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July 18, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

Due to the unexpectedly high mail we received concerning “Bigfoot” or Sasquatch”, I felt that the subject should be gone into a little more thoroughly to help readers understand the mystery.

Actually, the mystery did not start in the Pacific Northwest (the region that most alleged sightings occurred), but rather in the Himalayas: the huge mountain range across China, Nepal and India which holds several of the highest mountains on Earth. There had been a number of reports about a hairy creature, somewhat humanoid, covered in white fur. Searchers gave it the name “Yeti”. Because of its white fur, it also became known as the “Abominable Snow Man”. It was described as a somewhat anti-social, humanoid, creature that resided near the mountain tops in the Himalayas. Although several claims were made, no one ever caught a photo of one, but several tabloids of the day published images of what they believed it looked like. The legend of this Missing-link between man and ape became quite popular and several missions were sent into the Himalayas to see if this creature could be found.

In the 1950s, there were several alleged sightings in the Pacific Northwest. Based on the descriptions given, this creature was covered in dark brown hair, but there is no question that this creature was the same creature as the Yeti. Reasonable people assumed that high in the Himalayas where there is snow and ice all year long, that the fur (like the fur of a rabbit) would change to white to offer it protection and camouflage from predators. In the Pacific Northwest, summers were very warm, so the fur would be the more natural brown. There were many American Indian legends of such a creature, so the Indian name of “Sasquatch” was adapted.

In the late 1950s, several hunters in the Pacific Northwest came across some huge footprints, much like the footprints of a giant ape. So the creature also became known as “Big Foot”.

Inasmuch as I do not believe that most people are “liars”, I’m going to assume that people saw “something”. It may not have been a Sasquatch. For example, the Himalayas are a very cold region and there have been many reports of large, white bears such as we have in our Polar Regions. Certainly our Pacific Northwest has plenty of large Grizzly Bears (with brown hair) that, when standing, would be about eight or nine feet tall. Granted that the proportions of a standing bear are significantly different than those of a humanoid creature…still in the mists that are commonplace in the mountains and the camouflage offered by heavy forests, mistakes are not only possible, they are probable.

Now let’s take a look at the photographs and the huge footprints: While not too many people intentionally deceive others about important facts, there are many who like to create and promulgate a “hoax” for the fun of it. The large footprints were acknowledged to be a hoax by the person who built some oversized feet to make footprints, and many of the photographs have, admittedly, been a part of a hoax.

So is the whole Sasquatch thing one big hoax? Maybe! Even truth-seekers like Lon Strickler (phantomsandmonsters.com) can be fooled. But even when they’ve allowed themselves to be fooled, they pick themselves right up and continue to seek out the truth.

There are many unexplained things right here on Earth. We are not very knowledgeable about our own planet; almost 80% of it is still relatively unexplored. There could be creatures and life forms under our seas or in our almost impenetrable mountains that could boggle our minds…or offer reasonable answers to many things we call “paranormal”.

The evidence that Sasquatch exists is simply not there. But, when we close the doors to our minds by saying or thinking that we know of everything that exists here on Earth, we are making a very big mistake. I predict that in the next fifty years, we will discover life forms unlike any we knew existed. Visit my website at yourparanormalcenter.com

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