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October 10, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

Last week we talked about the similarities and Neanderthal characteristics in both Sharia and Talmudic Laws. The Fundamentalists of any religion are bad for the rest of the world because if you do not believe and accept “their way” as the “only” way, you are looked upon as a second-class citizen. The Sharia and Talmudic laws were written for Fundamentalists who are brain-washed into believing that the Sharia and Talmuduc laws were written by God (whichever God they believe in). Obviously, any thinking person would realize that one, omnipotent, God could not have written two sets of totally contradictory laws.

The Old Testament (the Torah consisting of five books, all (ostensibly) written by Moses is thousands of years older than the Quran (Koran). Although the claim the Moses wrote all five books is highly suspect: Parts of the fifth book “Deuteronomy” depict events that took place almost five hundred years after Moses’ death. The Torah contains many stories that should be looked into carefully because they tend to support things we are now looking at with increasing interest: Such things as reincarnation, extra terrestrials, UFOs etc.

For example: The first chapter of the Book of Ezekiel clearly describes a visit by extra terrestrials. Remembering the primitive times of Ezekiel, how would a slave like Ezekiel who never saw anything larger than a bird in the sky describe a space platform; a mother ship, etc. The ancient term “firmament” simply means a glass-type helmet. Four wings that rotated above their heads could hardly be less than helicopter-type blades.

Was Jonah really swallowed by a giant fish and then spewed-up a few days later? How would a primitive man describe a submersible vehicle? Probably as a “giant fish”. We’re just now learning that many UFOs are high-speed submersible vehicles.

How about all the visits from winged Angels who rode on chariots in the sky?

And, perhaps, the most famous one: The parting of the Red Sea. If you read “Exodus” carefully, Moses was guided by “a pillar of cloud” during the day and a “pillar of fire” at night that led the escaping Israelites to the Red Sea. According to “Exodus”, the pillar hovered over the Red Sea as it parted and, when the Egyptian army followed, the pillar disappeared.

Of course, we’re talking about descriptions written thousands of years ago that have probably been altered hundreds of times. There are still cults of religions that believe the parting of the Red Sea was “Demonic” and evidence of Satan, etc. But the fact remains that these (and hundreds of other events) were written about thousands of years before man’s first flight in a heavier-than-air aircraft in 1903. Either the writers’ had incredibly advanced imaginations…or…there must have been something that happened.

Cave-wall drawings are replete with drawings of what appear to be space ships containing people and people wearing glass-type helmets. Lines drawn behind the craft to indicate great speed.

Back to Judaism: Fundamentalist Jews revere their Torah in much the same way as Fundamentalist Muslims revere their Quran…with one important difference. The Jewish Talmud (book of laws) says that disbelievers should be “smitten” (killed). But Jews don’t do that! Jews respect life and living. Muslim Sharia Law says the same thing…only Muslims do kill those who don’t believe that “their” way is the “only” way.

One of the most interesting things about Judaism is that it has endured centuries of persecution and still shines as the brightest light in the religious world. Whenever anything has gone wrong in almost every part of the world…the cry arises that it is the fault of the Jews. Jews, being a minority among the world’s greatest religions have been blamed for every ill that has ever taken place anywhere in the world including the Crucifixion of Christ and every economic blight to ever hit the world’s economy. Adolph Hitler’s “final solution” was to exterminate all Jews.

The truth is that Jews have produced more than 75% of the world’s advances in the arts and in the professions of law and medicine; almost 90% of the world’s advancement in science/technology and almost 95% of the world’s religions. Searches through genealogical records have shown that many of the world’s greatest artists were Jews who changed their names and denied their Judaism for fear of being punished by the Anti-Semitic governments of the day and age. A careful tracing of genealogical history indicates that even the artists whose paintings of Jesus and Christianity are treated as “religious classics” were mostly Jews.

Anti-Semitism still exists much in the same way as the Ku Klux Klan still exists. Its power and influence is now so insignificant that the numbers of those who preach their hatred are dissolving into oblivion. There have always been and there will always be “hate-groups”. Today, Anti Semitism is far less popular even in Hitler-loving nations such as Norway and Sweden. Industries, like the oil industry and banking, that had formerly closed its doors to Jews, have allowed Jews to become top executives. In America, for the first time in history, there are more people converting to Judaism than trying to hide their Jewish heritage. Judaism has blossomed forth in Central Africa and in South America..

The main difference between all other religious conversions and Jewish conversions is that Jews never ask anyone to convert or accept their religion. If you want to become a Jew, Judaism will gladly accept you…but Jews do not send out Missionaries to “sell” you on Judaism.

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