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More on Communicating With the Dead


By Stephen Ellis


Nobody asked me, but…

My last blog on communicating with the dead received an unexpectedly heavy response. One of the problems with the Blogspot site is that it is extremely difficult to make comments without first setting up a detailed history on who you are, why you want to make a comment, etc. I suggest and welcome comments sent directly to my e-mail address:

Communicating with the dead is not easy. One of the biggest difficulties in communicating with dead people is that their “time” may be far different to them than it is to us. We live in a world where time is broken into seconds, minutes, hours, days, etc. Everything we call “time” is based on the rotation and revolutions of the Earth.

But the time constraints of your aura (if any) may be far different: For example, if you lived on the planet Jupiter one day would take only ten hours (as measured here on Earth) and one year would take 5,652 Earth days. In fact, if you lived on any other planet or in any other dimension, time would be totally different than it is here on Earth. Being the egocentric people we are, we always tend to think of time as it relates to us. But, if you lived in another dimension or anywhere else in our universe, time, as measured here on Earth, would make no sense whatsoever.
The great Albert Einstein, in his Space-Time-Continuum theory, tried to explain to the world that time is relative to where and how you live:

Einstein explained that the speed of light, as measured here on Earth, is approximately 186,000 miles per second. But, if you were a single beam of light, it would seem to you that traveling from one end of our universe to the other would be instantaneous. It’s just that all the planets, galaxies, etc would seem to be moving faster; much the same as it might appear to us viewing the world of atoms through a microscope. It’s a little difficult to understand, but, according to Einstein, travel into the future is entirely possible, but returning to the past is not possible. So, if the aura of a dead person wanted take a peek at the future, it could do so…but it could never return to the present. I know it sounds complicated and it is difficult to explain, but time is relative to your surroundings and communicating with the aura of a dead person has to be done at times when you are both present at the same time. This may explain unusually long gaps in communicating with a deceased loved one.

I am reasonably confident that the dead do not wear wrist watches or care about when the sun rises or sets. Assuming Einstein was correct, and that travel to the future is possible, but returning to the past is not, it would actually explain some things about why there are only certain times when you can communicate with the dead.

Inasmuch as our auras are not physical things (although we can photograph them with infra-red film) they do, sometimes, appear as a living person. I have been told by numerous people that a dead loved one has appeared to them as a live person…and then disappeared. A ghost may want to stay around his/her loved ones for a period of time and stay in their thoughts and try to communicate with them. Sooner or later, that ghost, aura or immortal soul is going to want to discover new things and new places…perhaps even adopt another body to live again on Earth.

It becomes logical that attempts by deceased persons to communicate with the living will reduce over time, and that attempts of the living to communicate with the dead will become far more difficult once the dead person’s aura has moved into a different time frame.

I know it’s complicated and difficult to explain, but nobody ever said that communicating with the dead was “easy”. That’s one of the reasons I do not believe the showmen who claim to be able to communicate with the dead, at will. I also believe strongly that communicating with the dead is best immediately following someone’s death when the aura is still around their body or close to their loved ones. Some auras want to stay close to their loved ones for long periods of time, while others want to explore their new status and move one…and some want another shot at the physical life they experienced on Earth.

Let’s digress for a moment and look at the last possibility…finding another body to inhabit:

Have you ever noticed that someone (in a family) born right around the time someone else in the family dies seems to acquire and develop many of the characteristics of the person who died? It’s not uncommon. Of course, the newborn will not be able to recall the memories of the dead person because, when born, the brain is not developed…and no matter how much the aura remembers, it cannot feed a million gigabytes into a computer with a 64K capability. As the brain develops, more characteristics and memories will be accepted into it and blended with the circumstances of the new life’s surroundings and physical limitations.

I’m not suggesting that every aura opts to do this or that every aura wants to take another crack at life right away or even that every aura wants to remain in the same family or locale. Some may wait hundreds of years before doing this and some may prefer the ethereal existence to another life on Earth. I guess I won’t really know until it’s my turn.

It seems to me that ghosts are merely auras that may have become lost in the new time dimensions or, for some reason I do not understand, have become stuck in this time dimension and are unable to move on or inhabit a new body. I’ve never heard of a ghost hurting anyone (except in Stephen King novels) so it seems reasonable to accept that, although we can sometimes see and hear them, they are living in a different dimension that cannot harm us. It opens the doors to a lot of possibilities that I would like to explore.

At this time, however, I’m merely trying to explain why communicating with the dead is difficult.

As I said, nobody asked me.

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