving”, they stated it was ten to a hundred times faster than the fastest ship. There have an increasing number of people who claim to have seen UFOs burst out of the ocean and into the sky. This is particularly true in the areas just north of Puerto Rico in what we call the Bermuda Triangle where many strange things have happened: ships disappeared; pilots’ navigation systems and clocks have gone haywire, etc.

The puzzle as to where UFOs are from and how they got here stimulates our imaginations: Logic tells us that they came from other worlds…possibly in outer space or possibly beneath our oceans…or are they are from another dimension we are unable to perceive?

At this juncture, it is reasonable to assume that wherever they are from, they mean us no harm. Sightings have been recorded in the Bible as well on cave-wall drawings. If their intent was harmful, it seems logical that they would have done something to harm us by now.

New and different dimensions are now being reviewed by science with an open mind. Several new theories of “how it all began” are being seriously reviewed by scientists throughout the world. Indications are that several different dimensions exist although we cannot see or perceive them. Even the staid scientists who “refused to budge” for years are now asking if UFOs are inter-dimensional craft rather than inter-galactic.

My own analysis tends to minimize the inter-dimensional idea because there have been several UFO crashes reported. I find it difficult to conceive of how something from a different dimension can crash in our dimension. Still, the concept cannot be written-off until more is learned about other dimensions that science now believes exist.

The question of how they travel so fast and traverse infinitely vast distances is a topic for a different column. Let’s just say that, for the moment, I have some definite ideas that seem to fit the puzzle.

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Stephen Ellis

Monday, October 11, 2010


October 10, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

Last week we talked about the similarities and Neanderthal characteristics in both Sharia and Talmudic Laws. The Fundamentalists of any religion are bad for the rest of the world because if you do not believe and accept “their way” as the “only” way, you are looked upon as a second-class citizen. The Sharia and Talmudic laws were written for Fundamentalists who are brain-washed into believing that the Sharia and Talmuduc laws were written by God (whichever God they believe in). Obviously, any thinking person would realize that one, omnipotent, God could not have written two sets of totally contradictory laws.

The Old Testament (the Torah consisting of five books, all (ostensibly) written by Moses is thousands of years older than the Quran (Koran). Although the claim the Moses wrote all five books is highly suspect: Parts of the fifth book “Deuteronomy” depict events that took place almost five hundred years after Moses’ death. The Torah contains many stories that should be looked into carefully because they tend to support things we are now looking at with increasing interest: Such things as reincarnation, extra terrestrials, UFOs etc.

For example: The first chapter of the Book of Ezekiel clearly describes a visit by extra terrestrials. Remembering the primitive times of Ezekiel, how would a slave like Ezekiel who never saw anything larger than a bird in the sky describe a space platform; a mother ship, etc. The ancient term “firmament” simply means a glass-type helmet. Four wings that rotated above their heads could hardly be less than helicopter-type blades.

Was Jonah really swallowed by a giant fish and then spewed-up a few days later? How would a primitive man describe a submersible vehicle? Probably as a “giant fish”. We’re just now learning that many UFOs are high-speed submersible vehicles.

How about all the visits from winged Angels who rode on chariots in the sky?

And, perhaps, the most famous one: The parting of the Red Sea. If you read “Exodus” carefully, Moses was guided by “a pillar of cloud” during the day and a “pillar of fire” at night that led the escaping Israelites to the Red Sea. According to “Exodus”, the pillar hovered over the Red Sea as it parted and, when the Egyptian army followed, the pillar disappeared.

Of course, we’re talking about descriptions written thousands of years ago that have probably been altered hundreds of times. There are still cults of religions that believe the parting of the Red Sea was “Demonic” and evidence of Satan, etc. But the fact remains that these (and hundreds of other events) were written about thousands of years before man’s first flight in a heavier-than-air aircraft in 1903. Either the writers’ had incredibly advanced imaginations…or…there must have been something that happened.

Cave-wall drawings are replete with drawings of what appear to be space ships containing people and people wearing glass-type helmets. Lines drawn behind the craft to indicate great speed.

Back to Judaism: Fundamentalist Jews revere their Torah in much the same way as Fundamentalist Muslims revere their Quran…with one important difference. The Jewish Talmud (book of laws) says that disbelievers should be “smitten” (killed). But Jews don’t do that! Jews respect life and living. Muslim Sharia Law says the same thing…only Muslims do kill those who don’t believe that “their” way is the “only” way.

One of the most interesting things about Judaism is that it has endured centuries of persecution and still shines as the brightest light in the religious world. Whenever anything has gone wrong in almost every part of the world…the cry arises that it is the fault of the Jews. Jews, being a minority among the world’s greatest religions have been blamed for every ill that has ever taken place anywhere in the world including the Crucifixion of Christ and every economic blight to ever hit the world’s economy. Adolph Hitler’s “final solution” was to exterminate all Jews.

The truth is that Jews have produced more than 75% of the world’s advances in the arts and in the professions of law and medicine; almost 90% of the world’s advancement in science/technology and almost 95% of the world’s religions. Searches through genealogical records have shown that many of the world’s greatest artists were Jews who changed their names and denied their Judaism for fear of being punished by the Anti-Semitic governments of the day and age. A careful tracing of genealogical history indicates that even the artists whose paintings of Jesus and Christianity are treated as “religious classics” were mostly Jews.

Anti-Semitism still exists much in the same way as the Ku Klux Klan still exists. Its power and influence is now so insignificant that the numbers of those who preach their hatred are dissolving into oblivion. There have always been and there will always be “hate-groups”. Today, Anti Semitism is far less popular even in Hitler-loving nations such as Norway and Sweden. Industries, like the oil industry and banking, that had formerly closed its doors to Jews, have allowed Jews to become top executives. In America, for the first time in history, there are more people converting to Judaism than trying to hide their Jewish heritage. Judaism has blossomed forth in Central Africa and in South America..

The main difference between all other religious conversions and Jewish conversions is that Jews never ask anyone to convert or accept their religion. If you want to become a Jew, Judaism will gladly accept you…but Jews do not send out Missionaries to “sell” you on Judaism.

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Monday, October 4, 2010


October 3, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

It has often been said that the fetus of all the world’s major religions is Judaism (“Jew” and “Jewish” are contractions of the term “Judaism”). Certainly, there can be no doubt that Christianity and Islam emanated from the Jews. There are even more remote tie-ins to Zoroastrians and Hindu beliefs as having been created by the lost tribes of Judea.

Then, too, there is little doubt that Judaism is the oldest religion in the world outdating Hindu beliefs by thousands of years. The Old Testament (also called the “Torah”) calls the Jews “the chosen people”. More about the Torah and its possible recordation of visits by extra terrestrials, next week.

The basic Jewish belief is simple: There is one and only one God. That God created the Heavens and the Earth and is completely omnipotent. They do not accept the Christian belief that God sent his only son down to Earth to forgive the world’s sins; they do not accept the belief that Abraham’s son, Ishmael, was given a holy stone by the Archangel, Gabriel, or that God created his only prophet in the form of a man named Muhammad.

Jewish traditions are beautiful. The main Jewish holidays are Rosh Hashanah (the New Year), Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement), Sukkot (the Festival of Feasts), Simchas Torah (the day you start over to read the Torah), and Pasach (mostly referred to as “Passover”), to celebrate the freedom of Jews from enslavement in Egypt.

Problems with Judaism, like all other religions, emanate from religious fundamentalists. There are still more than a million Jews who believe that the words in their Torah or their Talmud (the book of laws) were written by God and, therefore, cannot be changed or interpreted. Make no mistake: All Bibles and books of laws were written by man…not by God. Simple logic: There are more than one hundred different versions of Bibles available in libraries today. Each of them states that their Bible was written by God, yet most of these Bibles contradict other Bibles in major ways. It is not likely that an omnipotent God would contradict himself repeatedly.

Then, too “if” as the Jews believe, there is one and only one God, why does he have so many, different names? At various parts of the Torah, he is called “Yavah”…”Jehova”…”Eliyahu”…”Adonai” …”Elijah”…and many other names. Are all of these differently named Gods the same? If so, why so many different names?

