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April 17, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

A very interesting phenomenon with paranormal implications is an increasing number of patients, awakening from a coma, with the ability to speak a different language…fluently. This not only happens to people awakening from a coma, but sometimes when awakening from a normal deep sleep.

The website, Phantoms and Monsters, recently reported the story of a Croatian girl who awakened from a coma, unable to speak Croatian, but speaking fluent German. This report is not nearly as strange as others I’ve read and experienced because this particular girl had been studying German in school and, while not even close to being fluent in it, she did have some background in German.

Actually, I’ve read about several cases that are far stranger. A man awoke from a 6-month long coma and found himself very conversant in Aramaic…a biblical language. It was so odd, that a professor of ancient languages had to visit with him for almost a week to confirm that the man was actually speaking ancient Aramaic and speaking it with fluency far greater than the Professor’s.

Personally, I had the experience of hypnotizing a young girl (about 16 or 17) at a party and regressing her back to what I thought would be a past life when she began speaking in an archaic form of French. There was someone at this party who was from France who partially translated what the girl was saying, but acknowledged that many of the words spoken were no longer in common French usage. When she was awakened, the girl told me that she was studying Spanish is high school; that neither she nor any member of her family were French, spoke French or had even visited France or a French speaking country.

The internet is absolutely replete with reports of people who claim they awakened from a sleep speaking a completely strange language…often one they did not understand themselves but because of the inflections, the consistency of words and word patterns, etc. knew they were trying to communicate in a language their brain could not comprehend.

To me, it is just another indication of past lives we have lived. It’s always possible that there can be a more rational explanation for this phenomenon, but the facts coordinate nicely with everything I’ve been writing about reincarnation, about our mind/aura, how we have lived before and will live again. If we don’t give some credibility to the “reincarnation” or “past life” theories, it is almost impossible to explain the speaking of a language you don’t know…especially in an archaic form.

It has often been said in my column and in my books that providing “scientific proof” of anything is a virtual impossibility (except something like a chemical reaction in a laboratory). Even scientists have little scientific proof to support basic theories such as gravity, our solar system, the effect certain medicines will have on an individual, etc.

However, in the absence of scientific proof, we have what is called empirical or circumstantial proof. Sometimes circumstantial or empirical proof can be so overwhelming that the probability of its truth is undeniable. Many people are in prison because juries were swayed by empirical or circumstantial proof. Many medical benefits are based on the empirical proof of statistics.

In viewing the paranormal, there is overwhelming circumstantial and empirical evidence that UFOs exist, that some people are genuinely psychic and that reincarnation is a fact of life. Yet, even today, millions of people live in denial.

If all the writing I have done can promulgate one single thought, it is this: Don’t close your mind! Within the next several years, many of the things I write about will possibly have been further documented with such overwhelming force that living in denial will be the exclusive right of fools.

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