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Questions and Answers 1

October 24, 2009

Apparently, I’m writing too much. There have been several complaints in the past few weeks that my blogs are getting too long (and boring?), so I’m going to shorten them to make reading them easier. What I’m going to do this week is to set forth the questions I am asked most often and the answers to the best of my ability:

1. Question: Why do you write about the paranormal when most people don’t believe what you write?
Answer: Simply because a belief is popular doesn’t mean it’s true. Not that many years ago (only a few centuries) people believed the sun revolved around the Earth. Not just the uneducated, but the scientists of the day, as well. People like DaVinci were telling anyone who would listen that the Earth was round and that it revolved about the sun…but the “smart” people of that period refused to believe it and made fun of those who thought differently.

2. Question: You’re a very educated man. Have you really researched the paranormal?
Answer: Of course I have and I am constantly researching it. Ever since 1979 when I saw what I believed to be a dream and later discovered it was the ghost or spirit of a girl who had been murdered in the apartment I was renting, I have thoroughly researched the paranormal and continue to do it to this day. What I saw was unexplained by science, and I had to find out what caused it. Some day, the research I’ve done may be recognized as the “truth” about life.

3. Question: Do you have any scientific proof of paranormal things?
Answer: No. There is overwhelming evidence of such things as ghosts, UFOs, mind-body separation, etc., but none of them will meet the criteria of “scientific proof”. Science sets standards that even scientists cannot meet: Fifty years ago science claimed to have proof that our solar system was created by a larger star passing near our sun and pulling gasses from it which became globules, cooled and became planets. Twenty years ago science had “proof” that Pluto was a ninth planet in our solar system (only recently discovered to be untrue). The key aspects of physics: quantum mechanics, nuclear physics and light weren’t even known about less than 100 years ago. In law, when forensic proof is absent, courts rely on circumstantial evidence. There is enormous circumstantial evidence that the paranormal is very real.

4. Question: Why do you believe the brain and the mind are two wholly separate things?
Answer: The brain controls the bodily functions like breathing, feeling pain or pleasure, etc. The mind controls the thought process. Your brain can tell you that something is extremely hot, but your mind can still tell you it’s O.K. to touch it. So, you touch it. People with football or military injuries to their brain may have a tough time with their bodily functions…but such injuries never affect the mind or the clarity with which the mind functions. A body may not respond to an injured brain’s command…while the mind tries to figure out a way to make the body respond.

5. Question: Why are you so certain ghosts and UFOs really exist:
Answer: Because I’m not foolish enough to call millions of people “liars” or “phonies”. There have been millions of UFO and ghost sightings from people who have nothing to gain by lying or seeking publicity. There have been hundreds of thousands of UFO photos and videos. Far fewer, but still quite significant are photos of ghosts that weren’t there when the picture was taken. Granted that photo-shopping can do a lot, but there are so many people (including myself) that have seen these things for themselves. It is foolish and highly egotistical to say that the millions who have experienced paranormal phenomena are all liars or pranksters.

6. Question: Why are you so certain that there is life after death?
Answer: Because there are too many unexplained things that can only be explained by reincarnation. There are cases on record of people who not only knew they had lived before, but remembered details of their previous life which could only have been known to the deceased or the deceased’s family. These things have been checked by scientists, by skeptics and by newspapers and the majority have passed the most intensive scrutiny. But, since science cannot explain them, stories of provable reincarnation are buried except to those of us who research the subject.

I’m keeping it short, but I’ll have more questions and answers next week. Contact me at if you have a question you’d like answered.

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