In other columns, I have commented on the terribly primitive, heathen, nature of Sharia Law (Islamic Law). Talmudic Law is no less heathen. Simply reading Talmudic Law, creates several, seemingly ridiculous, questions I would like answered:

a) When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a pleasing odor for the Lord (Lev 1:9). The problem is my neighbors. They claim the odor is not pleasing to them. The Talmud says I should smite them. How do I do this and stay out of jail?

b) Selling my daughters into slavery is sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. Is this a good idea? Does God’s law override State law? How about among the Jewish fundamentalists?

c) Contact with a woman while she is in her period of menstrual uncleanliness (Lev 15:19-24) is prohibited and punishable by death. How do I handle this if her period starts unexpectedly?

d) Lev. 25:44 states that I may indeed possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Why can't I own Canadians?

e) My neighbor drives and turns lights on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly states he should be put to death. What’s a convenient way to do this without getting arrested?

f) The Talmud says that homosexuality is an Abomination. Does that mean I can’t watch the Ellen DeGeneres show?

g) Eating shellfish is an Abomination (Lev 11:10). What’s the punishment for eating a shrimp cocktail besides having to take a Pepto-Bismol?

h) Lev 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a defect in my sight. Does this mean that Rabbis who wear glasses should not conduct services? Or is there some “wiggle-room” here?

i) Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev 19:27. Punishment for this is death. Too bad, I really like my barber.

j) I know from Lev 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves?

k) My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev 19:19 by planting two different crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing garments made of two different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of getting the whole town together to stone them to death? (Lev 24:10-16) Couldn't we just burn them to death at a private family affair like we do with people who sleep with their in-laws? (Lev. 20:14)

More on the Jews next week. Comments? Write me at stebrel@aol.com and visit my website at yourparanormalcenter.com. Stephen Ellis

Monday, September 27, 2010


September 27, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

Continuing my columns on the world’s great religions, it is very important that we look at and try to understand the second largest religious following in the world, Islam. Originally designed to be a beautiful religion, Islam has become the most misunderstood major religion in the world.

There are three basic reasons for this:
1. Islamic or Sharia Law. Of all the sets of laws in the world, Sharia Law is far and away the most heathen and most punitive set of laws existing. Sharia Law disregards the basic rights of any female. i.e. An Islamic man may marry and divorce, at will. But if an Islamic woman is even suspected of flirting with someone other than her husband, she can be buried in the ground up to her neck and stoned to death. More about Sharia Law later.
2. Muslim belief is that the only God is Allah and his only prophet is Muhammad. There is nothing wrong with this belief…except…that their Bible, the Quran (Koran), says that anyone who does not believe this is what they call an “infidel”. The Quran says that all infidels must be destroyed. Using this reasoning, Muslims attacked and killed approximately 75,000 Christians in Lebanon for the sole reason that they were what Islam calls “infidels”.
3. Lack of education runs rampant through the Islamic World. When people are uneducated, it opens the door to allowing others to control your life. In the case of Islam, Fundamentalist Clerics are the ones doing the controlling.
Muslims are sharply divided among themselves into the Shia and the Sunni. This division emanates from the death of Muhammad. Some Muslims believe that Muhammad’s son-in-law, Ali Tabib, was Muhammad’s choice to take control of the religion (Shia); others believe that an early follower of Muhammad, Abu Bakr, was Muhammad’s choice (Sunni). This division is so sharp that hundreds of thousands of Muslims have been killed by other Muslims because of this difference in beliefs.

Muslim men, generally, have no fear of death because they are taught that if they kill in the name of Allah or are killed in the name of Allah they will be rewarded in Islamic Heaven with twelve virgins to serve each of them.

The history of Islam is strange: It is believed that Ishmael, one of the sons of Abraham and Hagar, was cast-off by Abraham into the desert. Ishmael claims to have been given a desert stone by the Archangel, Garbriel. That stone is now in the cornerstone of a building in Mecca called the Kabba. The Kabba stone is the most revered item in Islam.

Three thousand years later, a minor religious leader named Muhammad began to mutter in his hash-induced sleep, but spoke as if talking to the Archangel, Gabriel. There were few followers and Muhammad’s life was still that of a poor man. Years later, Muhammad again began talking in his sleep, as though he was speaking to Gabriel. This time, people listened and wrote down notes of what he said. These notes later became the Quran. As more people listened to Muhammad, the Arabian military became aware of Muhammad and the growing numbers of people who listened to him and followed him. The military encouraged people to follow Muhammad and the Arabian military became very strong. They used Muhammad as a holy man to lead in the Arabian Wars of conquest.

Islamic Clerics, even today, claim to have the original Quran, written in Muhammad’s hand, in Mecca. The problem with this is that most historians allege that Muhammad was illiterate and could neither read nor write.

Muhammad had several wives, one of whom was a seven-year-old girl. Some historians claim Muhammad was a pedophile.

Most Mulsims are adamant in their beliefs. They believe that if you do not bow down toward Mecca six times a day, you lose your right be a Muslim. They believe that the only purpose of women is to have children (and the Islamic population is growing at record rates). They believe the only law that can be used is Sharia law and have actually had Sharia Law supersede a nation’s laws in several places. They believe that the only good infidel is a dead infidel. Most Muslims who have immigrated to other countries still deny their families and their communities to be exposed to other beliefs or even to education, in general.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010


September 19, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

Continuing my columns on the world’s great religions, it is very important that we look at and try to understand the third largest religious following in the world, the Hindus. At the latest count, there are almost one billion Hindus in the world, most living in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Little is really understood about Hinduism in the Western World. Although this column is brief, it may offer some enlightenment to a predominantly Christian and Islamic Western World:

Hinduism differs from the religions of the rest of the world in that it does not have a single founder; an orthodox theological system; a single concept of God; a single Bible; a single system of rules or morality; a central authority. Hinduism does not believe that there have ever been any angels or prophets of God here on Earth. Actually, Hinduism is more like an all-encompassing way of life rather than going to a place of worship to pray to a single God.

Hinduism claims to be the oldest religion in the world dating back to 1,500 BC. Contra to this, the Western World recognizes the Torah and Judaism as going back to approximately 4,000 BC.

Most forms of Hinduism do recognize a single God, but believe that other Gods and Goddesses are manifestations or aspects of that one supreme God.

Until recently, Hinduism had been thought of as probably the world’s most tolerant religion. Its leaders, like Mahatma Gandhi, preached tolerance and love of all peoples. Gandhi organized a non-violent civil disobedience in India which, in 1947, resulted in abandonment of the British occupation and India becoming an independent State. However, the predominantly northern part of India was populated by a very violent Muslim population that severed itself from India and the Hindus by forming their own country, Pakistan. Small wars between India and Pakistan have been ongoing since both became independent States.

With an independent nation came politics: As the Hindus became more political, they became more intolerant of people whose beliefs were different: There have recently been numerous attacks by Hindus on Christian and Muslim religions and their churches, temples, etc.

One of the strongest aspects of Hinduism is as much social as it is religious: This is called the “caste system”. Hindus believe that there are four basic castes, or social classes. Each caste has its own rules and obligations for living. The elite caste is the Brahman, or priest caste. Second are the Kshatriyas, or warriors and rulers. Third are the Vaisyas, or merchants and farmers. Finally, the fourth caste is the Shudras, or laborers. Outside the caste system are the “untouchables”; the lowest of the lowest. Designation as an “untouchable” was outlawed in the 1940s, but it still exists today. A person does not get to decide or have the ability to change his or her caste – that matter is decided when one is born into a particular caste.

In summary, these are the basic beliefs of Hinduism:

1. That God is a three-in-one God known as “Brahman,” which is composed of: Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the Preserver), and Shiva (the Destroyer). The level of Godliness can be achieved by humans through the stage of Nirvana.

2. The Caste System.

3. Karma: The law that good begets good, and bad begets bad. Every action, thought, or decision one makes has consequences – good or bad – that will return to each person in the present life, or in one yet to come.

4. Reincarnation: Also known as “transmigration of souls,” or “samsara.” This is a journey on the “circle of life,” where each person experiences as series of physical births, deaths, and rebirths. With good karma, a person can be reborn into a higher caste, or even to godhood. Bad karma can relegate one to a lower caste, or even to life as an animal in their next life.

5. Nirvana: This is the goal of the Hindu. Nirvana is the release of the soul from the seemingly endless cycle of rebirths.

At the same time, Hinduism teaches that all living things are Brahma, or God. Enlightenment is attained by becoming tuned in to the Brahman within. Only then can one reach Nirvana.

