Sunday, February 28, 2010


February 28, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

Take a good look at the above photo. It’s not a very good drawing…perhaps the type of drawing a child might make. Clearly it depicts a person in a space suit, what appears to be a UFO or flying saucer and what appears to be a space-type worm hole.

What makes it particularly interesting is that it was drawn on a cave wall approximately 3,000 years ago!

A group of anthropologists working in a remote area of India very recently made this startling discovery: Prehistoric cave paintings strongly indicative of aliens and UFOs. The images were found on cave walls hidden deep within a dense jungle in the Hoshangabad district of the state of Madhya Pradesh.

If you look closely at the drawing, the UFO appears to be either beaming something up or something down to the surface. The worm hole is particularly interesting as it has only been in the past fifty years that our astronomers have recognized worm holes in space. It could be that whoever helped to make this drawing was trying to tell us how he/she/it was able to traverse the vast distances of outer space to get to our Earth.

Most people tend to believe that UFOs started in 1947 when a military pilot saw something strange in the sky and described it as “skipping along like a saucer”. The truth is that UFOs have been seen, and written about since the earliest of writings (about 400 BC) and even before that, there are pictures drawn on cave walls dating back to 45,000 BC.

I’ve previously written that the first chapter of the Book of Ezekiel described a visit by a UFO and aliens, and most readers have laughed it off. The fact is that a professor of Biblical Studies at Michigan State University, in 1957, set out to specifically disprove the theory that Ezekiel was visited by a UFO…and concluded that the UFO theory was probably correct.

Have we actually been visited by aliens? Let’s examine a few facts:

If you look at the sky through a telescope or even a pair of powerful binoculars, you can detect that the planet Saturn has rings around it. But how would someone in about 4,000 BC see those rings? Yet on a cave in Ecuador, a cave drawing dating back approximately 6,000 years clearly shows our solar system and Saturn…with rings around it. The Solar System drawn showed ten (not eight) planets and tied Venus and Earth together with a line. Interesting?

The Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt) has some fascinating measurements: An Egyptian inch is equal to 1.0025 of our commonly used inches. Ten Egyptian inches are called a “cubit”. Each base unit of the Great Pyramid is exactly 365.2422 cubits. The number is precisely the same as the number of days in a year. The Pyramid’s perimeter correlates with the circumference of the Earth. According to Professor Piazzi Smith, multiplying the 35th layer by ten derives the distance from the Earth to the Sun. The ratio of the height to twice the base is “pi” 3.14~. Either the Egyptians had some remarkable “ahead of their time” mathematicians, or someone taught them something.

Look at Nazca in Peru: There are numerous drawings of sacred animals and what looks to be an ancient air strip. What makes these things interesting is that they can only be seen from a perspective high above the Earth. The fact that Nazca is a plateau, 8,000 feet high makes us wonder is these immense carvings weren’t make to be appreciated by someone or something in the sky. From the ground level, all you can see is ditches.

The fact is that there have been regular UFO images from Australia since 8,000 BC in Aborigines cave drawings; from Sumeria (also cave drawings) since 4,000 BC; from China since 3,000 BC (referenced in a book “Memories of Sovereigns and Kings” published in 300 AD); from Peru since 2,000 BC; in written literature; and in classical art. Many of the old masters’ paintings concerning Jesus and the Holy Trinity have had things that can only be identified as UFOs painted in the background.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Are You Psychic?

February 21, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

One of the most frequently asked questions by readers is, “Am I psychic?”

Usually, the question is accompanied by an experience: “I dreamed last night that my son won an award at school…and the next day, he did.” “I dreamed that I was visited by my dead mother who told me not to do something…and she was right.” “I had a strong feeling not to get on a plane…and the plane crashed.” I’ve been told dozens of similar experiences. Of course, people seldom relate the dreams that didn’t come true or talk about the plane that didn’t crash.

All of us are psychic to some degree. You may warn your son or daughter to stay away from certain people…who eventually get into a lot of trouble. Or you may sense that some good things are happening to you as a result of some good karma you developed. But these are factors of intuition, and not necessarily a sign that you are psychic or have precognitive powers.

A true Psychic is someone who has developed sensitivity to the aura or thoughts of others.

Does that mean that a true Psychic can actually read your mind? In a lot of cases, the answer is “Yes”. If you recognize that almost all of your thoughts emanate from your mind/aura (your brain controls your physical actions). In many cases, a true Psychic can detect the symbols someone else is looking at on a set of cards (I’ve seen true Psychics correctly name twelve out of twelve symbols on cards they could not see.) The reason they can do this is because someone is concentrating on a particular symbol and the Psychic is sensitive to that thought. However, it’s thousands of times more difficult for even a true Psychic to know what you’re thinking because, normally, thoughts flow so quickly that they cannot be understood and read like a book.

