Monday, January 19, 2009



By Stephen Ellis


Nobody asked me, but…

“Reiki” is a term I didn’t know until my daughter explained that it’s the common term for “faith healing”. Most of my life we called it “faith healing”. Many doctors still call it pure “quackery”…that’s what I call most physicians.

What Reiki does is “cure” or “partially cure” illnesses, physical disabilities, mental disabilities, etc. on a non-medical level. It has to be taken seriously as there are thousands of documented records of curing such things as inoperable brain cancer, pancreatic cancer, scoliosis, paralysis, appendicitis, etc. Reiki is normally done by light or non-touching of the infirmed body by someone known as a Reiki therapist. It does not involve the use of drugs or surgery in any manner.

Reiki (or faith healing) has had a tremendous resurgence in the past twenty five years. Numerous physicians now have “certified” Reiki specialists associated with their medical practices.

But the popular explosion of Reiki is a problem!

Historically, almost all faith-healers were women. The faith healers were driven underground by the Spanish Inquisition and the Christian Crusades by deeming that all faith healers were disciples of the Devil and, therefore, guilty of “heresy” (denial of God). Those faith healers who continued to practice were often burned at the stake or tortured to death. Also the British all-male medical society was formed partially so that women would not be allowed to study medicine. This helped keep faith healing underground.

It began to re-emerge when Japan and China became recognized as current cultures and not antique cultures. Reiki was practiced and still is practiced openly in Asia. Then as some Westerners returned to Europe and the USA having undergone “miracle” cures in Asia, Reiki began to show its face in the Western world.

But, like anything that has grown too rapidly in popularity, Reiki has become a “fast-buck” enterprise completely permeated with fraud. Go on-line and you will see hundreds of so-called “schools” to learn Reiki who will, for a fee, certify you as a Reiki therapist.

Unfortunately, the truth about Reiki is that it cannot be taught like Psychology 101. Reiki requires very special people to administer it. Not people trained in Reiki, but people whose Auras are filled with empathetic powers. There are some people who can touch you and make an infirmity disappear. There are others who can be schooled until they have a PhD in Reiki who will still not be able to help anyone.

Personally, I knew a woman with an inoperable brain tumor who was given only a few months to live. She, on a last-ditch chance, traveled to Japan where she was treated with Reiki…a Reiki therapist who waved his hands over her head and repeated it daily for a month…until the tumor had completely healed.

Things like this do happen…and they happen far more often than our medical profession would like to acknowledge.

Is Reiki paranormal? You bet! Any time someone can be cured of a terminal illness by someone else waving their hands near the ill person…this is paranormal…and it fits, like a glove, with my earlier blogs on the human aura.

But before you abandon needed surgery and look-up your nearest Reiki Center, you should be aware that the success rate of Reiki Therapy is slightly less than 25%. Of course, if your physician has written you off as a corpse, you have nothing to lose. But I, emphatically, am not suggesting that Reiki is a cure-all. Each of us, however, should do some simple things to test whether our aura’s contain Reiki powers.

Let’s look at how it really works: Every aura or human spirit is composed of a myriad of experiences, knowledge and energy collected from a lot of previous lives while on Earth and maybe while living in another dimension. Some auras know the secrets of curing things medical science knows nothing about.

As I have explained on numerous other occasions, your brain is your personal computer. Your aura (or mind) is sitting at the keyboard. But it can only insert as much knowledge into your brain as your brain is capable of storing in its RAM.

If we could find a way to expand our brain’s RAM, we could be ten times as smart as we are now.

The beauty of Reiki is that your brain doesn’t have to understand how it works. Your aura will do all the work…if you let it…and, of course, if your aura is one that understands Reiki. By putting your hands close to someone else, your aura can pour out through your fingertips…and maybe help someone medical science cannot help. Sometimes it will work…and sometimes it won’t. There are some people whose knowledge gained from past lives can perform miracle cures that can flow from one person to another through their fingertips. Sometimes touching is necessary…sometimes even placing your hands close to another person is sufficient.

How do you know if your aura has Reiki powers? You’ll have to try it and see if it works. The next time your mate, your significant other…or someone who believes in you has a headache, try waving your hands around his/her head. It may do nothing. But then you may find that you’re a natural Reiki therapist…and this can easily change your life.

It’s not just waving your hands…it’s using as much concentration as you can muster. It may take several minutes…and if the illness is severe, it may take days or weeks or months…with a physician nearby.

If you’ve got Reiki power, volunteer your services to a nearby Reiki clinic. They will welcome you with open arms.

As I said…nobody asked me.


Lynda Lippin said...

I just wanted to point out that in Reiki we believe that ANYBODY can become attuned to the energy and start to heal. This was the vision of Mikao Usui, the founder of reiki. The Reiki training and attunement process, along with the weeks of daily self treatment necessary to learn this healing method, allows anyone to access the ability to heal. That's the beauty of it!

Reiki Goddess

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