Some aspects of Hinduism, like Karma and Reincarnation, do have significant support within the religions of the Western World like Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010


September 12, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

Continuing my columns on the world’s great religions, it is very important that we review the history (and mystery) of the Mormons.

No church has ever approached the wealth and power of the Catholics (or Papacy)…except for the Mormons. They have grown in numbers and in wealth far faster than any organized religion since the Christians were handed the Roman Empire on a silver platter by the Emperor Constantine.

There appears to be a greater mystery…or misunderstanding…about what the Mormons preach and believe: Actually, Mormons are members of the Christian Church community: their full, proper, name is “The Church of Jesus Christ – Latter Day Saints”. They often refer to themselves by the initials “LDS” standing for “Latter Day Saints”.

The Mormon belief is that Joseph Smith, a young man from western New York State, was inspired by a Christian revival, where he lived in 1820, to pray to God for guidance as to which church was the true church of God. In answer to his prayers he says he was visited by God and his son, Jesus, who told him not to join any church because all the churches at that time were false, and that he, Joseph Smith, would bring forth the true church. This event is called "The First Vision."

In 1823 Joseph claims to have had another heavenly visitation, in which an Angel named Moroni told him of a sacred history written by ancient Hebrews and other inhabitants of North and South America that were recorded on gold tablets. Moroni told Smith that the tablets were conveniently buried in a nearby hill. With Moroni’s help, Smith found the tablets and unearthed them. They were inscribed in a script that no one could interpret. (Now, Mormon Elders allege the tablets were actually inscribed in ancient Egyptian). Angels came to help Joseph Smith interpret the inscriptions. These Angels became known as the Latter Day Saints (to be differentiated from the Saints and Angels in the New and Old Testaments). With LDS help, Smith claimed to interpret the inscriptions on those tablets and from those inscriptions wrote The Book of Mormon. Allegedly, there were eleven witnesses to the existence and interpretation of these tablets by Smith. No one knows “if” or “where” the tablets were re-buried or where they are now.

It is a beautiful story and has captivated the hearts and minds of millions. Unfortunately, it does not jibe with historical records:

Smith, apparently, never told anyone about the "First Vision" until 1838; 18 years after its alleged occurrence and almost 10 years after Smith had begun his missionary efforts. It makes no sense that, if true, this “First Vision” would be concealed by a man trying to establish a new church.

In 1828, eight years after he says he had been told by God himself to join no church, Smith applied for membership in a local Methodist church. Other members of Smith’s family had joined the Presbyterian Church.

The eleven persons who claimed to have actually seen the gold tablets were all very close friends of Smith (many of them related to each other). Their testimonies are printed in the front of every copy of the Book of Mormon. Not one disinterested third party was ever allowed to examine or even view the gold tablets. Eight of those eleven witnesses subsequently abandoned Smith and left his church claiming that the so-called gold tablets never existed. Smith called them all "liars."

Contemporaries of Smith described him as something of a “confidence man”, whose chief source of income was hiring out to local farmers to help them find buried treasure (usually gold) on their farms via the use of folk magic and "seer stones”…the same magic and seer stones he later alleged enabled him to discover where the gold tablets were buried. Smith was actually arrested and tried in 1826 on a charge of “money digging”.

Joseph Smith stood firmly behind his statement that God had personally pronounced to him that the completed translation of the plates as published in 1830 were "correct". Yet, many changes have been made in later editions. There were thousands of corrections of poor grammar and awkward wording contained in the 1830 edition. There have been numerous other changes to reflect subsequent revisions of “God’s Word”, and in some of the fundamental doctrines of the church, including without limitation, a recent change to allow Black people to join the church.

Suffice it to say that the historical holes in the Mormon story are large enough to drive an eighteen-wheeler through.

Have an opinion? E-mail me at stebrel@aol.com and visit my website at yourparanormalcenter.com. Stephen Ellis

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


September 5, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

My column last week entitled “A Man Named Jesus” brought a lot of e-mail. Most of it complementing what I had written, one letter came calling me a “fool” and containing implied threats if I continued to write lies about the church.

For the record, I do not lie! Last week’s article was based on research. If you don’t like what I’ve written, do your own research on the history of the Roman Empire and you will find that what I write is completely accurate. I’m not telling anyone not to believe in Jesus. Who or what you believe is both personal and important to you and I have no intention of disturbing your beliefs. All I do is present the facts as written by non-religious historians.

I use the term “non-religious historians” because much of history has been written and rewritten by religious historians. Clearly, religious historians have completely altered documented history to justify and support their church and religious beliefs. This is said without fear of contradiction, because the published history of one church will be astonishingly unlike the published history of a different church when discussing the same time periods and locations.

Without doubt, the most prolific re-writers of history emanated from what is called the “Papacy”.

The Papacy is and has been the cornerstone of Christian religious doctrine and history for almost two thousand years. Most often, we refer to the Papacy as the Catholic Church or the Vatican.

The foundation of the Papacy was the man called Peter the Fisherman or Saint Peter. The Papacy re-wrote the history of Rome to accommodate their burgeoning power during the middle ages. As mentioned in last week’s column, Peter was one of the most popular religious leaders in the land of Zion (renamed Palestina-Jordana by the Roman Emperor Hadrian). His true name was Simon Peter and he and his brothers were fishermen in the Sea of Galilee around the time of Jesus’ alleged crucifixion.

Non-religious historians (whose books survived the rampant book-burning by the Papacy) do not explain how it is that Peter abandoned fishing and became a religious leader, but his followers believed him to be a Prophet of the forthcoming Messiah (according to the “Governance of Judea-Palestina-Jordana” written by the then Roman Governor of that territory, Pontius Pilate). Peter’s followers (then called Christians based on the Greek words “Jesus Christos” meaning “holy savior”) were probably the strongest band of Christians given power in Rome following the 326 AD Conference in Nicaea. By early 400 AD, Peter’s followers became the leaders of the newly powerful Christians in Rome and established their own holy conclave inside the City of Rome. The City of Rome was “the” most important place in the Roman Empire, and the Papacy, feeding on the power granted them by Constantine, sectioned-off a prime part of Rome and called it the Holy See. In 1929, much of the area known as the Holy See was incorporated as an independent state within the city of Rome called the Vatican.

On or about 350-400 AD, the Papacy began to re-write the history of Christianity making their leader, Peter, the most important of the Messiah’s prophets. They created a history and lineage of Popes dating back to the time of Jesus’ alleged crucifixion and named Peter as their first Pope. They further designated Peter as the first Bishop of Rome, and gave him Sainthood by saying that the evil Emperor, Nero, had him crucified with his head hanging down in 67 AD on a cross such as the one upon which Jesus had allegedly been crucified.

Not one single word of this is supported by the non-religious histories written at that time.

There are numerous contradictions contained in Catholic history, not the least of which was that Rome had no Christian Bishops until after the Nicaea Conference in 326 AD. Rome was completely Pagan and had many Gods. Each God was worshiped for a different purpose: i.e for love, for war, for speed, the Sun God, etc. The Romans built a temple to their Gods called the Pantheon (the term “Pantheon” is from the Greek meaning “To All Gods”). The Pantheon contained graven images of a multitude of Gods to be worshipped for different reasons…but nothing even remotely resembling a Christian God. Rome, which did not recognize Christianity until after the 326 AD Conference at Nicaea, did not have any Christian Bishop during the lifetime of Peter. So, in its basic foundation, Papacy history fails to meet even a minimal standard of truthfulness.

In the 7th century AD, the Papacy took over the Pantheon and made it into a Catholic Church.

I’m not saying that Catholicism is “bad or “wrong”. Only that their history is grossly inaccurate.

Have an opinion you’d like to share? Write me at stebrel@aol.com and visit my website at yourparanormalcenter.com. Stephen Ellis

Monday, August 30, 2010


August 29, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

There are very few people in this world that have never heard of Jesus Christ. The religion of Christianity has more followers than any other. Yet, very few of even the most ardent Christians know anything about Jesus Christ except what has been written in religious histories (The New Testament). It is important to understand that religious histories are not noted for their accuracy. If you read the Koran, the Mongolian Bible, the Zoroastrian Bible, the Greek or Russian Orthodox Bibles, etc, you will get a completely different picture of the man we call Jesus Christ and of the times in which he ostensibly lived.

