Sunday, April 19, 2009

Science v. Common Sense

By Stephen Ellis

Nobody asked me, but…

I seem to be having a growing battle with our scientific community: As I have said numerous times, paranormal phenomena are impossible to prove in any scientific manner: primarily because science does not recognize their existence.

Of course, science has done a very poor job of explaining a lot of things we live with every day, so I guess not being able to prove things like ghosts and living-before/again puts me in the same category as scientists…except that scientists try and make their theoretical conclusions sound factual and not subject to question. Then, of course, science changes its mind and tries to make their new theory sound factual and not subject to question.

That’s where my battle with science begins: I do question their conclusions. Common sense tells me that much of what science has declared to be hard fact does not stand up to common sense and reason. There are many questions that science has glossed-over because they can’t come up with good answers. And there are other questions that science says they have answered…only to change their mind as other facts come into play.

Examples? How is it we are living on a little ball in the middle of space, suspended by nothing? How is it that this little ball keeps rotating and revolving about our sun with such accuracy that we can predict the sunrise or sunset on any part of the Earth within seconds? Science comes up with words like “gravity”. But, when pressed, they can’t tell you what gravity really is or how it works. For years science preached that our orbit around our sun was round because gravity made it that way. Recently, when they discovered that our orbit around our sun was eliptical, they scrambled for new answers. There are a million questions for which our esteemed group of scientists have no good answers…so they make them up…and later, change their collective minds.

Science has never come up with a good explanation of human behavior: The so-called science of psychology has yet to settle-down with any genuine conclusions. Via Sigmund Freud and Freudian Psychology they developed theories about how the human mind works…until Gestalt came up with his theories and changed everything. Now, almost all “abnormal” human behavior is treated with chemicals...or rather, prescription drugs. These drugs may cloud or dull the functions of the brain, but even psychologists and psychiatrists realize that they are treating a symptom and not the problem. It seems that if they can dull the brain enough so that a person can live in our stressful society, they feel that they have done their jobs.

Certainly science has tried to explain why some people become “deviant” to what they deem is the “norm” of society. Science now claims that most problems emanate from a chemical imbalance in the brain. It seems to me that they’re going to have to come up with a theory of what is chemically “balanced” brain before they start talking about “imbalance”. Of course, they can’t do that, so they come up with a bunch of theories and then try to support those theories with a lot of fancy talk and baloney…then try to back it up with meaningless experiments.

Science makes no effort to explain how it is that a child of professional parents can become a criminal, or how someone from a dysfunctional family can become a world leader, or how two children raised in the same environment: one can become a world leader and the other a criminal.

These days, science is likely to say (with dogmatic authority) that it is their genes. But how does that explain how a set of twins, from one sac, with almost identical genes, one can become a musician and the other a mathematician…or one can become a doctor and the other a prostitute.

At least the paranormal theories that I have set forth in these blogs explain many of these things in a manner that seems consistent with what we know and what we are learning: We know we all have an electromagnetic aura surrounding our bodies. Science has made little (if any) attempts to explain what it is or how it works. But if it is an inter-dimensional thing that feeds our computer-like brains, and has done this for many others before…it explains a lot. It explains the strange dreams we may have; it explains ghosts; it might even explain UFOs. In fact, the more you unclog your brain from the nonsense our scientific community disseminates, the more sense things in life actually make.

I’m not saying or suggesting that science has not helped make our physical lives healthier and longer. But the fact is that we are not our bodies…we are our minds!

No physician or scientist anywhere can locate our minds as any part of our bodies. But they call me some kind of “nut” when I say that our mind is actually outside of our body. I firmly believe that our minds are actually located in the electromagnetic aura that surrounds our bodies. It doesn’t hold water to believe that our mind is a part of our brain. We know that brain-damaged people still think with complete clarity. If the mind is a part of the brain, when the brain is damaged by a heavy blow or by cerebral palsy, why doesn’t it affect the mind? Damage to the brain will clearly hamper the brain’s being able to control bodily functions…but we know from thousands of experiments that it doesn’t affect the mind. So why not accept my belief of the possibility that our minds are outside of our bodies in our electromagnetic auras.

If you accept this, it make things like astral projection logical and possible. It makes things like retrogression through hypnosis to a previous life seem elementary. And, of course, if we have had previous lives, doesn’t that go a long way towards explaining ghosts and hauntings?

The answers are there…but we find it difficult to accept them because this is not what we were taught in school. It’s strange to me that billions of people believe that God made our world in six days 5,500 years ago, but the same people can’t accept the possibility that He separated our minds from our bodies so that our minds would never be injured as we live our lives.

As I said…nobody asked me.

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