Sunday, February 15, 2009


By Stephen Ellis

Nobody asked me, but…

When we talk about “ghosts”, what are we really talking about? The image of the dead girl I saw in my San Francisco apartment? The noise we hear when we visit a haunted house or haunted castle? Are we talking about some mysterious glow in an otherwise dark room or on a dark night? Maybe the image of some person who was harmed by you or your family and wants revenge? Or, something out of a Stephen King novel?

When ghost-chaser organizations investigate a house they believe to be haunted, what are they really looking for? They bring a lot of sensitive equipment into a house and try to measure electromagnetic changes from place to place. Is that what we call ghosts?

Let’s have a reality check: Do ghosts really exist? Not only do I believe they exist, but I’ve seen one as clear and perfect as if she was alive. I’m as certain that ghosts exist as I am that if I cut myself, I will bleed. To me, there is no question about ghosts existing. It’s true that most ghost-chasers have never really seen one…but the presence of these spirits can be detected…and sometimes, if rarely, seen. Another thing I am very certain about: Ghosts do not harm you!

Unlike the great movie “Ghost”, dead spirits cannot move physical objects. Now I know I’m going to be besieged by mail telling me about chains clanging and about bricks flying across a room…and even about things in your home moving from one place to another; window shades that were open, being shut, etc. In truth, I have received more than a hundred stories about physical objects that moved from one place to another or moved in a similar manner, without explanation…but not one single case of anyone who “saw” that object being moved…or that window being opened.

I’m not going to suggest that those who wrote me lied or had overly-vivid imaginations. Almost all the letters I have received and/or read are from people who are very sincere in what they write and may very well have experienced something seemingly inexplicable. But, to the best of my research and knowledge they have experienced something different than merely “ghosts” or “spirits”. We’ll talk about this in another blog. Right now, I want to talk about the thing we call “ghosts”.

So what are they? My research and studies have brought me to believe that they are the mind, the spirit, the aura…or, if you prefer, the immortal souls of people who have died.

What happens to the mind or spirit of a person when they die is something we have all experienced, but cannot conceive of while we are alive. In all probability, your aura or sprit goes to someplace we have no way of knowing about where it joins with other spirits...and probably waits to be reborn…possibly even looks for someplace to be reborn. Perhaps, in returning to its own natural dimension, it travels to places and worlds we cannot even imagine. When it gathers with other spirits, it very likely is a place where you can re-meet your deceased parents and other loved ones; where you can reflect on the human life you have just lived, the love you shared, review the opportunities you failed to take and perhaps feel critical of things you did during life.

But what about your parents who may have found someone else into which to be reborn? Does that mean that you cannot re-visit with them as a spirit?

Things that make up the paranormal are very complex. That’s why, even though it may seem that this blog is “all over the place”, the truth is that it needs to explain how the mind and aura work before going into what the mind and aura do when you body has died.

If you remember, in my blog on déjà vu, I spoke of how I actually visualized a former girlfriend wearing a particular dress and, moments later, I saw her wearing that very dress…and I do mean that very particular dress which I had never seen before and that, in all probability, she hadn’t even owned when I was dating her years before. I tried to explain that a part of my aura had separated from my body and “looked-around”. It saw her coming and came back to my body with an image of her.

I further tried to explain how this type of thing can happen; how your aura can make contact with the aura of someone you haven’t seen for a long time and the thought of each of you is simultaneous. Then, without any apparent reason one of you picks up the phone to call the other and say “hello”.

The key to the déjà vu experiences is that a “part” of your aura can separate (and return) from your main aura. And, so it is when the body has died. A “part” of your parents’ auras may have gone to be re-born, and a part of it may have remained behind to share and re-enjoy the relationships you had during your lifetime. I know it’s complex and difficult to understand how your aura works once it leaves you body, but we are talking about something that exists in a totally different dimension. It has a marked influence on our lives while we are living, but has (a sort of) life of its own when it leaves our body.

We’ll go into it more at another time, but for now, you can feel quite confident that even though a part of your loved-one’s aura has gone to be reborn, a part of it has remained behind to re-visit the love you shared when you were alive. As we will learn more, the word “love” becomes key.

As I said, nobody asked me.

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