Sunday, March 7, 2010

Life on Mars?

This is the second week in a row in which I am starting my blog with a photo.

Ostensibly (or at least it is claimed) that this photo was taken by the NASA Rover on the surface of Mars. The photo, with an accompanying article, appeared in the Strickler Sports Blog “Phantoms and Monsters”. Lon Stricker will sometimes post some pretty far-out stories, but Lon, himself, is a pretty cool guy and if something is a phony, he will call it a phony. He didn‘t call this a phony…but neither did he say that it was real.

The NASA Rover has been sending back a lot of photos from the surface of Mars. But the Rover has been mired down in some loose sand since the end of January of this year and has, effectively become, a platform and not a rover. NASA is hopeful that after the Martian winter is through, they will again be able to get the Rover going.

Now about this photo. To me, there is no question, whatsoever, that it is showing an animal of some sort. Big question is whether or not this is a NASA photo. With photo shops that now allow you to do just about anything with a photo, it’s easier than ever to create a fake picture…and it’s harder than ever to try and prove it has been “doctored”.

Although I am probably in a minority, I firmly believe there is life (of some sort) on Mars. We have found that there is water beneath Mars’ desolate crust, so the possibility of some sort of life living on or beneath the surface (I believe) is probable.

Maybe some sort of insect life or something that can live beneath the surface of the planet. But…a gorilla?

The perspective of this photo is unclear, but to my best estimation, if that is a genuinely unretouched photo, that gorilla would have to be far larger than any gorillas here on Earth. My guess would be two to three times the size of the largest known.

Every photo of Mars I have seen taken by the Rover has been in living color. Why is this one in black and white?

Far more important: Don’t you think that if the NASA Rover took a picture of a live animal…any live animal…on Mars that it would have been headlines around the world? Don’t even think of the conspiracy buffs saying that NASA would attempt a cover-up. Some stories are much too big to hide…and this certainly would have been one of them.

So, I come to the conclusion that the photo is a fraud…and this saddens me.

Millions and millions of people around the world would like to know if life exists outside of the Earth. We’ve spent billions and billions of our tax dollars trying to explore the surface of our Moon and of Mars. It would not only be meaningful, it might open the doors to new and different kinds of scientific thought.
It takes a sick and a perverted mind to think you can put one over on people everywhere.

If you agree or disagree, let me know.

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