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May 9, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

There are lots of mysteries right here on Earth that need explaining: For example, how, in a Mayan Temple in southern Mexico, did they find a drawing of what is clearly an elephant…complete with trunk and tusks. The drawing dates back about two thousand years according to radio-carbon dating. Anyone who has ever read about the animals of North and South America knows that elephants are native to Africa and certain parts of southern Asia. Elephants, nor fossil remains of elephants, have ever been seen in the Western Hemisphere (except in zoos or circuses).

So, how did a drawing of an elephant get to Central America? Transportation across our oceans was unknown two thousand years ago and similar animals like Wooly Mammoths and Mastodons were extinct millions of years ago.

A recent study on Egyptian Mummies has also created some unanswerable questions: Some Egyptian mummies were sent to Sweden for forensic examination…and guess what they found? They found traces of cocaine and tobacco beneath the cloth wrappings.

What makes it particularly interesting is that the coca plant only grows in South America and tobacco was exclusively the product of North America. It is reasonably documented that Columbus brought tobacco back to Europe from his North American explorations. It is now grown and cultivated in places like India, China, Brazil…So how did cocaine and tobacco get to Egypt 5,000 years ago?

Perhaps a better question is “How did they get to Egypt in such quantities as to be used in the mummification process?”

Scientists, particularly forensic scientists, are not easily-fooled people. They explored the possibilities such as a grave thief or an early explorer accidentally dropping something on a mummified body, so they examined some never-before-seen mummies and found the traces of cocaine and tobacco…in the same quantities…on these “virgin” mummies.

Our world is filled with mysteries and myths that may have some basis in fact. For example, if you read the book of Genesis (from the Bible) about the story of Jonah, a submarine would fit the description of a giant fish far better than a whale. Of course, a natural question might be, “How would a submarine exist in Biblical times?”

If recently declassified documents suggesting that UFOs may actually be submersible machines are true…then many puzzling questions may have a reasonable answer. We still know very little about UFOs except that they strongly indicate a more technically advanced knowledge than ours. It is possible they’ve been around for millenniums.

It certainly is thought-provoking. There is much about our world still to be learned.

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