Saturday, July 18, 2009

Different Kinds of Dreams

By Stephen Ellis

Nobody asked me, but…

I’m writing this blog a couple of days early, because my wife and I are going to visit New York for a week. I was born and raised there and I always feel at home when I go back. Actually, California living is so nice-and-easy it tends to allow your batteries to burn down and you become lazy and lethargic. A visit to NYC or Paris or Tel Aviv charges those batteries back up. You can’t even leave the airport in those cities without feeling the electric energy in the air and in the people.
I know I always start my blog with “Nobody asked me, but…”. That’s kind of my trademark. The truth is that a lot of people do ask me about things they don’t understand: about ghosts, about past lives, about astral projection, about hypnosis, about faith healing, about religion, etc. More than anything else, they ask me about dreams. What do their dreams mean? Are they a mirror of a past life or a look into your future? Or are they just a bunch of baloney?

Dreams have many faces and there is much about them that only you can understand: A dream about an Indian Chief could be a look at a past life…or it may be that you were thinking about a John Wayne movie…or it could be that you were planning a trip to Navajo country…or it could be a lot of things. If you sit down with a Psychologist, you may reveal enough about some of your other thoughts so that the Psychologist can see some sort of pattern and maybe help you analyze the dreams.

One thing I do not recommend is buying a book on dreams and trying to apply the generic symbols to your own life. You’ve got two different factors working for you that no outside author can even perceive: Your brain and your mind/aura. If you want to analyze your dreams, they’ve got to be faced in light of what your brain and mind know.

Recently, a cousin of mine wrote me and asked how she could stop dreams about spiders coming down from the ceiling onto her. There is no “set” answer to this. I suggested that since spiders are ugly things that like to hide in dark places, maybe…just maybe…those spiders are representing dark, ugly secrets that have been kept hidden and want to be exposed. Swatting them away does not get to the core of the problem: If my guess is right, she will have to open those ugly secrets to the light of day; talk about them with someone she can confide in.

Was I right? I doubt if I will ever know. I do try and help people analyze their dreams, but there is never a guarantee that I’m even on the right track unless I get to talk with them, in detail, about their dreams and what’s going on in their lives.

The important thing to remember about dreams is that the ones or the parts you do remember have made their way past you mind/aura and into your brain. When you are awake, your brain is in control. When you (and your brain) are asleep, your mind/aura is in control. All of your memory banks are in your brain, so if you remember all or a part of a dream, it means you were either awake or in a very close to waking stage.

One very important exception: Your mind/aura carries the memories of past lives and tries to influence the way you act, thinks, etc. If your mind/aura relates something to you that you find very disturbing…it awakens your brain and your brain puts it into the memory banks. These are called nightmares. You suddenly wake up with a vivid recollection of that dream. Your mind is trying to tell you something…and if you can…try to understand the message.

I remember, when I was six or seven years old, I drew a picture of a boat (in crayons). It was not artistically good, but for several nights…weeks and months thereafter, I had a recurring nightmare about the ship I drew sinking into my crayoned ocean.

Now that I understand how the mind/aura and the brain interact, I realize that, in a previous life, I may have been on a boat that sank. I absolutely love the ocean…but for many years I became a little paranoid when I get out too far from shore. Having analyzed my dream (nightmare) and putting it together with all I have learned. With that understanding of a previous life, I have mastered any lingering fear of the ocean and raced my sailboats through fog so thick that I couldn’t see anything two feet away. I now even prefer to vacation on cruise ships.

There’s one additional aspect to dreams: Taking a peek at the future! In many respects, the lives we have lived in the past are the lives we will live again in the future. Perhaps not with the same name or geographic location, but the style of life will be the same. Dreams may recall a past life memory of growing older or doing certain things that you found pleasing in that life. Although, in your dream, you are not the person living the previous life, but the person living the current life. So, you see yourself as an actor in something which happened before and will, likely, happen again.

I know it’s complicated, but no one ever said that dreams were simple to understand.

If you’ve had some recurring dreams you’d like help with, feel free to write me at and I’ll be happy to offer an opinion as to what they really mean.

As I said…nobody asked me.

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