If you believe most scholars and historians, they will tell you that a man named Jesus Christ never existed! The central character in “The Greatest Story Ever Told”…the baby born in the manger in Bethlehem, found by the three wise men, was not given the name Jesus or Jesus Christ. If you choose to believe the “Greatest Story…”, the baby would have been born “Joshua” son of “Joseph”. In those days, only the wealthiest or most prominent families used a first and a last name, and the name of the mother was, most often, omitted.

So then, where did the name Jesus Christ originate?

Again, according to most scholars and historians, the name came from two Greek words , “Jesus Christos” which, translated to English, mean “Holy Savior”.

The Book of Isaiah in the Old Testament, Chapter 14, verse 7, states that a Messiah of the Lord will be born on Earth…and his name will be Immanuel. Belief that a Messiah would soon be born to save the world was rampant in the Middle East. Many religious leaders claimed to be the prophet of the coming Messiah. Their groups of followers believed in the coming of a Holy Savior…and thus identified themselves as “Christians”. Religious leaders of the day such as John the Baptist, Paul the Rabbi, Peter the Fisherman, Matthew, Thomas, etc. all claimed to be prophets of the coming Messiah. The belief of their followers was so strong that several of these groups lasted for hundreds of years.

But the numbers of followers grew fewer as time passed. The groups calling themselves “Christians” were weak and spread-out throughout the Mediterranean area.

Like many minority groups they became the subjects of bigotry and were often used by the wealthy for entertainment by putting them in an arena with hungry lions.

Shortly before 300 AD a minor incident took place that changed the history of the world. A teen-age Roman soldier called “Constantine” was wounded in battle and thought he was going to die. Like his father and most Roman soldiers he was a worshiper of the Sun God “Ra”. Constantine asked his father if there was not some Religion that would forgive him for having killed so many others in battle. His father brought back two people calling themselves “Christians”. They were gentile people and told Constantine that if he accepted the concept that a Messiah was coming, all his sins would be forgiven. Constantine did not die and he never forgot the promise of those two Christians.

History tells us that Constantine became the most powerful Emperor in the Roman Empire, but that his throne was always in danger from assassins. Even his own son tried to kill Constantine and claim his throne. So Constantine developed a plan: Rather than allow his Senate, soldiers or other claimants to his throne to challenge his power, Constantine decided to make some non-violent people the heir to his throne…and he remembered the Christians.

There was a problem: There were about ten different groups calling themselves “Christians”, but they each believed in a different prophet. So Constantine ordered his armies to pick up the leaders of each group and had them meet in Nicaea, France in 326 AD. Constantine made them a proposition: Get together! Unite your beliefs! Agree to one and only one prophet or symbol of your religion and Constantine would make Christians the most powerful group in the Roman Empire. Fail to do this and Constantine would “look the other way” when Christians were persecuted.

The Christian groups at Nicaea could not agree that one of the prophets they believed in would be ranked above any of the other groups’ prophets, so after weeks of haggling, they all agreed that they would create a brand new prophet and all of the current prophets they followed would become the disciples of the new leader.

Even better: they had all been expecting a Messiah for more than three hundred years. What if He had come and had not been recognized? To give the united Christians strength in their beliefs, they decided that he must have come…326 years earlier. They didn’t have a name or an identity for Him, so they met in conference and created Him.

There was no problem in giving the new Messiah a name, Jesus Christ. But, to be credible, there had to be a history to back-up their claim. So, in the name of each of their prophets, a book was written telling of the wonders of the Messiah and documenting the miracles attributed to him. So, in Nicaea in 326 AD, the “New Testament” and “The Greatest Story Ever Told” were born.

Constantine helped the Christians and ordered that all histories of Rome being written from that day forward included mention of the new Holy Savior. They gave him a birth date of December 25 (because that’s what they believed was the date when days started to get longer…we now know the date to be December 22nd). Since the son of God could not be born to a normal woman, they fashioned the idea of the Immaculate Conception.

Constantine could not change the histories that were already written and well-read by Romans. For example, “The Governance of Judea Palestina Jordana”, written by the then Roman Governor of the territory, Pontius Pilate, could not be changed. Scholars often note that Pilate never mentions a Jesus Christ or a Joshua, son of Joseph, in his written history. Pilate does talk about Peter, Paul, John, Thomas, etc. Histories written after 326 AD not only mention Jesus but say that Pilate was the one who ordered Jesus’ crucifixion.

Constantine’s plan worked. Constantine lived to a ripe old age and died a natural death. Christians became the most powerful religious force in Rome and were given the key jobs of teaching schools and religion throughout Rome. Constantine provided the funds to build churches and imposed an additional tax on all Roman citizens who did not accept Christianity.

At least, that’s what he scholars say.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010


August 22, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

For some reason, there have recently been an uncommonly high number of articles and supposed eyewitness events concerning haunted houses, haunted commercial establishments and the like. While this is interesting, I suspect many readers may not even know what is meant by a “haunting”. Surely all of us have heard about haunted houses and maybe, when we were kids, stood outside some gloomy looking place afraid to go in. The brave kids may actually have entered such a house and left abruptly when there was some weird sound inside.

So let’s take it from “scratch”: Haunted houses are places where ghosts seem to inhabit.

Are there such things as “ghosts”? And, if so, what are they? Why do they pick some particular place to hang-out?

Ghosts exist! There are millions of claims regarding ghosts and haunting. That’s a pretty high number of people to call “liars” or “delusional.

Ghosts are the energy of people who have died who for some reason (and we’ll talk about the possibilities) have not gone to the usual place dead people go. When someone’s body dies, the energy that was that person’s mind or aura does not die. Most people who have died and come back to life (yes…there are many such people) seem to suggest that they went to a place like Heaven…or a free-floating world…or to someplace where they saw other ghostly energies waiting to be reborn. Speaking of being “re-born”, there is absolutely overwhelming evidence that reincarnation is a fact of life.

Ghosts are never something to be feared. They were people, just like you…only now they do not have a body. If the energy that was a person is still alive, that energy may not want to go to the places mentioned above and may prefer to remain where they lived or where their life was abruptly ended. When this happens, we say that the place the energy decided to remain is “haunted”.

The person whose energy is located in a specific place usually decides to remain there for one of several reasons: 1-They do not believe or are not willing to accept that their body has died. 2-The person, when alive, may have been someone who built that house and does not want to let go of it. 3-The person whose energy has remained in a house may be because their life was ended abruptly there and they still do not understand their abrupt death. 4- The person who died may want to remain there to watch over those who are still living.

There can be many other reasons, of course, but what makes a place haunted is the fact that the dead person’s energy is still there.

What can a ghost do? Not much! The energy has no body. It has no larynx…no vocal chords, etc. So if it tries to talk, it’s going to sound like a super-faint whisper. That’s why ghost-chasing organizations use equipment to monitor the faintest of whispers. Can it harm you physically? Of course not. It has no body to do any harm to anyone.

Can it affect you mentally? That’s a good question: Energy has a way of permeating your own energy and it can put thoughts into your head. It can make you think you are hearing sounds or voices that are really not there. It can make you think you are seeing someone who is not there…at least until your own energy chases out the intruding energy. That’s how I was able to see the exact image of a girl who was murdered in an apartment I was renting, but then as I became more awake, the image disappeared. It is safe to conclude that your own energy, the energy that comprises you mind/aura has been with your body since birth, can always override any foreign energy that may have entered your mind. Ghostly energy may be able to (temporarily) take over the mind of a child, but in both the long and the short run, ghostly energy cannot harm you. It may give you some strange dreams when you sleep…but that’s about all it can really do.

How do you get rid of a ghost? You talk to them! For some reason, still inexplicable to me, the energy in your body can both see and hear without an optic nerve or an ear drum. This has been verified thousands of times by people who practice astral projection. So, If a ghost can see you and hear you, the usual, most successful, way to rid a house of a ghost is to speak to them; tell them they are dead; that they no longer own the property they are haunting, that you now own the house and you want them gone, etc. This seems to work almost 100% of the time.

If you’ve had some ghostly experiences, I’d like to hear about them. Write me at stebrel@aol.com. If you’d like to learn more about ghosts, visit my website at yourparanormalcenter.com.

