Sunday, May 3, 2009

What Do UFOs Look Like?

By Stephen Ellis

Nobody asked me, but…

A number of people are asking a very practical question: What does a UFO look like? Most people have never seen one and wonder if they would even know it if they did see one.

The answer may be a bit surprising: The first UFO sighting around 1946 was by a pilot of a propeller driven aircraft who said he saw a saucer-like object flipping through the sky. This is a far cry from what we now call UFOs. First of all, most of the UFOs people claim to have seen do not “flip” through the sky…they sail along quite smoothly.

The shape of UFOs seems to change with almost every sighting: at first, they were called “Flying Saucers” because they were shaped like a disc or a saucer. There have been some reports of bell-shaped objects. Recent sightings have been much more detailed: Some say they have seen a huge triangular-shaped object; some have said that they saw a diamond-shaped object; some have said they were surrounded by white lights while others claimed they were surrounded by multi-colored lights. I want you to look at the pictures above and tell me what you think. These sightings were made over North Carolina. The objects stayed in the sky and “hovered” long enough for the photographers to run, get their cameras and snap the pictures before the UFOs (allegedly) shot off silently at super-high speeds. I’ve been told that there were about 50 witnesses to these objects in the sky.

Note that the shape of the object in the top picture appears to be significantly different that the shape of the object in the lower photo.

Also note that these are the first night photos I have seen of UFOs where the objects were in glorious Technicolor.

Clearly, these are not what our astronomers call “sprites”. They are nothing at all like natures lights such as the Northern Lights. They could possibly be some sort of kites or weather balloons with an electrical apparatus attached…although since the upper photo’s lights, where the object is much further away from the camera, are significantly brighter than the more close-up shot, that doesn’t make sense, either.

We have to conclude that either (a) this is the result of an Adobe Photo Shop and the approximately fifty witnesses are all conspirators, or (b) that there was some genuine object in the sky unlike any we’ve encountered before.

Now, let’s get back to the reports of different shapes in the sky: Is it possible that what UFO spotters are seeing is something that changes its shape? These photos would certainly indicate would reports of diamond-shaped, triangular-shaped and disc-shaped UFOs. I have difficulty believing that we are being visited by a rash of different people who fly differently shaped craft.

How can something change shape in ur atmosphere? These photos do tend to support my statements that I believe our “visitors” are from a different dimension…probably a dimension where shapes can change as needed. To me it is next to impossible that a multitude of varied craft can visit us and make no attempt at contact…if they could. The reason they can’t is because they are from a different dimension and no means of communication or contact has ever been established between dimensions.

As I said…nobody asked me.

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