Saturday, November 1, 2008


By Stephen Ellis


Nobody asked me, but…

Most people are unaware that there is an “aura” surrounding the bodies of almost every living thing. I’ve never seen any photography showing an “aura” for insects, but humans, dogs, cats, birds and virtually everything that is made of flesh and blood has this “aura” surrounding their body…and there are literally thousands of photographs that show it. I tried to attach one to show you, but my computer would not allow it. You can see several of them at The “aura” surrounding human beings is more than a hundred times larger than the “aura” surrounding any other warm-blooded animals. The aura surrounding humans is massive while the aura surrounding other animals is more like a halo.

When I speak of “infra-red” film, I want to be certain that everyone is on the same page: There are two colors that the human eye cannot see: infra-red and ultra-violet. We know these colors exist and can be measured by computers, but they are not visible to the human eye. Ultra-violet is very sensitive to light and infra-red is very sensitive to heat. So, taking pictures with infra-red film is taking pictures that are very sensitive to heat. These “auras” of human beings seem to completely surround the body, but are particularly intense around the area of the head. These “auras” are quite colorful, and will change color as the mood of the individual changes.

Please do not confuse “aura” photography with what is called “Kirlian” photography. “Kirlian” photography sends out an electro-magnet charge that will give even inanimate objects a “glow”. “Aura” photography takes pictures of things in their natural state without adding an electro-magnetic charge. The human aura is not something that can be measured with an electro-encephalograph (EE). The EE only measures electrical activity going on inside the brain…not outside the brain.

There are a number of people who claim to be able to see “auras” with their eyes, unaided by anything. Many of these people say they can tell if a person is good or bad…trustworthy or dishonest…a leader or a follower…by looking at his or her “aura”. More about such people in another blog.

These “auras” play an exceptionally important role in discussing the paranormal.

Human curiosity, being what it is, “aura” photography has been used by photographers to photograph the “aura” of dying people. Having a photographer standing-by while someone is dying is, usually, not an acceptable practice, but it has been used around wounded military personnel when doctors knew there was no chance of recovery. When a body is declared to be medically “dead”, the “aura” continues to surround the body for varying lengths of time, and then appears to slowly move-off. Most often the “aura” seems to rise and disappear into the atmosphere. The fact that it does not cease to exist when the body dies, is not only curious, but is strongly indicative of some sort of existence beyond death…and it does beg certain questions be answered:

Is this what a lot of religions call an “immortal soul”?

Is the “aura” of a dead person what we call a ghost?

What role does the “aura” play in our daily lives?

What role does the “aura” play in our thinking?

Does this mean that some part of us is still living after we die?

Of course, there are many more questions that should be asked, and I will welcome any questions or experiences you have if you will send them to me at

Now let’s take a good look at another unseen part of human beings : The thing that separates human beings from all other animals…the human mind.

Our brains are sensitive to five things: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. If we can’t see, something, hear it, smell it, taste it or touch it, we assume that it does not exist. But what about our minds? We can’t really see it (or even locate it). It has no smell. We can’t taste it. We can’t touch it. And, what we “hear” is really our own voice talking to us…so we can’t really hear the mind, either. Yet we certainly know it exists…and in fact, it controls our lives!

The human brain has often been likened to an incredibly fine computer. But in order for any computer to function, data has to be put into it. It’s reasonable to assume that the data input to our brain comes from our mind.

The precise location of the human mind has always been a puzzle to scientists. Most assume the mind is in the brain, because when we talk or read or think, we hear our voice in our heads as if it’s coming from inside our head. But this is not, necessarily, the case. The “mind” could be located in the toes…or in our liver…and it would still sound like it was coming from inside our heads because if the mind supplies the data to the brain, the brain conveys the messages from its location in the head. The brain is the computer that controls the body…the mind feeds the brain with information.

Proof? When someone has a massive stroke, the brain will not function sufficiently to allow the body muscles to move on command…but the thought process…the “mind”…is unimpaired. Ask people who have recovered from a stroke and they will tell you that their minds functioned in a completely normal manner…while the rest of the body was unable to respond to the commands of the mind. When someone is knocked out by a blow to the head…the brain may be damaged, but the mind continues to flow as if nothing happened. Talk to someone with cerebral palsy: Their brain is clearly malfunctioning…but their minds are clear and many have become doctors, lawyers, professors, etc.

Supposing…just supposing…the mind is not located in our body, but is somewhere outside of our body. For example…in our “aura”. I’m not saying that this is the case, but let’s open our vistas to look at this as a “possibility”. It would explain how it is that mind continues to function even when the brain is seriously injured. It would also explain much that science cannot explain as well as several things we may not understand, such as déjà vu experiences, dreams and a lot more.

The human mind is fascinating and mysterious: it can not only perceive colors no other animal can perceive, it actually enables us to make choices, rather than act on instinct like every other animal. The human mind enables us to communicate with others, analyze problems, see things and hear voices that aren’t really there when we sleep (dreams), hear music that isn’t being played anywhere, visualize people, places and events we have never seen (reading). Unquestionably, the human mind stands alone as one of the most remarkable…and inexplicable…things in this world. There is much more to the mind that we will look at in future blogs.

If I seem to be “getting off the track”, I’m really not. The true location of the mind may also explain the paranormal and life after death experiences. More about this next time.

As I said, nobody asked me.


~~Silk said...

Hi, Stephen. I just wanted you to know I'm here and reading. I have lots of bits to contribute, but they'll have to wait until I have some uninterrupted (and guilt-free) time.

Frieda said...

Interesting concept that I have very little knowledge of. I wouldn't mind seeing some recent research on it.