Monday, May 3, 2010


May 2, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

The term “extra terrestrials” immediately conjures up images of skinny people with large heads and eyes, or Steven Spielberg’s movie version in his film, “E.T.” or even very human-like people as appear in “V”. The fact is, that we don’t have the slightest idea as to what extra terrestrials (“ETs”) might look like! Our egos create images of humanoid-types because we think of ourselves as being so intelligent. But, alien intelligence may be so superior to ours that they look at us in much the same way as we look at monkeys or other more primitive animals.

Because of the vastness of space, the likelihood of there being other forms of intelligent life out there is incredibly high. Our so-called community of science says we have been trying to communicate with ETs via radio waves…without any success. But what if ETs have no ability to perceive radio waves? Or they look at radio communication in the same way as we look at two tin cans connected by a piece of string? What if the mysterious “crop circles” which have been appearing around the world are not just farmers making practical jokes, but are ETs’ attempts at communication that we not only ignore, but make no effort to understand?

I’ve often said that if I was an ET, I’d probably want to stay away from the Earth because it is a “warring” planet. There has never been a time in recorded history that there has not been a war going on somewhere on Earth. But, what if ETs are even more warring than Earthlings? Are we really that certain we would want them to contact us? As Earthlings, we tend to think we would explore outer-space in peace and that ETs would be the same. This is not, necessarily, the case as leading physicist, Stephen Hawking, has recently suggested.

Then, too, ETs could be microscopic or gigantic in size. They could be friendly…or very unfriendly.

All these questions are not asked to frighten you, but merely to open your minds to other possibilities. In my opinion, there is so much here on Earth that we have yet to discover, we would be far better-off learning more about our own Earth than trying to put a “Welcome” mat down to a form of life we know nothing about.

For example: Did you know that there are undersea creatures here on Earth that live at approximately 200° C. (424° Fahrenheit)? Or that there are some undersea creatures the front of which are approximately 18° C. and the back of which exceed the boiling point? We’ve barely begun to learn about the creatures that inhabit the Earth…and we have no idea what may exist beneath the Earth’s 5 to 50 mile thick crust. No people and no machines have ever been how can we know?

And what about UFOs? Are they really extra terrestrial, or as science has begun to question, are they from within our own planet? The Russian Naval documents, recently declassified, indicate strongly that they believe UFOs come from somewhere beneath our seas. Are there places beneath the crust of our molten Earth that can support life? Of course it’s a possibility! The type of life would not be humanoid, but that does not mean it could not be intelligent…and far more intelligent than humanoid life.

We have explored less than one-third of the surface of our planet (including the land surface and our ocean floors). We have rarely explored more than 2 or 3 miles deep for any purpose.

Then, stop to think about this: the diameter of the Earth is approximately 8,000 miles. That means that we have explored less than .004% (one twenty-five-hundredth) of our planet. There’s plenty of room for lots of things to exist beneath us...things it may be difficult for us to imagine. We tend to accept science’s theories that there is nothing beneath us but a mantle and a molten core. But that’s never been proven. It’s a scientific theory much like science once theorized that we were the center of the Universe and that the Sun and stars revolved about us.

I think we would be much further ahead if science spent as much time and money learning about the mysterious ball on which we live rather than trying to explore the vastness of our Universe.

Let me know what you think?