Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mind/Body Separation

By Stephen Ellis

Nobody asked me, but…

I owe my readers an apology. As I said at the start of my last week’s blog, I was unfamiliar with the term “Reiki” until my daughter told me it was the modern word for faith or spiritual healing. It is not. Reiki is a means to relax away the tensions of life by allowing the life energy of the Reiki Therapist to flow through his/her hands into your body. It was started in 1922 by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui and made popular through his daughter Taketa.

While similar, it is definitely not the spiritual healing that has been used for thousands of years. Reiki does not profess to cure scoliosis, rattlesnake bites or inoperable tumors as does spiritual healing.

When we speak of “life energy” we are referring to the electromagnetic field that surrounds every human’s body. I call it the “aura”. Without an aura, a human is a vegetable. As I have said before, the brain is your body’s computer and your aura is at the keyboard. That’s why people with severe brain injuries, cerebral palsy, etc. can still think as clearly as someone with an uninjured brain. The brain (which controls body movement), if damaged, may inhibit your ability to perform the actions your aura would like to see you do, such as walking, talking, etc.

Speaking of the “aura”, we really don’t know too much about it other than that it is the source of life’s energy, that it surrounds our body and that, when we die, it does not. Some people refer to it as our immortal soul and some people call it our “mind”. But it is distinct enough that, clearly, it is separate from our body and can become detached from our body.

Ever hear of astral projection?

Astral projection is another one of those paranormal topics that, formerly, defied explanation. It’s when your mind and your body separate…or, if you prefer, your “aura” and your body separate. This is another one of those things that the skeptics call “impossible”. Yet, it’s been demonstrated and proven thousands of times. Here are a couple of examples:

A friend of mine, Joe W, needed some work done on his teeth. The dental surgeon gave him nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to knock him out while the dentist performed his surgery. While he was being worked on, Joe suddenly felt he was awake…and he felt himself rising towards the ceiling. He looked down and saw the dentist and his nurse below him….working on his mouth…and Joe was above them, looking down.

At first Joe said he was scared…he didn’t understand what was happening and even wondered if he had died. He listened to what the Dentist and his Nurse were saying. The feeling was so comfortable, Joe tried moving about on the ceiling and found he could direct where he wanted to go…so he floated up…through the ceiling…into another office on the floor above. He listened to a conversation that was taking place there, then went back into the room where he was being worked on. He decided to float around the dentist’s office and went through a couple of walls to a waiting room where he saw a woman and her son talking. Again he listened to their conversation. Then, Joe decided it was time to get back to his own body…and so he did.

The next thing Joe remembers is waking up in the recovery room.

Curiosity being what it is, Joe asked the Dentist and the Nurse about the conversation he had heard. The boy and his mother were still in the Dentist’s office, so he confirmed the conversation he had heard them having. Then, when completely recovered, Joe went up one floor to look at the office he had “visited”. It was precisely as he had seen it! Again, he confirmed the conversation he had heard. Joe later told me of the experience and said “I know that’s where I’m going when I die.”

Was it all a dream? Not likely. While under the influence of nitrous oxide, Joe could not possibly have heard the conversation going on in the waiting room, nor could he possibly have visited the office on the floor above.

So, how do we explain this in a rational manner?

If you accept the “aura theory” I keep talking about, no explanation is necessary. Somehow and under certain conditions, your aura can detach itself from your body. There are many people who claim to be able to do this, at will, and have subjected themselves to “scientific testing”:

In the presence of a group of physicians in New York working with a group of other physicians in San Francisco, the San Francisco group was to open an unnamed book and underline one word in that book. They agreed to leave the page with the underlined word open on a table in that room.

In NY, a man named Sasha K. who claimed to be able to astrally project “at will” put himself into an “astral” state. Several minutes later, Sasha opened his eyes and named the word correctly!

There is much more to this experiment: When Sasha had (ostensibly) separated from his body, the physicians began to examine him. Sasha’s physical bodily responses seemed quite normal although, even though the physicians did several things to try and elicit some sort of a vocal response from Sasha, they could not. It was as if Sasha’s body had become a vegetable…until his aura returned. And, when it returned, Sasha was normal again.

There are some other, extremely interesting aspects as to what happened to Sasha K. and Joe W.: Joe said he was able to see clearly and to hear clearly. Certainly Sasha had to be able to see clearly in order to identify the underscored word in San Francisco. But haven’t we learned that we see through our eyes and hear through our ears? The eyes and ears of both Joe and Sasha were either on an operating table or in a city 3,000 miles away from the selected word. How were they able to see and hear when outside of their bodies and far away from their eyes and ears?

The answer to that is that, somehow, the aura can see and can hear. This will tend to explain a déjà vu experience I had when I was still living in New York…and a lot more including communication with the dead. More about that in the next blog.

By the way, the groups of physicians in NY and SF refused to accept the experiment as proof of anything. They concluded that there must have been some conspiracy between one or more of the people in NY and SF because what they saw could not have possibly happened.

I will say it over and over again: If you do not believe something, no amount of proof will convince you. If you do believe something, no proof is necessary.

As I said, nobody asked me.


~~Silk said...

My daughter is a reiki practitioner. She says she can't do it often because it's very draining.

Ian Stone - Founder Metaphysical Institute said...

Thanks Stephen, for revealing this truth.

Our Aura is all you have explained and more, our Soul is part of our Aura and has every memory of our complete creation. It is our connection with divinity, and every one and everything within the universe.

We are a manifested image of our Aura,it not only runs our pre-programmed human life program is also runs our learned programs. Learned programs are those things like walking and running and all our behaviours.

Yet with all this, it is only one of the Human Life Energy Fields that form part of our complete Being as a Human

With Love for I Love You
Ian Stone – Metaphysician & Founder of HEART Energy Healing System,
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