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Another UFO crash

March 21, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

Much has been written about the alleged crash of a UFO near Rosewell, New Mexico, on July 8, 1947. In fact, the supposed UFO crash has (even today) been surrounded by a wall of secrecy; the US Air Force calling the object that crashed a “weather balloon”.

Far less has been said about the alleged crash of a UFO near Laredo, Texas on August 25, 1974 (actually the crash supposedly occurred in Mexico, 38 miles south of the Texas border).

The claims concerning the Laredo crash are much more supported by the evidence, and the photos leave a lot of unanswered questions: The story about the Laredo crash is that a UFO was being pursued by a US Fighter Jet when it went down. Although there are serious diplomatic questions and problems involving the US Fighter’s having crossed into Mexican air space while in pursuit, the testimony of the US pilot seems to bear out and support the below photograph of the crashed UFO.

Of course, the photo could have been photo-shopped although, in 1974, computer graphics were virtually unknown. The little work that was being done with photo-shopping was limited to the major motion picture studios and scientific research. But, the above photo could easily have been a photo taken of an artist’s rendering of the crash. It doesn’t seem likely, but in a day and age where people will fight to the death to prove that what they don’t really know is “true”, it is more difficult to ascertain what the “truth” really is. We do have the sworn statement of Col. Whitworth who piloted the fighter jet, but we don’t know how much this “eyewitness account” has been modified or altered to be “politically correct” by the US government.

Now let’s take a look at these two pictures ostensibly taken by the Mexican authorities investigating the crash. Both photos are claimed to be authentic pictures taken of bodies inside the crashed UFO.

Mexican authorities’ claim that the wreckage was so hot, it took two days before they could get close enough with their cameras to take the pictures. Obviously, the photos are of two separate and distinct bodies that have been badly burned. The larger image has been nick-named the “Tomato Man” because of the large bulbous head.

There are several more photographs of the US Air Force (ostensibly) loading the remains of the bodies and the wreckage into Air Force trucks and carting them away (to where?). Mexican authorizes claim that both bodies were about 4’ 6” in height with extremely short arms.

Are these what we call “aliens”? Or is this just another part of an elaborate hoax? You will have to decide for yourself.

The thing that disturbs me the most is that so little has been written or discussed about the Laredo crash where there is some evidence (real or created) that we have been visited by aliens, while the Rosewell, New Mexico incident (where there has been no evidence) is publicized around the world.

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