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UFO Reports

UFO REPORTS October 11, 2009

This is the third and final blog in a three-part report on paranormal frauds. In the first two we talked about Psychic frauds and Medium frauds. Our topic today is UFO frauds.

When talking about Psychic and Medium frauds, there is one factor in common: It’s a way for someone to dip into your purse and make a profit by pretending to have special powers. This is not so with the UFO frauds: most UFO frauds are perpetrated by people who want to see if they can fool you…or make a fool of you! Maybe what they really want is to try and prove themselves superior to you or get an unearned fifteen minutes of fame.

There have been in excess of two million UFO “sightings” reported; some of them from heads of State, some from the military (including Generals and Admirals), some from the astronomical societies. There have been far too many reports of UFOs for any intelligent person to say that they are all frauds or mistakes. Of course, with so many reported sightings, you may want to ask yourself “How come I’ve never seen one?”

Let's take a real look at the probability: There are approximately 6 billion people on Earth, and 2 million only represents .0003% of the world’s population. In simple terms, that means that only one of every 1,800,000 people have reported a UFO sighting. So the odds are very high that you have never seen one with your own eyes.

However, there are a very substantial number of photos of UFOs. I don’t know exactly how many, but I would estimate more than 100,000 photos exit. So, with more than 2 million sightings reported and more than 100,000 photographs available on the Internet (most of which have been checked for “photo-shopping), it becomes ludicrous to say that UFOs don’t exist.

Yet, there are a significant number of people who will make up stories about UFOs; about UFO crashes; about being abducted by aliens from UFOs; about finding alien skeletons; about crop circles; etc. Some of these frauds go to incredible lengths such as making dummy models of what they believe UFOs look like; photographing the models; creating plastic skeletons; decorating wheat and corn fields with large patterns to try and convince observers that these were done by alien beings. To me, such people are not only frauds, they are psychopaths. At least the Psychic and Medium frauds are trying to make money…but I don’t see how these frauds are trying to do anything but prove that they can fool some people. I guess there will always be people who can be fooled, and there will always be some publishers who will pay people to tell their make-believe stories about having been abducted by UFO aliens.

The sad part is that people like these have made the entire world of UFOs (and, possibly, alien beings) appear to be ridiculous and absurd. Their antics have kept the more scientific institutions from taking UFO reports more seriously and, perhaps, uncovering what they really are. Newspapers seem to delight in exposing some of these frauds and detailing how far they went to fool people. The trouble with this is that the frauds get much more media coverage than the legitimate reports.

I’ve received a very significant number of reported UFO sightings, some of which appear to be quite legitimate and some of which are blatant frauds. I have never met a person who claims to have been abducted or seen alien beings that was believable. I’ve seen a great number of alleged UFO photographs that are clearly fraudulent (I do not believe UFOs pause to pose for photographs) and I’ve seen an even greater number of photographs that have been checked for photo-doctoring that clearly are UFOs.

It’s going to be impossible to ever verify the existence of UFOs unless one lands in a public place and whatever/whomever is inside of it steps out for the world to see. Until that happens, we can make some educated guesses:

UFOs have to emanate from someplace: The three most logical assumptions are (1) they emanate from some world in outer space, (2) they emanate from a different dimension, or (3) they emanate from someplace here on Earth. There seems to be no consistency in the shape of UFOs. I’ve seen many undoctored photos showing them as round, oval, triangular and diamond shape. Of course, none of the photos have ever been crystal clear because the UFO is moving and does not pose for pictures. But there are numerous photos in which their shape is clear. This means that (a) they are from a multitude of different origins or (b) their shape is flexible.

If their shape is flexible, then it is clear that UFOs originate in a different dimension and, somehow, slip through cracks in out fabric of space and time.

If they are craft with different shapes, then the concept of multiple origins is likely to be true. It would also diminish the probability that their origin is someplace here on Earth. It’s difficult to believe that although almost three-quarters of our Earth is still unexplored and our motion-detectors (radar and sonar) are still quite primitive that numerous craft of different shapes exist here on Earth or even under our oceans that have not been isolated as to their origin…unless the craft are so small as to be virtually undetectable. Our eyes often deceive us. Optical illusions are plentiful. It’s entirely possible that what appear to be large objects in the sky are actually much smaller and closer to us than our eyes perceive.

We cannot discount the possibility that these UFO craft are from somewhere in outer space. The likelihood that there are a variety of other places in space that have traversed the enormous distances in space (trillions and trillions of miles) just to observe the Earth is highly unlikely. (A brief aside: If you want to know just how large a "trillion" is, just imagine that you had a counting machine that counted four numbers per second and never stopped, day or night. It would take that machine more than 79 years to reach a "trillion".)

Of course, there is the possibility (as several science-fiction authors have suggested) that there is a twin planet to Earth on the opposite side of the Sun. But if this was true, why would there be so many different shapes of UFOs?

Clearly, UFOs exist. What they are, where they are from, and why they are observing us are all questions still to be answered.

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