Stephen Ellis

Friday, August 20, 2010

Music and the Mind

August 15, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

Ever wonder why a song will just pop into your mind for no apparent reason? I’m not talking about a song you may have just heard on the radio. I’m talking about a song you may not have heard for years and years. Even lyrics that have long been buried in your mind will suddenly pop into your head while you’re sleeping…while you’re busy doing something else. It usually happens without warning.

I’ve wondered about this, too and I’ve been trying to give it some thought: I based my thoughts on the fact that music is an international language. It is a way of communicating when language isn’t there. Some music makes you feel happy; some makes you feel sad…and some music brings back long-forgotten memories.
It just seemed logical to assume that music did not permeate my mind for no reason. Perhaps someone, somewhere was trying to communicate with me….send me a message. But “who” and “why”?

One of the unique things about music is that it is almost, invariably, connected with someone. Not the recording artist, but people you know…or more likely, knew. Music…songs…usually remind you of people and places past.

For example: I’m already in my late seventies (where did all the years go?), so it might seem strange for some songs to enter my head that I haven’t heard for more than sixty years…yet, pop-into-my-head they do…and even the lyrics were there. One night, shortly after my brother died, I started hearing songs I sang around a campfire at a summer camp in Connecticut. There was no question in my mind that the only person I knew…someone who was there with me when we learned those songs…was my deceased brother. Was my brother trying to communicate with me from the after-life world? I went over and over the lyrics of these camp songs to see if there might be a message contained in them, but all I was able to come up with is that they were very happy times…happy memories. Perhaps my brother was trying to tell me that, wherever he was, he was happy and all was well.

This is a pretty far-out theory, and it certainly is not based on anything forensic. Still, if you put a lot of things together, maybe it does make sense: Our thoughts are energy. Energy knows no bounds, so it’s quite likely that thought energy is everywhere around us…in our atmosphere…in our minds. It’s the thing that makes us inwardly recoil when we meet some people for the first time and find ourselves attracted when we meet others. It’s the thing that makes us very uncomfortable when we enter some places and very relaxed when we enter others. It’s also what memories are made of.

Readers of my blogs know that I feel strongly that communication with the dead is extremely rare and, in fact, the only cases I could ever verify occurred within hours after an unexpected death. The logic is simple: A ghost no longer has a real body; it does not have vocal chords or a larynx, so communication with it in a normal fashion simply cannot exist (I am not a fan of John Edwards, James Van Praagh or anyone else who claims to be able to communicate with the dead).

But thoughts and energy do not die. They will continue as long as there are people.

I’m suggesting that, just “maybe”, music that simply pops into your head for no apparent reason may have entered your mind because someone else’s energy is trying to communicate with you. Maybe it’s the lyrics or maybe it was the surrounding ambiance when you first heard that music.

Certainly it’s worth thinking about.

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Monday, August 9, 2010


August 7, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

More than any other single topic, I get a lot of questions about what is known as “cold readings”. The topic has been discussed before, but I believe it’s time to go into greater depth and detail as to how cold readings are used to defraud the public.

Cold reading is simply a technique of saying something general that sounds extremely personal. Of course, it’s got to be said with sincerity and most cold-readers are excellent actors. An obvious example might be: “I sense that there is a very important woman in your life who has recently crossed over to the other side (meaning that she died). More than ninety percent of people can identify with this: a mother, a daughter, a grandmother, an aunt, a close friend, etc.

Now the cold reader attempts to get a little more personal: “You both had deep feelings for each other.”

The cold reader is watching your every reaction like a hawk. If he notices the slightest nodding of the head or smile, or even a glance in another direction, he/she will pursue it further. If he notices a slight shaking of the head, he will move onto a different track. The secret to a good cold reading is not the reader, but observing the person being read.

A common approach is, “I sense the letter “M” associated with this person. (The letter “M” is the most common letter in names and it can also apply to “mother” “Mr” “, etc. and to family names like “Missy”. The best way for me to explain it is to set forth a common cold reader’s technique:

Cold readers will make statements that are seemingly directed at you, but actually apply to ninety percent of all people. For example, read the next three paragraphs and try to imagine hearing them from a very sincere-appearing stranger using a crystal ball, looking at the palm of your hand or dealing out a deck of tarot cards:

“Some of your aspirations tend to be pretty unrealistic. At times you are extroverted, affable, sociable, while at other times you are introverted, wary and reserved. You have found it unwise to be too frank in revealing yourself to others. You pride yourself on being an independent thinker and do not accept others' opinions without satisfactory proof. You prefer a certain amount of change and variety, and become dissatisfied when hemmed in by restrictions and limitations. At times you have serious doubts as to whether you have made the right decision or done the right thing. Disciplined and controlled on the outside, you tend to be worrisome and insecure on the inside.

Your sexual adjustment has presented some problems for you. While you have some personality weaknesses, you are generally able to compensate for them. You have a great deal of unused capacity which you have not turned to your advantage. You have a tendency to be critical of yourself. You have a strong need for other people to like you and for them to admire you.

People close to you have been taking advantage of you. Your basic honesty has been getting in your way. Many opportunities that you have had offered to you in the past have had to be surrendered because you refuse to take advantage of others. You like to read books and articles to improve your mind. In fact, if you're not already in some sort of personal service business, you should be. You have an infinite capacity for understanding people's problems and you can sympathize with them. But you are firm when confronted with obstinacy or outright stupidity. Law enforcement would be another field you understand. Your sense of justice is quite strong.”

The above is a basic example. If some stranger, representing himself as a psychic, said these things to you, you might wonder how this stranger knows so much about you.

There are numerous cold-reading techniques specializing in supposed communication with the dead; pretending to give you a psychic reading or using tarot cards, tea leaves or astrolgical charts to tell your fortune.

Not all cold readers are frauds…but, by far, most of them are.

If you’d like more information of cold reading, please contact me at stebrel@aol.com and visit my website at www.yourparanormalcenter.com.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Peter Hurkos - Genuine Psychic

July 31, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

My apologies for not writing a blog last week. My wife and I were in NYC on vacation. We had a wonderful time, and writing a blog for the week simply slipped my mind.

Of all the famous psychics I have heard about (Edgar Casey, Elizabeth Montgomery, Rasputin, etc.) perhaps the most deserving of fame was Peter Hurkos. The reason I say this was because Peter, by taking my keys on his hand, pulled out many long-forgotten memories from me. I do not profess to be an expert on cold readings, but I’m fairly knowledgeable about them…and this was no cold reading. Not even close.

Hurkos has been credited with solving many police mysteries, the most famous of which was the case of the Boston Strangler. He’s also been credited with solving several other famous cases. One of the lesser known cases (but yet most impressive) was locating the body of a seven year old girl in Amsterdam who had disappeared. She had fallen into one of Amsterdam’s innumerable canals and had gotten tangled in some weeds. Hurkos directed the police to the exact spot the body was found.

Albert Einstein once said that for every person with a special gift or skill, there will be a hundred people of mediocrity who will fight to the death to put-down that skilled or gifted person and belittle him. In the same vein, Hurkos has many people dedicated to minimizing his unique skills. There are those (including Wikopedia) that allege Hurkos never allowed himself to be scientifically examined except once at the University of California…which test was ridiculous, impossible and totally unworthy of the scientific minds at the University of California..

The truth is that Andrija Puharich, MD, a noted physician and researcher of ESP was so impressed by the stories about Hurkos that he invited Hurkos to the USA in 1956 to study what seemed to be Hurkos’ unique psychic abilities under laboratory conditions. Hurkos was studied at Dr. Puharich’s Glen Cove, Maine, medical research laboratory under what Dr. Puharich considered to be very tightly controlled conditions. The results convinced Dr. Puharich that Hurkos’ psychic abilities were far greater than any he had ever tested (before or thereafter) . . . a remarkable 90% accuracy. After two and-one-half years of testing Hurkos, Dr. Puharich said, “I am convinced that Peter Hurkos, is the greatest of anyone I have ever tested as a psychic. His abilities are so far reaching, that he hasn’t even scratched the surface of what he can do with his abilities and mind."

Peter Hurkos, like most people, was primarily concerned with making a living and supporting his family. He often said that his mind was like a TV set that turned itself on and off and he did not always know when his psychicl TV would turn “on” or “off”. This became a problem when he was signed to do a weekly TV show. He never knew when his mental TV screen would be operating, so when his mental TV was “off” he resorted to his “showman” and “cold reading” techniques. But even on his weekly TV show, sometimes the screen would turn “on” and he revealed precise things about people in the audience that no ”cold reading” technique could possibly produce.

