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October 24, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

Recently, there has been an unusually high spate of UFO reports including, without limitation, photos of UFOs over Manhattan Island, retired military men talking about things concerning which they were allegedly sworn to secrecy, UFOs appearing on radar screens…and much more.

In my opinion, it’s becoming absurd to continue to live in denial. Clearly, UFOs exist…but what are they? The general trend of those who concern themselves with such things is that they are extra terrestrial observation craft piloted by non-humans. There have been no report of incidents with them with the possible exception of those few who claim to have been kidnapped, examined by them and returned, unharmed, to Earth. To the best of my research there has never been any valid forensic evidence to support claims of kidnappings.

The world’s largest organization studying UFOs is “MUFON” (Mutual UFO Newtork). MUFON has counterparts throughout Europe and Asia. Most counterparts are affiliated with the governments and/or military of those countries where they are located. MUFON’s position, generally, is that UFOs are extra terrestrial.

Let’s take a look at what we know and don’t know about UFOs:

First of all, I believe it is very safe to assume that wherever they come from, they are not all from the same place. There have been thousands of reported sightings describing their shapes as “disc-like”, “oval”, “triangular”, “rectangular”, etc. There is no consistency in the shape of their vehicles.

The size of UFOs is also vastly different based on published reports: Some have been described “as big as a football field” while others have described them as being from fifteen to thirty feet in diameter across their broadest part. There have been several crashes of UFOs reported, and the size of the reported wreckage has varied from thirty feet (Mexico) to four hundred yards in length (the Ural Mountains in Russia). Although the concept of a “mother ship“ containing numerous smaller ships is possible, the variety of shapes and sizes tends to support the theory that they were not all built in the same place.

The propulsion system of UFOs seems far superior to anything built here on Earth. Based upon thousands of eye-witness accounts all UFOs have certain similarities: They seem to be noiseless; able to make right-angle turns; capable of instant acceleration; able to traverse huge distances at speeds far greater than Einstein’s speed of light. This tends to support the idea that they all use the same (or similar) propulsion systems not yet known to our scientists.

Lights are another thing they seem to have in common: Almost all night viewers of UFOs claim that there were lights, under or about the UFO. Some claim they were “flashing” lights, but most claim the colors were constantly changing with reds, yellows, greens, blues…Inasmuch as no one has claimed seeing lights in daylight sightings (and outer space is dark 100% of the time), I think it’s fair to assume that the so-called lights are colors radiating from their propulsion exhaust in our atmosphere. This would indicate that their propulsion system is nuclear based or nuclear affiliated.

One other very important factor is that almost all sightings have not been far from bodies of very deep water. The Russian sightings have been near the Black Sea and the Arctic Ocean. There have been lots of sightings in Russia, China, Mexico, Brazil, Belgium, Japan, Netherlands, the USA, Canada, etc….but always not far from bodies of exceptionally deep water.

According to several retired Russian Navy Admirals, their sonar often picked up rapidly moving bodies beneath the surface of the water. By “rapidly moving”, they stated it was ten to a hundred times faster than the fastest ship. There have an increasing number of people who claim to have seen UFOs burst out of the ocean and into the sky. This is particularly true in the areas just north of Puerto Rico in what we call the Bermuda Triangle where many strange things have happened: ships disappeared; pilots’ navigation systems and clocks have gone haywire, etc.

The puzzle as to where UFOs are from and how they got here stimulates our imaginations: Logic tells us that they came from other worlds…possibly in outer space or possibly beneath our oceans…or are they are from another dimension we are unable to perceive?

At this juncture, it is reasonable to assume that wherever they are from, they mean us no harm. Sightings have been recorded in the Bible as well on cave-wall drawings. If their intent was harmful, it seems logical that they would have done something to harm us by now.

New and different dimensions are now being reviewed by science with an open mind. Several new theories of “how it all began” are being seriously reviewed by scientists throughout the world. Indications are that several different dimensions exist although we cannot see or perceive them. Even the staid scientists who “refused to budge” for years are now asking if UFOs are inter-dimensional craft rather than inter-galactic.

My own analysis tends to minimize the inter-dimensional idea because there have been several UFO crashes reported. I find it difficult to conceive of how something from a different dimension can crash in our dimension. Still, the concept cannot be written-off until more is learned about other dimensions that science now believes exist.

The question of how they travel so fast and traverse infinitely vast distances is a topic for a different column. Let’s just say that, for the moment, I have some definite ideas that seem to fit the puzzle.

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