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September 27, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

Continuing my columns on the world’s great religions, it is very important that we look at and try to understand the second largest religious following in the world, Islam. Originally designed to be a beautiful religion, Islam has become the most misunderstood major religion in the world.

There are three basic reasons for this:
1. Islamic or Sharia Law. Of all the sets of laws in the world, Sharia Law is far and away the most heathen and most punitive set of laws existing. Sharia Law disregards the basic rights of any female. i.e. An Islamic man may marry and divorce, at will. But if an Islamic woman is even suspected of flirting with someone other than her husband, she can be buried in the ground up to her neck and stoned to death. More about Sharia Law later.
2. Muslim belief is that the only God is Allah and his only prophet is Muhammad. There is nothing wrong with this belief…except…that their Bible, the Quran (Koran), says that anyone who does not believe this is what they call an “infidel”. The Quran says that all infidels must be destroyed. Using this reasoning, Muslims attacked and killed approximately 75,000 Christians in Lebanon for the sole reason that they were what Islam calls “infidels”.
3. Lack of education runs rampant through the Islamic World. When people are uneducated, it opens the door to allowing others to control your life. In the case of Islam, Fundamentalist Clerics are the ones doing the controlling.
Muslims are sharply divided among themselves into the Shia and the Sunni. This division emanates from the death of Muhammad. Some Muslims believe that Muhammad’s son-in-law, Ali Tabib, was Muhammad’s choice to take control of the religion (Shia); others believe that an early follower of Muhammad, Abu Bakr, was Muhammad’s choice (Sunni). This division is so sharp that hundreds of thousands of Muslims have been killed by other Muslims because of this difference in beliefs.

Muslim men, generally, have no fear of death because they are taught that if they kill in the name of Allah or are killed in the name of Allah they will be rewarded in Islamic Heaven with twelve virgins to serve each of them.

The history of Islam is strange: It is believed that Ishmael, one of the sons of Abraham and Hagar, was cast-off by Abraham into the desert. Ishmael claims to have been given a desert stone by the Archangel, Garbriel. That stone is now in the cornerstone of a building in Mecca called the Kabba. The Kabba stone is the most revered item in Islam.

Three thousand years later, a minor religious leader named Muhammad began to mutter in his hash-induced sleep, but spoke as if talking to the Archangel, Gabriel. There were few followers and Muhammad’s life was still that of a poor man. Years later, Muhammad again began talking in his sleep, as though he was speaking to Gabriel. This time, people listened and wrote down notes of what he said. These notes later became the Quran. As more people listened to Muhammad, the Arabian military became aware of Muhammad and the growing numbers of people who listened to him and followed him. The military encouraged people to follow Muhammad and the Arabian military became very strong. They used Muhammad as a holy man to lead in the Arabian Wars of conquest.

Islamic Clerics, even today, claim to have the original Quran, written in Muhammad’s hand, in Mecca. The problem with this is that most historians allege that Muhammad was illiterate and could neither read nor write.

Muhammad had several wives, one of whom was a seven-year-old girl. Some historians claim Muhammad was a pedophile.

Most Mulsims are adamant in their beliefs. They believe that if you do not bow down toward Mecca six times a day, you lose your right be a Muslim. They believe that the only purpose of women is to have children (and the Islamic population is growing at record rates). They believe the only law that can be used is Sharia law and have actually had Sharia Law supersede a nation’s laws in several places. They believe that the only good infidel is a dead infidel. Most Muslims who have immigrated to other countries still deny their families and their communities to be exposed to other beliefs or even to education, in general.

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said hegazy said...

first of all iam muslim from Egypt and iam a proud because islam is really peaceful religion . if u want to talk about freedom and sharia law this is misunderstood for example sharia law is not applicable in any country except part of saudi arabia because now we have laws can do it . for example if some one killed my brother i take him to the court not killed him back . abot womans wear that for protect and womens them selves love to wear this and can search about what bible writed about how womens can not raise their voices in churches and if they do that their hair must be cutted. about the freedom of man to marry 4 womens this depend on condition which is problem in women like she didn't have ability to be pregnant and must not marry another if i didn't provide justice between each others in every thing . alot of mistakes here hope doing more research and visiting Arab country than talking info's from media