Hurkos gave those of us that research the paranormal a significant insight into psychic powers. The so-called TV screen is not always “on”, but the fact is that it does, sometimes, turn “on”, and when it does, we have one of those inexplicable things called psychic phenomena. Even the studies at Duke University have confirmed that the same person who fails their psychic tests on Monday may pass them with flying colors on Tuesday.

Tell me about your psychic experiences. Stephen Ellis Stebrel@aol.com

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


July 18, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

Due to the unexpectedly high mail we received concerning “Bigfoot” or Sasquatch”, I felt that the subject should be gone into a little more thoroughly to help readers understand the mystery.

Actually, the mystery did not start in the Pacific Northwest (the region that most alleged sightings occurred), but rather in the Himalayas: the huge mountain range across China, Nepal and India which holds several of the highest mountains on Earth. There had been a number of reports about a hairy creature, somewhat humanoid, covered in white fur. Searchers gave it the name “Yeti”. Because of its white fur, it also became known as the “Abominable Snow Man”. It was described as a somewhat anti-social, humanoid, creature that resided near the mountain tops in the Himalayas. Although several claims were made, no one ever caught a photo of one, but several tabloids of the day published images of what they believed it looked like. The legend of this Missing-link between man and ape became quite popular and several missions were sent into the Himalayas to see if this creature could be found.

In the 1950s, there were several alleged sightings in the Pacific Northwest. Based on the descriptions given, this creature was covered in dark brown hair, but there is no question that this creature was the same creature as the Yeti. Reasonable people assumed that high in the Himalayas where there is snow and ice all year long, that the fur (like the fur of a rabbit) would change to white to offer it protection and camouflage from predators. In the Pacific Northwest, summers were very warm, so the fur would be the more natural brown. There were many American Indian legends of such a creature, so the Indian name of “Sasquatch” was adapted.

In the late 1950s, several hunters in the Pacific Northwest came across some huge footprints, much like the footprints of a giant ape. So the creature also became known as “Big Foot”.

Inasmuch as I do not believe that most people are “liars”, I’m going to assume that people saw “something”. It may not have been a Sasquatch. For example, the Himalayas are a very cold region and there have been many reports of large, white bears such as we have in our Polar Regions. Certainly our Pacific Northwest has plenty of large Grizzly Bears (with brown hair) that, when standing, would be about eight or nine feet tall. Granted that the proportions of a standing bear are significantly different than those of a humanoid creature…still in the mists that are commonplace in the mountains and the camouflage offered by heavy forests, mistakes are not only possible, they are probable.

Now let’s take a look at the photographs and the huge footprints: While not too many people intentionally deceive others about important facts, there are many who like to create and promulgate a “hoax” for the fun of it. The large footprints were acknowledged to be a hoax by the person who built some oversized feet to make footprints, and many of the photographs have, admittedly, been a part of a hoax.

So is the whole Sasquatch thing one big hoax? Maybe! Even truth-seekers like Lon Strickler (phantomsandmonsters.com) can be fooled. But even when they’ve allowed themselves to be fooled, they pick themselves right up and continue to seek out the truth.

There are many unexplained things right here on Earth. We are not very knowledgeable about our own planet; almost 80% of it is still relatively unexplored. There could be creatures and life forms under our seas or in our almost impenetrable mountains that could boggle our minds…or offer reasonable answers to many things we call “paranormal”.

The evidence that Sasquatch exists is simply not there. But, when we close the doors to our minds by saying or thinking that we know of everything that exists here on Earth, we are making a very big mistake. I predict that in the next fifty years, we will discover life forms unlike any we knew existed. Visit my website at yourparanormalcenter.com

Let’s have your opinion. Stebrel@aol.com

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sasquatch and Bigfoot

July 11, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

In his blog at Phantomsandmonsters.com, Lon Strickler presented some reports that the existence of Sasquatch was confirmed; that photo crews from news and other media networks were dispatched to photograph this often-elusive creature.

Before continuing, a moment to describe what Sasquatch or Bigfoot is: For hundreds of years there have been legends about a very secretive creature; approximately eight feet tall and covered with hair in the manner of a gorilla or a Neanderthal person. However, legend has it that Sasquatch is much closer to a human being than to an ape. There have been numerous sightings over the years including a few photographs and videos. I doubt there has been a single newspaper anywhere in the world that has not written some stories about “Bigfoot” or Sasquatch. The name was earned because of the enormous footprints it ostensibly left behind it.

Throughout history, there have been alleged sightings and contacts with Sasquatch, but generally this creature seems to prefer its privacy and has stayed away from humans and their cameras.

Theories have been brought that Sasquatch is (a) a missing link between man and ape, (b) a being from a different (perhaps parallel) dimension (c) an intergalactic space traveler that has become trapped on Earth…or maybe a combination of all three…or none-of-the-above.

The most famous photo of Sasquatch (can be seen on line or even at Wikopedia) has proven to be a fraud. Some people actually had someone decked-out in a gorilla suit just to deceive people and make their photograph famous. Little can be said about the few videos available except that they do not appear to be genuine.

So, when the headline of Phantomsandmonsters.com reads that the existence of Sasquatch has been confirmed; that photos have been taken of a Sasquatch family (including two children), it’s something worthy of note. Lon Strickler, the founder and editor of Phantomsandmonsters is nobody’s fool. Yet the excitement in his comments to the article belie any doubts and are filled with the kind of enthusiasm one reserves for a great discovery.

It’s not my position to say that Sasquatch is real or phony…only to say I have never seen one single report or photograph that convinced me of its reality. My position is and has always been to explained the unexplained things with which we live: Is there really a God? Why does the Earth keep spinning at the same rate in space…and what keeps us there? Is there really an afterlife? What about ghosts and reincarnation? What are UFOs? Etc, etc. etc.

Hopefully, I have kept my writing on a level that can satisfy the curiosity of readers. Where I don’t have a good explanation for people, I try and offer several theories from which to choose. I try and report facts…not wishful thinking. Visit my website at yourparanormalcenter.com.

At this writing, I am still unconvinced that Sasquatch really exists.

Feel free to write me. Stebrel@aol.com

Monday, July 5, 2010


July 4, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

One of the problems in remaining objective about UFOs is that the descriptions of them vary so widely from eyewitness account to eyewitness account. To me, with over two million reported sightings and more than a hundred thousand photos and videos, there is no question in my mind that there is “something” out there. Exactly what that “something” is, requires obtaining a lot more information than has been released to the public.

One thing seems clear: either there are a variety of UFOs making their presence known…or some UFOs have the ability to morph their shape and appearance. Let’s take a brief look at each:

The concept of there being more than one type of UFO is not only rational, it’s probable! If, in fact, UFOs are operated by intelligent beings from outer space or from beneath our seas, it is likely that all of them do not emanate from the same place. The vastness of space or other dimensions we have not explored is almost incomprehensible to the human mind. We are learning that there are millions (if not trillions) of solar systems, similar to our own, in outer space. The likelihood of numerous systems that can support life is exceedingly high.

So, it becomes logical to assume that there is more than one planet that can contain intelligent life. It may not be life as we are accustomed to viewing it, but it is life…and where there is life, the likelihood that some of it is “intelligent” is overwhelming. Our Earth-bound egos find it difficult to accept that some of this intelligent life may be hundreds of times more intelligent than are we, but the evidence is clear: We have not even come close to finding ways to traverse the vastness of space (assuming that UFOs are from other solar systems) but, obviously, other intelligent life has solved this problem. However, bear in mind, that all superior intelligence is not equal: one planet with highly intelligent people may design a space craft totally different than the beings living on another planet. Both planets may be home to beings with superior intelligence, yet one spacecraft design may be quite different than the other. The engineering, the propulsion, etc. may be quite different from planet to planet.

Thus, the difference in UFO descriptions may be due to totally different UFOs from different places.

The concept of a space-craft morphing and changing shapes is far less likely, but should not be ignored. There have been numerous sightings, photos and videos of craft that appear to change their shape before your eyes.

This can be due to fluctuations in our atmosphere distorting the picture of what we see, it can be due to the speed at which these UFOs travel or it could be that, as a defensive measure, the designers of some UFOs made their shape changeable. Then, too, there could be “mother” ships with smaller, exploratory craft. There have been several videos showing a UFO sending out numerous smaller ships from its “mother” ship.