What about Psychics that claim to be able to speak with the dead? If we accept the basic truths that your mind/aura never dies and that all thoughts emanate from your mind/aura, it’s logical that the thoughts of other mind/auras present in a room can also be detected by a true Psychic. But remember, as sensitive as they Psychic may be, he/she can only pick up the thoughts that are being concentrated on and not those that are rapidly flowing. Thus, showmen like John Edwards (who claim to speak with the dead) are, generally, good cold-readers and not true Psychics. Still, there are some true Psychics that can pick-up thoughts being concentrated on by the minds of the dead.

There are no clear lines to distinguish a fraud from a true Psychic but I’ve never met a true Psychic who made his/her living by using his/her psychic abilities.

So, how do psychic detectives work? A psychic detective will normally look at a photo of the person or something they wore or were close to and will send out thoughts to try and reach the dead person’s mind/aura. Nothing travels faster than thought, and something similar to an Amber Alert goes out to try and find the mind/aura of that missing or dead person. If it succeeds, the mind/aura of the dead person will try to relate what happened to them to the Psychic. The thoughts from the dead person’s mind/aura may be too rapid for the Psychic to understand everything, but certain images may stick with the Psychic and he/she will often be able to lead police to where a body is hidden or tell the police what actually happened. To a limited extent, communication with the dead is possible.

Can you make yourself more psychic or more sensitive to the thoughts of other minds/auras? The answer to this is an emphatic “Yes”.

You can vastly improve your own sensitivity to the thoughts of others by practicing meditation or self-hypnosis. Either one will help clear the mind of the millions of daily influences and self-serving thoughts. And, as your mind clears, you will definitely become more sensitive to the thoughts of other minds/auras. In fact, if you seriously start practicing meditation or self-hypnosis, you will free your own mind/aura from the prison of mundane living and things like astral projection may start to occur. Without doubt, it will greatly enhance your life.

If you practice either self-hypnosis or meditation, write me and let me know how it has affected your life.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


February 14, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all. I think Valentine’s Day is a great day to celebrate because it is the only holiday that is completely based on “love”; something we should all think about more often.

There have been an increasing number of reports appearing in Lon Strickler's “Phantoms and Monsters” blog about people who have had actual contact with alien beings. As much as I respect Lon and his blog, I have to remain a skeptic. It does make sense to me that if aliens were to visit this planet, they would try to keep themselves scarce and only talk to farmers or people passing by in their trucks. They would most certainly avoid making contact with people who seemed to be political leaders or in cities where there are dense populations. Earth is a “warring” planet. There has never been a time in recorded history when some group on Earth was not fighting with another group.

While many would be frightened by the knowledge that there are other types of humanoids visiting us, most people would welcome the thought of what we might learn from them. Of course, there would always be the occasional, Sarah Palin type, who would greet them with an elephant gun. This is the planet that, at one time or another, said “The only good Irishmen/Italians/Blacks/Jews/Muslims/Indians (etc.) are ‘dead’ ones.” To those advocating this slogan, it would be easy to add the group “aliens”.

As much as I would like to believe that we Earthlings have matured past that type of primitive or savage thinking, it’s simply not true. Muslims still insist that anyone who does not accept “Allah” as the only God must be destroyed. Some Arab nations are still committed to the extermination of Jews. Hindus are still committed to the obliteration of Muslims, etc.

Is it any wonder that aliens…who can probably detect this, have opted to remain scarce? Or perhaps make themselves known to drivers of vehicles on a lonely road…at night? Still, I’ve seen no evidence…even slight evidence…that there are extra-terrestrials visiting our planet. Until I do, I’ll remain a skeptic.

So, what is the explanation for all the UFO reports? There have been more than two million of them. There have been hundreds of thousands of photos taken and published. Many governments have “secret” files about UFOs (although most have now released the files to the public…the noted exception being the USA). Even if 99% of the reports are fantasy, imagination or people looking for their fifteen minutes of fame, that still leaves more than twenty thousand genuine sightings and thousands of genuine photos. What are they? Where do they come from? Why are they here?

There are several theories we can look at:

They are inter-galactic spacecraft observing life here on Earth: I tend to disagree with this theory because the distances in outer space are so vast that even at speeds approaching the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) it would take several lifetimes to traverse those distances.

They are from a buried civilization beneath the surface of the moon: I don’t buy this theory, either. There’s just no evidence that this is true. It certainly makes more sense than attempting to traverse the vast distances in outer space, but it is still highly unlikely.

