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Her Father Was Murdered

By Stephen Ellis

This time, somebody did ask me: A girl from South Africa wrote:…
Dear Stephen,

I have read your blog and thought I should e-mail you, with hope that you might be able to assist me in the dreams I've been having.

My step-father was killed in March 2008. We had a very strong father-daughter bond. I am living abroad and a week before he passed away, I just had a feeling that I should go and visit my family.

I arrived at the airport on a Tuesday, my dad was there to pick me up. We (Dad, Mom, me and my younger brother) had dinner the Wednesday evening and that Friday night, after work, my dad got shot at his home.

Three weeks later, after the funeral and trying to help my mom with everything, I returned home. The same night upon my arrival, I dreamt about my dad: He just came from no-where. He was sitting in the lounge, I walked in, THERE HE WAS! I got so excited that I called my mom and brother to come see and talk to him. We were so excited that my dad was there. We just sat there and talked to him. I actually asked him who was responsible for his death. I kept on nagging him to tell me who killed him and his words to me was this: "I cannot tell you who shot me, but I can tell you that your places are ready here with me."

The next night, I had the exact same dream....EXACTLY the same, but only when I asked my dad again who was responsible for his death, he told me: "his name is Lee". After he said that, I got quite upset with him and said: "when I wake up from this dream, I will not be able to remember this name, please give me another name", he then said: "Lee, son of Norman". Strangely enough, I remember till this day how I've repeated that sentence in my dream, over and over in my head, in my sleep.

That next morning, I woke up and the first thing I said was: "Lee, son of Norman". That really freaked me out, we don't even know someone by that name.

Anyway, so five days back at home, I just decided to go back to my family, for another 3 weeks.

My dad and a friend started a company, but in the end his friend, who also had directorship, turned out to be corrupt and my dad had to get a restraining order against him, so my dad got full ownership of the company. We believe that there were a lot of people who did not want my dad to be the successful man he was and many were jealous of what he had accomplished. The week before he got shot, he took photo's of himself with his mobile - this was really strange and not like my dad at all. That Friday morning he took 5 photo's of himself.

My mom and I talk a lot about my dad and to us both it doesn't feel like he has really passed away. We had to go and identify him at the morgue, this was really bad. But even after that, we cannot make peace that he is not here anymore.

I do dream about my dad a lot. But this dream I had last night was really freaky.
I dreamt that my dad was still alive and that he was just trying to "hide" from all the bad people. Why does it feel like he is still alive??

It's been nearly a year and nothing has been done on his case. The cops cannot give us any information and a friend of my mom tried to investigate further...she said that there were not even photo's or evidence taken on the night of my dad's murder. They haven't stolen anything, except for his laptop with all his business and personal information, his ID book and his Passport. Not even his mobile were just makes us wonder even more.

I know this might sound very confusing, but even to me it is.
I will appreciate it if you could tell me at least what my dreams in this e-mail might mean.

I believe in God and I believe God sends us messages through dreams, if we believe in it. If you don't believe some dreams have meanings or is a message, then God will not use this way to guide you.

Thank you for the blog you've posted.

Waiting on your reply.

Best Regards,
Dear Samantha:

Thank you so much for writing. I found your letter to be very intriguing, I would like to ask your permission to publish it and respond to it in my blog.

Dreams are a window to our unconscious mind, aura or spirit. When our brain sleeps, or is at deep rest, events that take place in your dreams emanate from your aura that your conscious or waking brain will not allow. The fact that you told yourself, while asleep, to remember the words of your father, was enough to waken your brain into remembering it when it returned to a conscious state.

When a person dies in an unexpected or horrific manner, their aura, spirit or soul usually hangs around for a significantly longer period of time, such as the girl I saw in my apartment in San Francisco who had been murdered there by her boyfriend only a few weeks earlier (10/09/2008 Blog). Of course there is no way of proving this, but the number of reports I have read and studied all indicate that such auras do remain behind for longer periods of time to try and understand why their visit to life was so suddenly interrupted. Also, such auras (which can communicate with other auras) try, as much as possible, to let the auras of close loved ones know that they are at peace despite their unexpected deaths. As in the case of the girl I interviewed in New York, the aura of her father actually came back and gave her information she did not know about bank accounts, insurance, etc. that the teenage girl would need to make her life comfortable (10/19/2008 Blog).

Such “visits” immediately after death, are not uncommon and they are a sure sign of the love the deceased person had for the living person.

The fact that your father’s spirit gave you the name of “Lee, son of Norman” as his murderer needs explanation: This method of referring to someone has not been used for five hundred years. The Bible may refer to Esau, son of Abraham or Joshua, son of Joseph, but about five hundred years ago people started to use second or “family” names for identification. Your father may have given you a name by which he knew his murderer’s aura in a previous life. Another possibility is that your father’s aura may have decided to protect you by not giving you the murderer’s real name because he felt that knowledge of his/her real name would have placed you in danger.

You asked why you feel as though your father is still alive even though you know he is dead and buried. As long as any part of his aura remains near you, you will feel its presence, its comfort, and…sometimes its knowledge and support.

I have no way of knowing about the good or the bad of the police investigation. I do know that the police never close a murder investigation until they believe the killer has been identified and tried in court.

Again, thank you for writing.

Stephen Ellis

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