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By Stephen Ellis

Nobody asked me, but…

A reader wrote and asked me what “scientific” or “ironclad” proof I had concerning the two blogs I wrote about ghosts. I do understand the reader’s concern or apprehension, but the fact is that science has proven absolutely nothing!

Let’s start with the basics: Where do we live? If you stop to take a moment to think about it, we live on a little ball, floating around, surrounded by nothing. For some reason, this little ball rotates and revolves about a larger ball without any demonstrable scientific explanation…and it does it with amazing accuracy. Our clocks and calendars can predict the exact moment of sunrise in Moscow (or any other location) fifty or one hundred years from now to the exact second. Why?

Astronomers (a division of science that freely admits it knows nothing about “everything”) will tell you it’s because the rotation and revolution of the Earth is precise and predictable. Wow! Isn’t that a great scientific explanation.

When I was kid, almost all the schools in the world taught us that, billions of years ago, another star passed close enough to our sun and the gravitational force of the larger star pulled some gasses from our sun. As the gasses cooled, they formed into round globules and became the planets in our solar system. That theory of creation was accepted virtually everywhere in the world...except by those who believed in the "six days" story.

A hundred or so years later, that scientific explanation was exploded when the “Big Bang” theory of creation came out and became accepted as the story of our creation. The “Big Bang” explanation has lost most of its support because of the “Perpetual State” theory…which is now losing its standing to the “String Theory”.

In other words…science doesn’t know and can’t explain how we got here.

O.K. Maybe science can explain how we stay here? As long as I have been alive, science has explained that we are held in place by “gravity”…the same gravity that Sir Isaac Newton, three hundred years ago, used to explain why an apple from a tree falls down and not up. Scientists expanded this theory to explain that the gravity of the sun is so strong that it holds us in place…year after year…millennium after millennium, etc. But all explanations of gravity tell us that the force of gravity creates an equal force in all directions. But, as we have recently discovered, the rotation of the Earth and other planets is slightly “elliptical” and not equal in all directions. And why doesn’t the friction in space (recently discovered) slow down our rotations and revolutions as friction slows down a spinning top?

Again, science has no explanation.

What about other sciences? Like medicine or physics? The so-called-science of medicine changes their minds every year. A couple of hundred years ago, tomatoes’ were considered a poisonous fruit. The cure for most sickness was to cut your arm and bleed the bad blood out of your body. Things like antibodies, antihistamines, antibiotics, cholesterol, stem cells, etc. were unknown. Medicine is probably the least scientific of all sciences.

Physics? A hundred years ago, no one seemed to know anything about nuclear physics… crystal physics, microwave physics…or quantum physics. The truth is that each and every one of our physical laws defy explanation by physicists. Physicists will tell you that there are no valid scientific explanations for anything…only theories.

So what kind of “scientific” proof are you looking for concerning paranormal phenomina?

When I went to school, the 150-year-old theory of Charles Darwin that man evolved from monkeys was taught as absolute fact. Yet, as we are learning today, the inner physical differences and differences in the DNA between us and the primate apes are so basic, and numerous it now seems almost inconceivable that man evolved from apes.

So, do we turn to the theory of “intelligent design”? That some intelligent being or God designed the whole pattern of our planets and life on them? Why not? It makes every bit as much sense as do the scientific explanations.

As an individual, I do not believe that God created the world in six days and, on the seventh, he rested…as the Book of Genesis tells us. It doesn’t jibe with fossils we’ve found dating back millions of years. All the Bibles (there are more than 100 versions of the Bible in publication today) start with the Book of Genesis. From there, they all head-out in different directions, many of them directly contradicting each other. Yet, they are all supposed to be the word of God. To me, it doesn’t make sense that a God would contradict himself.

I’m not trying to start a new religion or a new cult, and I definitely do not want my readers to think of this blog as religiously induced, but the thought of “intelligent design” makes as much or more sense to me than any of science’s theories concerning how we got here. It’s just that none of the religious dogmas with which I am familiar offer good answers or even follow known historical records.

I guess I’ll keep looking. Maybe, when I die, I’ll find the answer, because I definitely do not believe our journey through life ends here. My research into the paranormal has convinced me that there is more to life and death than most people seem to believe.

Next week I’ll talk about some of the things my research has uncovered.

As I said…nobody asked me.

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Frieda said...

Science is a constant changing practice. Why I call it practice? Because scientists have to keep practicing on theories by testing and re-testing them. Will practice ever make perfect in science? Probably not.