The reports of crashed UFOs have reported vastly different sizes and shapes: In Russia one crashed vehicle was reported to be more than a hundred yards long. The reports I’ve read that claim to having actually seen the crash sites in North and South America have been very consistent: a round vehicle less than 20 feet in diameter and approximately 6 feet in height. Those few photos that have escaped being classified by the military, allegedly show dead bodies from within the craft that seem to validate the fact that whatever intelligent life was inside them was significantly smaller in size than the average human.

Are these reports accurate or truthful? I don’t know. For all the mail I have received concerning UFO sightings, none of them have been close-up.

For some unknown reason, most governments have still remained “hush-hush” about UFO encounters although Russia has opened its books and there have been some astounding reports.

Please feel free to comment on this. Write to Stebrel@aol.com

Monday, June 28, 2010

Speaking in Strange Languages

June 27, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

The following letter was received yesterday from a reader. I think it is interesting enough to want to share it with everyone because it highlights that there are many things happening in life that need explanation, and science or medicine has not offered us any genuine understanding:

“I went into my teenage son's room this morning to check on him as he was out last night and I know he and his friends were drinking. (He is 18). I saw a bucket by his bed so I wanted to make sure he was okay so I wakened him. He started speaking in a language that was completely gibberish. I started asking him questions and he was calmly answering me, with his inflections rising and falling as if speaking in a language, not slurring or mumbling in the slightest. I sternly called his name and he responded as if he were awake and alert...but still in this foreign tongue. Then I asked him his name. (His name is Brady) He replied "Casey". At that point, I ran out of the room to awaken my husband because I was worried about him--I thought perhaps he was even having a stroke or something else related to alcohol poisoning. When I returned with my hubby, he continued speaking to us, in normal English. He didn't realize that he hadn't been speaking English. I am very "freaked out" by this. Do you have any further insight?”

I really want to thank the writer of this letter for sharing her experience. It’s not that this type of thing is becoming more common, it’s just that “recognizing” it is becoming more common. To me, it is highly doubtful that her son was talking gibberish. It is highly probably that he was speaking in a language his mother did not understand. I say this because, when asked his name, he responded, clearly, “Casey”. “Casey” is not a common name now…but it was very common about one or two hundred years ago. Remember the poem, ”Casey at the Bat”?

The language he was speaking may have sounded like gibberish to his mother, but anyone speaking a tongue totally unfamiliar to you would sound like gibberish. The fact that his speech inflections were there means that whatever he was saying…he understood it!

Is this something to worry about? Not at all!

I have often written about how the brain and the mind are two totally different entities: the mind is definitely not a part of the brain. Brain damaged people can still think clearly.

The brain is a physical part of the body while the mind is the energy providing thought, analysis, etc. When someone dies, the brain, which is a part of the body, dies, too. But numerous photographs show that the energy (I call it the “aura”) which surrounds the physical body stays alive and moves off. To where? I probably won’t know until it’s my turn to go, but we have many strong clues that it acquires another body and lives again. The evidence that reincarnation is a fact of life is absolutely overwhelming. But what, really, is reincarnation?

I believe it is the “aura” acquiring a new body. The memories of that energy or aura move into the new body and have an incredibly strong influence on that new body. That’s why identical twins or triplets can have such totally different personalities.

The memories of the past life are there, but as the brain matures, the absorption of new life and experiences tend to block the former memories out. That’s why, past life memories, language, etc. seem to be best brought-out in young children or under past-life-regression hypnosis. Almost all professional hypnotherapists have had past life stories to relate from their clients. Again the question, “why”?

During a waking state, the brain is more powerful. During a sleeping state, the mind takes over. When the sleep is really deep (when hypnotized, under anesthesia or in a brain numbing sleep resulting from an alcoholic stupor) the brain is unable to block the mind and the mind brings out these memories. Thus the boy in the letter was, confidently, speaking a language he knew in a previous life. As his brain awakened, he again started speaking in the language he commonly used and his former language became buried in his mind.

You can visit my website at www.yourparanormalcenter.com where there are several articles that may interest you. Feel free to contact me and send me your experiences at stebrel@aol.com.

Stephen Ellis

Monday, June 21, 2010


June 20, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

Do you believe in reincarnation? By reincarnation it should be clearly understood that it refers to someone who has died coming back in another form, or another body…living another life. The Hindus (hundreds of millions of them) believe that after you die, you return in the form of an animal. The type of animal you become depends on the quality of life you lived. A cow is considered to be the holiest form of reincarnation and there are many areas of India where a cow is considered sacred.

Not being a follower of Hindu beliefs, I do not believe that people get reincarnated as animals…but I do believe people get reincarnated as other humans!

Readers often comment on my independent thinking and the fact that I use a lot of rationality and common sense. It really does not seem practical for someone like me to accept a thing like reincarnation as being factual. Yet, the proof is so overwhelming that it seems to defy any and all of the more commonly accepted religious theories of life and death. For example:

The story of Shanti Devi: the Indian girl of seven or eight who claimed she was married in a previous life and died following childbirth. Then she went out and proved the accuracy of her previous life to the shock and surprise of a dozen or so very skeptical scientists, to newspaper reporters around the world and to a Pulitzer Prize winning author. She guided the skeptics, the newspaper reporters, etc. to the house where she used to live in a town she had never been to in this life, identified her husband who was pretending to be an onlooker, and related some extremely intimate things about their marriage to him which he confirmed.

The story of James McCready, the six year old boy who had recurrent nightmares about being shot down in an airplane near Iwo Jima in WWII. His parents, at first, ignored the statements of the boy but started paying attention to him when his knowledge of WWII aircraft exceeded that of his parents. He described the Japanese Zero that shot him down; the name of the aircraft carrier on which he was based (a small, little known carrier which was at the battle of Iwo Jima), the names of some of his friends, the mess-hall conditions aboard the carrier, etc. James’ parents decided to check out what they could. There were still many WWII pilots living. Everything that James McCready had described was confirmed and proven to be 100% accurate.

The case of Bruce Kelly, a young man in his early twenties, who could not explain his phobia about water. He went to a Psychologist and a Hypnotherapist for help. The Hypnotherapist regressed Bruce back to a previous life with astounding results: Bruce said that his name was James Johnston; that he was in the Navy in WWII and assigned to submarine duty. Under hypnosis, Bruce described James Johnston’s life, his friends, his family and even the night when a Japanese depth charge sank the submarine he was on. Everything was described in such intricate detail that it would have been virtually impossible for someone to imagine if he had not been there. The Hypnotherapist decided to check it out…and did. Everything Kelly had described…down to the smallest detail of his family, his friends and the records of the submarine were confirmed.

The case of the Before Mommy: A four year old child would have sporadic moments when she would talk like an older girl and described a previous life in a mountain cabin in Tennessee. She told of her “before” mommy who wore long skirts and a big hat; of the living conditions where the water was from an outside pump, an outhouse was the only bathroom, fire burning stoves and ovens, etc. and that she died at age 12 due to a sickness. Information and descriptions a four year old could not even have imagined.

One thing all recorded cases of reincarnation seem to have in common: They are best remembered in childhood. As the person gets older, the memories fade completely and seem to be only brought out by hypnotherapy using past life regression. But bringing these memories out through hypnotherapy is not uncommon. The case of Bridie Murphy (a best-selling, factual, story of past life regression), my own experience with a girl who spoke archaic French and lots more.

The numbers of documentable cases of reincarnation is relatively small. Most parents ignore the ranting of a young child and those moments of past life memory are quickly buried. Still, the accuracy and provability of those cases (and there are many) that have been documented leaves little room for doubt that reincarnation is very much a part of our lives.

Do you think you have lived before? Write me at stebrel@aol.com.

Monday, June 14, 2010


June 13, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

Last week, I asked the question “why” is information about UFOs and extra terrestrials being covered-up by NASA and other Government and military agencies.

Superficially, it may be easy to say that our government(s) do not want to frighten the inhabitants of the Earth by demonstrating that we are not the supreme beings our egos feel we are. Or, it may frighten people to know that our defense systems are as primitive as trying to battle tanks with wooden clubs. Yet, these superficial reasons may have some merit to them.

