Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sasquatch and Bigfoot

July 11, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

In his blog at Phantomsandmonsters.com, Lon Strickler presented some reports that the existence of Sasquatch was confirmed; that photo crews from news and other media networks were dispatched to photograph this often-elusive creature.

Before continuing, a moment to describe what Sasquatch or Bigfoot is: For hundreds of years there have been legends about a very secretive creature; approximately eight feet tall and covered with hair in the manner of a gorilla or a Neanderthal person. However, legend has it that Sasquatch is much closer to a human being than to an ape. There have been numerous sightings over the years including a few photographs and videos. I doubt there has been a single newspaper anywhere in the world that has not written some stories about “Bigfoot” or Sasquatch. The name was earned because of the enormous footprints it ostensibly left behind it.

Throughout history, there have been alleged sightings and contacts with Sasquatch, but generally this creature seems to prefer its privacy and has stayed away from humans and their cameras.

Theories have been brought that Sasquatch is (a) a missing link between man and ape, (b) a being from a different (perhaps parallel) dimension (c) an intergalactic space traveler that has become trapped on Earth…or maybe a combination of all three…or none-of-the-above.

The most famous photo of Sasquatch (can be seen on line or even at Wikopedia) has proven to be a fraud. Some people actually had someone decked-out in a gorilla suit just to deceive people and make their photograph famous. Little can be said about the few videos available except that they do not appear to be genuine.

So, when the headline of Phantomsandmonsters.com reads that the existence of Sasquatch has been confirmed; that photos have been taken of a Sasquatch family (including two children), it’s something worthy of note. Lon Strickler, the founder and editor of Phantomsandmonsters is nobody’s fool. Yet the excitement in his comments to the article belie any doubts and are filled with the kind of enthusiasm one reserves for a great discovery.

It’s not my position to say that Sasquatch is real or phony…only to say I have never seen one single report or photograph that convinced me of its reality. My position is and has always been to explained the unexplained things with which we live: Is there really a God? Why does the Earth keep spinning at the same rate in space…and what keeps us there? Is there really an afterlife? What about ghosts and reincarnation? What are UFOs? Etc, etc. etc.

Hopefully, I have kept my writing on a level that can satisfy the curiosity of readers. Where I don’t have a good explanation for people, I try and offer several theories from which to choose. I try and report facts…not wishful thinking. Visit my website at yourparanormalcenter.com.

At this writing, I am still unconvinced that Sasquatch really exists.

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