Monday, June 1, 2009

The Sixth Sense

By Stephen Ellis

Nobody asked me, but…

I’ve often heard so-called psychics and mediums say that ghosts are visible to them and not to other people because psychics/mediums have a “sixth-sense”. The fact is that all people are capable of seeing…or hearing…ghosts to some degree. It depends of the strength of the spirit, its location, its desire to be seen or heard, etc.

In truth, however, some people do have much more sensitivity to paranormal phenomena than others.

We have only five senses here on Earth: sight – sound - smell – taste and touch. If we can’t sense something with one of our five senses, we say that it doesn’t exist. But, again, there are many things we can’t see, or sense with our five senses.

Among those things is the very air we breathe. We can’t see it or feel it (except when the wind is blowing) and we can’t smell, taste or touch it. But it’s definitely there and science labs can analyze it. What about or minds? We can’t see it, smell it taste it or touch it. But we “hear” it, and so we say it exists. In truth, we do not hear our minds. What we hear is the sound of our own voice talking to us. But where does it come from? It must have a source…

As my readers recognize, I have often stated my belief that what we hear in our head comes from our aura and is computed by our brains into language we understand. If you stop to think about it, no physician or scientist has been able to locate what we call the mind. There is no particular part of our brain that seems to control it. In fact, if you speak with someone whose brain has been damaged (maybe by a blow, a stroke or by Cerebral Palsy), you will immediately discover that although the brain has been physically damaged, the mind still functions with clear and concise thoughts. The damaged brain may not allow those thoughts to be expressed because the brain controls physical movements of the body and, if it’s damaged, it’s damaged. Ask anyone who’s recovered from a stroke. The mind functions perfectly.
That’s why it’s logical to conclude that the mind is actually outside of the body.

The aura?

And since we mentioned the aura, our five senses can’t detect that, either. We know it’s there only because infra-red photography allows us to see it.

So, without belaboring the subject, there are things our five senses apparently cannot detect. Thus the claim of a sixth-sense by some. Whether there is actually a sixth sense that allows some people to see (and communicate) with ghosts is a subject that may never be proven. What we call a sixth-sense may only be a person whose five senses are more acute. Let’s take a moment to look at it closely:

There are people I have met who can actually smell death. They can walk into a room where someone died recently and will say that the room smells of death. It’s never happened to me. But I have met people who, without exception, can sense this.

I’ve met people who can meet someone for the very time and sense whether this is a “trustworthy” or “untrustworthy” person. Forget about the way they’re dressed or how much money they have. My daughter, Debbie, has been unerringly accurate about people. Since I can’t do it, I ask Debbie to meet with someone before I will do any business with them.

I’ve met some people who can definitely know when someone is lying to them (with apologies to the TV Show “Lie to Me”). I wish more judges could do that. I have met people who, miles from an event, know the details of that event without ever having been told.

But is this really a sixth sense or is it a more finely honed part of our five senses?

I have met genuine psychics: people who can sense things about your life by holding your keys or your wallet or some piece of jewelry in their hands. I have met psychics who can complete a sentence you started to say…with accuracy.

And, of course, I have met people who claim to be able to see and communicate with ghosts.

If the so called sixth sense is really an additional sense…why don’t we all have it? Or, as some people claim…we all have it but have not taken the time or made the effort to develop it.

These are some of the questions I intend to tackle in future blogs.

If you have some exceptional senses, please write me and let me know.

As I said, nobody asked me.

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