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Speaking in Strange Languages

June 27, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

The following letter was received yesterday from a reader. I think it is interesting enough to want to share it with everyone because it highlights that there are many things happening in life that need explanation, and science or medicine has not offered us any genuine understanding:

“I went into my teenage son's room this morning to check on him as he was out last night and I know he and his friends were drinking. (He is 18). I saw a bucket by his bed so I wanted to make sure he was okay so I wakened him. He started speaking in a language that was completely gibberish. I started asking him questions and he was calmly answering me, with his inflections rising and falling as if speaking in a language, not slurring or mumbling in the slightest. I sternly called his name and he responded as if he were awake and alert...but still in this foreign tongue. Then I asked him his name. (His name is Brady) He replied "Casey". At that point, I ran out of the room to awaken my husband because I was worried about him--I thought perhaps he was even having a stroke or something else related to alcohol poisoning. When I returned with my hubby, he continued speaking to us, in normal English. He didn't realize that he hadn't been speaking English. I am very "freaked out" by this. Do you have any further insight?”

I really want to thank the writer of this letter for sharing her experience. It’s not that this type of thing is becoming more common, it’s just that “recognizing” it is becoming more common. To me, it is highly doubtful that her son was talking gibberish. It is highly probably that he was speaking in a language his mother did not understand. I say this because, when asked his name, he responded, clearly, “Casey”. “Casey” is not a common name now…but it was very common about one or two hundred years ago. Remember the poem, ”Casey at the Bat”?

The language he was speaking may have sounded like gibberish to his mother, but anyone speaking a tongue totally unfamiliar to you would sound like gibberish. The fact that his speech inflections were there means that whatever he was saying…he understood it!

Is this something to worry about? Not at all!

I have often written about how the brain and the mind are two totally different entities: the mind is definitely not a part of the brain. Brain damaged people can still think clearly.

The brain is a physical part of the body while the mind is the energy providing thought, analysis, etc. When someone dies, the brain, which is a part of the body, dies, too. But numerous photographs show that the energy (I call it the “aura”) which surrounds the physical body stays alive and moves off. To where? I probably won’t know until it’s my turn to go, but we have many strong clues that it acquires another body and lives again. The evidence that reincarnation is a fact of life is absolutely overwhelming. But what, really, is reincarnation?

I believe it is the “aura” acquiring a new body. The memories of that energy or aura move into the new body and have an incredibly strong influence on that new body. That’s why identical twins or triplets can have such totally different personalities.

The memories of the past life are there, but as the brain matures, the absorption of new life and experiences tend to block the former memories out. That’s why, past life memories, language, etc. seem to be best brought-out in young children or under past-life-regression hypnosis. Almost all professional hypnotherapists have had past life stories to relate from their clients. Again the question, “why”?

During a waking state, the brain is more powerful. During a sleeping state, the mind takes over. When the sleep is really deep (when hypnotized, under anesthesia or in a brain numbing sleep resulting from an alcoholic stupor) the brain is unable to block the mind and the mind brings out these memories. Thus the boy in the letter was, confidently, speaking a language he knew in a previous life. As his brain awakened, he again started speaking in the language he commonly used and his former language became buried in his mind.

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