Saturday, November 15, 2008

More on our Mysterious Aura


By Stephen Ellis


News: A new Paranormal Center in Taunton, MA opened recently. It’s called the Bayside Paranormal Center. I’ve looked at their catalog and it offers a lot of interesting lectures and some ghostly experiences. If you are interested n the paranormal, I think it will be worth your while to check it out.

As mentioned in earlier blogs, the human aura is known to exist and it has been photographed thousands of times. The most interesting thing we have discussed is how the aura does not die when the body it surrounds dies…it merely separates itself from the body and moves on.

Let’s go back a step and assume that the human mind is in the aura, and not in some undetermined part of the body. There is a reasonable amount of evidence that this is true: such as the mind functioning perfectly even when the brain is injured. But, if this is so, let’s carry it a step further:

We believers in the paranormal agree with scientists that the mind feeds the brain…that the brain is a computer and the mind, effectively, is at the keyboard. When the body dies and the aura moves on…what happens to it? The logical answer is that it finds another body and attaches itself to that body. There is no real proof of this, but how else would you explain how, in dreams, you can see people you’ve never met in remarkable, photographic, detail, down to the tiny scars of their faces…to the way they speak and behave? If the aura has moved on to another body, isn’t it likely that it has moved on with some of the memories of the body it left? It would certainly explain the déjà vu feelings of having been someplace you know you’ve never visited…or looking at someone and feeling that you’ve known this person before…or that you’ve had a conversation before. It might also help to explain the case of Bridey Murphy or some of the hundreds of “past-life” experiences that have been recorded and verified.

It might also help explain the phenomena of “astral-projection”: the separation of mind and body where people, usually under hypnosis or medical anesthesia, can feel themselves float above their body…and even travel to distant places.

As, with many other paranormal events, astral-projection seems to defy explanation. There are, literally hundreds of thousands of cases where people seemed to separate their minds from their bodies and have looked down at surgeons operating on their bodies, have traveled through walls and ceilings into different rooms, and even travelled across oceans. The individual who has astrally-projected often brings back information about what was said and what was going on in other rooms and even in other parts of the world that they had no reasonable way of knowing. Hundreds of such cases have been verified by scientists conducting astral projection experiments.

Is this “proof” of anything? Of course not! Skeptics will always find ways to challenge this experience even to the point of alleging conspiracy from people involved. One such instance comes to mind:

A New York man who claimed he could astrally-project, at will, was tested: A person in California opened an unnamed book to a specific page and left it open on a table in California. The challenge was for the subject to astrally-project his mind to California, see the open book, remember the page number and the first few words printed on the page. This was done, successfully, in a matter of seconds. The skeptics made allegations of a planned conspiracy, some magicians alleged they could do the same thing, etc. There will never be a way to “prove”, beyond a doubt, the truth of anything paranormal.

The aura or “mind” moving from one dead body to a live person may also tend to explain people who claim past-life experiences…and even that dream I had my first night in Paris.

Skeptics ask “why”, if this is so, that children have no memories of the past. Mostly true! But if, in fact, the aura is at the keyboard of the computer (brain), it has to first wait until the computer warms-up before it can download any information. In the case of the human brain, it may take fifteen or twenty years for the computer to develop sufficiently or warm-up sufficiently for the input coming from the aura to be received and understood.

There’s a lot more to it, but at least I hope this begins to give you a general idea of how the human mind works…and maybe sets your mind to start trying to recall things you know you have not seen or done.

There will be lots more about the aura in future blogs. It really explains a lot of life’s mysteries.

As I said…nobody asked me.

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I don't know much about astral projection but it's an interesting concept.