We still live on a planet where two thirds of its people are illiterate. Almost 90% of our population still believes that if we pray in a specific manner that there is a God who will look after us. Without saying that there is or is not a God, the “concept” of an omnipotent God is archaic: Is Allah or Jehovah any more omnipotent than was Jupiter or Zeus to the Romans or Greeks? Strange as it may seem, I do believe in a God…it just may not be the same God I was taught to believe in as a child.

But if we were to meet someone who could cure anything that ails us by touching us…or who could keep us forever youthful…wouldn’t we believe that person to be a kind of God?

This is where I believe that contact with extra terrestrials could create uncertainty and possibly universal panic. Most people, on Earth, have not advanced far enough to be able to face this kind of situation. There are many on Earth that could mingle with extra terrestrials. There are some brilliant people in this world that could not only “handle” the situation…but would look forward to it and learn things that would benefit us as Earth inhabitants. But, too many would be opportunistic, selfish and could readily create a religious apocalypse that would be devastating to our world’s population. This is not a “stretch”; just think of how many hundreds of millions have been killed because they believe in a different God.

Fully 75% of the Earth’s inhabitants could not handle it! And that might give us some logical reasons for trying to cover-up any information that would acknowledge the presence of extra terrestrials.

Think about this: I’m not saying that we are being visited by extra terrestrials or others from another dimension. But, if we were, don’t you think that these super-smart beings…assuming some contact had been made…would know of our primitive foibles and even request that information about them be kept as secret as possible?

Some of our Earth’s leading physicists such as Nassim Haramein and Stanton Friedman actually go around the world…to university after university…and present facts and photos that the extra terrestrials are already here; that they have communicated with our scientists…and that the extra terrestrials, not our scientists, are the ones who have asked for a “cover-up”. True? Let’s use some logic:

Anyone who is not living in complete denial recognizes that there are lots of UFOs. More than two million reported sightings; hundreds of thousands of photos and videos, etc. You have to be living with your head in the sand not to recognize this. OK? What’s inside of them? Men? Creatures? Machines? Whatever is inside them is not of this Earth…or at least not of the parts of this Earth we have explored. So, for lack of a better term, let’s call them “extra terrestrial”.

What about all the UFO crashes? New Mexico? Texas? Connecticut? Michigan? Long Island? Mexico?...to name a few. And that’s just in our local neighborhood. There have been some massive UFO crashes in Russia, in Africa, in South America…In all, more than fifty crashes where people investigating the crash scene have stated that there were non-human bodies in the wreckage …and perhaps even some survivors.

Ask yourself this question: If you were a scientist…and you found some extra terrestrials alive at a crash site…and they said to you that the people of the Earth are not ready to know…that it could mean devastation if word got out…wouldn’t you cooperate and try and keep it a secret?

Isn’t that why governments classify some information and mark it “Top Secret”…only for those who need to know? Do our politicians know? I doubt it. Politicians have big mouths and like to spout off. Do some of our scientists know? I’ll bet the answer to that one is big “Yes”. Scientists, particularly physicists, know how to keep their mouths shut. We were developing an atomic bomb for years before it was revealed to Presidents Roosevelt or Truman.

Stanton Friedman says he interviewed the airmen who were told to clean-up the Rosewell site after the UFO crash. They all acknowledged that it was not a weather balloon as told to our media, but none of them had enough information to know much more than that.

Sometimes UFO cover-ups can be absurd: There was the case of a 747 (loaded with passengers) over Alaska encountering something that was twice the size of an aircraft carrier, that flew circles around the jet. They reported it to the ground, where both the UFO and the 747 were clearly on the radar screens. The explanation from debunkers was that it was the planet Jupiter! Boy, airplane radar can pick up Jupiter? It was totally ludicrous. I guess Alaska felt that any excuse was better than none.

Rest assured that life is abundant in the cosmos. There are more forms of life than we can imagine. There must be some reason why the numbers of those visiting us and “looking-us-over” has increased noticeably. Are we on the verge of joining the families of the cosmos?

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

More on Extra Terrestials

June 6, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

It’s really very gratifying for me to learn that the theories I’ve been espousing for years concerning extra-terrestrial life; UFOs, black holes being portals to other worlds and dimensions are now being supported…and advanced...by one of the world’s leading astro-physicists who not only believes as I do, but has taken my thoughts several steps further:

The name Nassim Haramein may not be recognized by many people outside of the field of physics. He is a young (born in 1962) physicist. Almost every generation has its Albert Einstein, and perhaps Haramein is this generation’s. He is the president of the Resonance Project and has received science awards from Universities around the world. He has published papers presenting a new solution to Einstein’s equations and has developed explanations of the “Unification Theory” and the “Singularity Theory” now being pondered by physicists and astronomers around the world.

I’m not going to try and explain the Singularity Theory. It’s complex; it’s an integrated part of the Super String Theory…and I’m not certain I fully understand it myself. For purposes of this column, let’s describe it as the place where two natural lines intersect and become one. Almost all physicists who understand Haramein’s complex theories agree that they may offer sensible solutions to virtually all the mysteries of our universe.

How does this affect my column on paranormal happenings and UFOs? In a major way!

Last week I wrote about UFOs that appear to enter, leave and orbit our Sun. I mentioned that NASA had some videos supporting this. Interestingly, NASA has withdrawn all their videos and/or replaced them with photo-shopped videos. NASA stated that their SOHO cameras had failed on January 10, 2010 making it seem like there were other images on the pictures. Several noted scientists have called NASA’s statements “feeble and unsupported”. NASA also decided that many of the objects approaching the Sun were actually small comets. Comets without tails? NASA pulled the video and when they returned it, suddenly all the small objects had long tails.

There are a couple of problems concerning NASA’s excuses: (1) NASA has a record of covering-up and concealing facts from the public; (2) these same UFO objects were noted in NASA’s SOHO camera photos more than five years ago; (3) NASA has some very brilliant scientists working for them, although the very top scientists will never work for a government agency: what NASA says has to pass “political” inspection before it can be released; all NASA’s papers have to be approved by the government before they are published to the public. I’m not suggesting that NASA is not a good agency…it is. But it is a “government” agency. Scientists like Einstein, Oppenhemer, Von Braun, etc., never would allow themselves to be restricted by political considerations.

What Haramein had to say went far beyond my simplistic thinking: He said that outer space is full of black holes…portals to almost anywhere else in space. Instead of traveling at light speed for thirty or forty years to get to another galaxy, the travel though a black hole would be almost instantaneous. Harmein also said that most black holes are shielded by bright, high-temperature objects. Thus he contends that our Sun itself is a black hole through which space craft…the size of our Earth...can easily pass and traverse the universe.

Of course, space craft of that size could not pass through a portal here on Earth because they would be too large. But smaller space craft could easily do so…and Harmein states he believes that the Earth has several black holes… we call them active volcanoes. He believes that these are the portals through which the smaller UFOs we see here on Earth enter and leave our planet.

At first glance, this may be considered a stretch, but if inhabitants of other worlds have developed materials that will shield them from the 11,000° surface of our sun, the 2,000° heat of a volcano seems small. In truth, we have no idea what lies fifty or more miles beneath the surface of the Earth…or the Sun. We do know that there are active volcanoes beneath the depths of our oceans…and maybe that’s how the under-water UFOs get there.

One of the biggest problems we human beings have is that our egos are monumental. We think that because we are, far and away, the smartest creature here on Earth, that it’s almost impossible to find more intelligent beings. The fact is that the human brain is small and has a very limited capacity. To other beings in other worlds we may be comparable to monkeys in intelligence.

It’s a fact that less than 5% of our science community really understands the Super String Theory…or even the Singularity Theory…both of which are essential building blocks to the basic comprehension of the universe in which we live. We still live on a planet where more than half the population believes that if you pray to an unseen God that your prayers will be answered…or that people who do not believe as we do are less human than we are…or that adherence to a different set of laws makes one group of people superior or inferior to another group...we still tend to do things because others do them and not because it is the intelligent or right thing to do.

As humans, we are just now beginning to show signs of developing a degree of genuine intelligence. Maybe that’s why the numbers of UFOs observing us have increased so significantly over the past 50 or so years. We may be the smartest creatures on this planet, but we are far from being the smartest creatures in the universe. I predict that it will not be too long before our world starts to recognize this in a large and irrefutable way.

Let me know what you think. stebrel@aol.com

Stephen Ellis