Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Same Life...Again

By Stephen Ellis

Nobody asked me, but…

I received a series of fascinating e-mails from a reader who lives in Kansas. He’s been having dreams for years that he hoped I could explain.

Most dreams are a reflection of the day’s activities or perhaps plans to solve a problem which is coming up. The deeper dreams are recollections from your mind/aura… usually of a past life…and yes, we have all lived before and will live again.

This reader’s dreams had a special significance, because he had overwhelming feelings that he had lived this same life before and was living it again. He had visions of himself aging…and his visions all came to pass to the extent of losing his hair, dental problems, his marriage, etc. The dreams of what would happen were not nearly specific enough to be called precognition (when you can predict what specific thing will happen at what specific time and in what specific place). You’ve probably read the story of a newspaper reporter who had a dream where he saw an airplane crash in the snow: it was so vivid he could read the serial (“N”) number on the wings. A few days later, that plane crashed on a mountain top in Colorado…in the snow. That would be precognition if the story were true.

In this instance, the specifics were missing, so his dreams may be classified as a “premonition” rather than a “precognition”: the feeling that something is going to happen without the specificity. He tells me that the day before Michael Jackson died that he had an overwhelming feeling that someone was going to die that would sadden the world. Premonition?

One of his most fascinating dreams is about his grandmother: For reasons he did not reveal, he never met her…nor even saw a photo of her. Yet, he described her to other members of his family to a tee, even described the place where she lived, the furniture in her bedroom, etc.

His feeling about having lived this same life before brought to mind something that happened to me thirty or so years ago: I had met a man with whom I was doing business and took a strong liking to him. I invited him to join me for lunch. Inasmuch as I had just met the man, our conversation covered a myriad of subjects from politics to business. While I was talking with him, I suddenly got the strangest feeling: I felt certain I had this same conversation with this same person before; to the point where I knew exactly what words were going to come out of his mouth. The strange feeling quickly disappeared, but it made me wonder if any of us are re-living the same life. Since that time, I have spoken to several people who have experienced the same thing, and it opened up a whole new door to the meaning of déjà vu.

Although some readers may not understand what I’m talking about when I discuss dimensions, I firmly believe that other dimensions do exist. Science agrees: In fact quantum physicists studying the “super string theory” of creation now agree that other dimensions exist…other worlds with planets and life forms just like ours. Is it possible that we have lived this same life before in another dimension? Do we have to live and re-live our same lives over again until we reach a certain level of quality and understanding? I have no answer for this, but Socrates believed it to be true. But if this is true, why do we not have memories of a previous life? Why do we seemingly continue to make the same mistakes?
If you’ve ever had the déjà vu of believing you have lived something before…or visited a place before…or had a conversation before…write me and let’s work on this together.

I can offer an explanation to my reader of how he was able to accurate describe a grandmother he never knew or saw: My many blogs on how our mind/aura works could easily have explained how his aura could have visited his grandmother…or her aura visited him. After all, virtually every grandmother loves her grandchildren…even those she hasn’t met…and "love", being one of the most powerful Earthly human forces, could have inspired a visit of her aura to him and left an image in his mind.

Of course, that does not explain the visions my reader had of having lived this same life before; seeing himself aging in detail long before he aged. I believe I am a very intelligent person, but I don’t have all the answers. I have done extensive research into paranormal subjects that have convinced me that we have lived before and will live again. But…is it possible that the life we lived before and the life we live now…and the life we will live again…are the same? Is this world merely a perpetual state?

I get a lot of email from my readers and I read and respond to each and every one. I’d really like your input on this subject. Write me at

As I said…nobody asked me.


Unknown said...

I have seen this to be true but I can't find any positive information on it and was just about to give up research again

#Life said...

I have had multiple dreams like that like when I dreamed about two cups the next day I saw exactly what was in my dream I also dreamed bout this train station i saw the image again in real life it was the weirdest feeling ever

#Life said...
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