Monday, February 22, 2010

Are You Psychic?

February 21, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

One of the most frequently asked questions by readers is, “Am I psychic?”

Usually, the question is accompanied by an experience: “I dreamed last night that my son won an award at school…and the next day, he did.” “I dreamed that I was visited by my dead mother who told me not to do something…and she was right.” “I had a strong feeling not to get on a plane…and the plane crashed.” I’ve been told dozens of similar experiences. Of course, people seldom relate the dreams that didn’t come true or talk about the plane that didn’t crash.

All of us are psychic to some degree. You may warn your son or daughter to stay away from certain people…who eventually get into a lot of trouble. Or you may sense that some good things are happening to you as a result of some good karma you developed. But these are factors of intuition, and not necessarily a sign that you are psychic or have precognitive powers.

A true Psychic is someone who has developed sensitivity to the aura or thoughts of others.

Does that mean that a true Psychic can actually read your mind? In a lot of cases, the answer is “Yes”. If you recognize that almost all of your thoughts emanate from your mind/aura (your brain controls your physical actions). In many cases, a true Psychic can detect the symbols someone else is looking at on a set of cards (I’ve seen true Psychics correctly name twelve out of twelve symbols on cards they could not see.) The reason they can do this is because someone is concentrating on a particular symbol and the Psychic is sensitive to that thought. However, it’s thousands of times more difficult for even a true Psychic to know what you’re thinking because, normally, thoughts flow so quickly that they cannot be understood and read like a book.

What about Psychics that claim to be able to speak with the dead? If we accept the basic truths that your mind/aura never dies and that all thoughts emanate from your mind/aura, it’s logical that the thoughts of other mind/auras present in a room can also be detected by a true Psychic. But remember, as sensitive as they Psychic may be, he/she can only pick up the thoughts that are being concentrated on and not those that are rapidly flowing. Thus, showmen like John Edwards (who claim to speak with the dead) are, generally, good cold-readers and not true Psychics. Still, there are some true Psychics that can pick-up thoughts being concentrated on by the minds of the dead.

There are no clear lines to distinguish a fraud from a true Psychic but I’ve never met a true Psychic who made his/her living by using his/her psychic abilities.

So, how do psychic detectives work? A psychic detective will normally look at a photo of the person or something they wore or were close to and will send out thoughts to try and reach the dead person’s mind/aura. Nothing travels faster than thought, and something similar to an Amber Alert goes out to try and find the mind/aura of that missing or dead person. If it succeeds, the mind/aura of the dead person will try to relate what happened to them to the Psychic. The thoughts from the dead person’s mind/aura may be too rapid for the Psychic to understand everything, but certain images may stick with the Psychic and he/she will often be able to lead police to where a body is hidden or tell the police what actually happened. To a limited extent, communication with the dead is possible.

Can you make yourself more psychic or more sensitive to the thoughts of other minds/auras? The answer to this is an emphatic “Yes”.

You can vastly improve your own sensitivity to the thoughts of others by practicing meditation or self-hypnosis. Either one will help clear the mind of the millions of daily influences and self-serving thoughts. And, as your mind clears, you will definitely become more sensitive to the thoughts of other minds/auras. In fact, if you seriously start practicing meditation or self-hypnosis, you will free your own mind/aura from the prison of mundane living and things like astral projection may start to occur. Without doubt, it will greatly enhance your life.

If you practice either self-hypnosis or meditation, write me and let me know how it has affected your life.