They are from some type of planet so close to the sun that they cannot be seen: As far-out as this sounds, there may be some merit to this. The sun is far too bright to see, under normal conditions, if such things exist, but recent photos taken during some solar disturbances have revealed several Earth-size planets or planetoids near our sun. (There are U-Tube videos about this.) How they could survive the possible heat, light and radiation is beyond me at this point, but there are many things about our solar system we do not understand.

They are from an unexplored world right here on Earth: An interesting possibility: Russian Navy documents, recently declassified, have indicated that these UFOs seem to emanate from beneath our oceans. Keeping in mind that less than 10% of our ocean floors have been explored, let’s keep an open mind to this.

They are from a different dimension: To me, this seems to make the most sense. Physicists working on the Super String Theory of creation, have recently acknowledged that there are other dimensions and other worlds we cannot see; perhaps just like our planet Earth. According to the Super String Theory, all time and space has cracks in it through which we can pass from one dimension to another. These cracks have yet to be identified or located, but this is fraught with possibilities.

So, if you happen to see an alien being…ask him/her how they got here and tell me about it at Stephen Ellis

Monday, February 8, 2010


Paranormal History
February 7, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

For the past few weeks, I’ve been reading a blog called “Chris Holly’s Paranormal World”. It’s very well-written and worth your time to check it out. Chris Holly has been doing a lot of writing about paranormal history and it made me realize that I have rarely touched on the subject in my blogs. Yet paranormal history is very much a part of what we work with today:

First of all, despite what our religious leaders may tell us, there is really very little history of Biblical times. The Biblical books contain stories that have been changed so many times as to seriously question what actually may have happened. In fact, history did not become a reasonably accurate retelling of events until about two to three hundred years ago. And even current history must be viewed from different perspectives: The histories written about WWII by the Japanese, the Chinese, the Germans and the Russians vary markedly from the American history books.

There were some non-Biblical writings starting about 400 BC from Phoenician merchants, but just about everything they wrote was stored in the Great Library of Alexander that was destroyed in a fire set by Julius Caesar’s Roman armies. Fortunately for mankind, the Greeks and the Romans maintained copies of their own writings…but the early writings of the Phoenicians, the Babylonians and the Egyptians are gone.

The famous Dead Sea Scrolls are not Biblical at all although some of the characters mentioned in them (such as Lot) also appear in the Old Testament.

“If”, as some Biblical scholars claim, we must accept the idea that the Old Testament or Torah was the word of God, we should accept that concept with a grain of salt. The fact is that for more than 4,000 years all history was committed to the memory of each village’s historian whose duty it was to memorize it and pass it on to the next village historian. If you’ve ever played “telephone” where a message is given to the first person and passed along to ten people, the message coming out frequently bears no resemblance to the original message. Well, multiply that by more than 4,000 years and you can see that the history of the Biblical days we read now may be far from accurate.

Then, too, kings altered their village’s history somewhat to make their victories in battle more important than their defeats…and so on.

Even the books of the New Testament, ostensibly based on the letters of Paul and John were not written and constructed until about 350 AD to support the power given to Christians by the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. Interestingly, one of the surviving documents “The History of Palestina-Jordana” written by the Roman Governor, at that time, Pontius Pilate, talks of many religious leaders in the region but never mentions one single word about a Jesus Christ or a Joshua of Nazareth (son of John and Mary); about a trial with Barabbas and/or a crucifixion of any religious leaders. According to Pilate, crucifixions were reserved for thieves, murderers and rebels against Roman occupation of the Holy Land.

In fact, the name “Jesus Christ” came from the Greek words Jesus Christos which mean “holy savior”. Virtually every religious cult of that time had their own, distinct, “holy savior” they called Jesus Christos or Jesus Christ. Accordingly, they all called themselves “Christians” although there was no one individual identified as the Jesus Christ with whom we are all familiar. There’s much more to tell, but I don’t want my blog to be 40 pages long.

Similarly the history of Islam was passed down by village historians for almost a thousand years before anything was written. Muslims avidly proclaim that their Prophet, Muhammad, hand-wrote the Koran (the Bible of Islam) based on what the Archangel Gabriel told him while he slept. That’s also interesting since most historians of the day have stated that Muhammad was illiterate and had never learned to read or write.

There are even more discrepancies in the more currently written Book of Mormon. The people who knew and worked with Mormon founder Joseph Smith had less than complimentary things to say about his honesty and/or integrity.

It’s not my intent to “put down” any religion or belief. I’m only stating what history has provided.

The reason I put this into a paranormal blog is because the Bibles (more than 100 versions available) are full of things like miracles, ghosts, strange inexplicable beings and…yes…even UFO’s.

I’ve just touched the surface here. If you’d like more details, feel free to write me at I promise I will read what you write and respond.