Sunday, November 1, 2009

Questions and Answers - 2

November 1, 2009

Maybe I’m finally on the right track. Lots of questions have been coming in. Most writers have requested that they not be identified, so I’ll continue the questions and answers and respect the writers’ anonymity:

1. Question: Why do ghosts only seem to make their presence known at night?

Answer: They don’t. There are lots of “daytime” ghosts that have mysteriously appeared in photographs taken while the sun was shining. The reason that most people tend to associate ghosts with nighttime activity is because, at night, everything is usually a lot quieter than in the daytime and strange shadows can be sensed better than in daylight. Ghosts are not very loud. Unlike our human bodies, they do not have vocal chords and, generally, communicate by thought waves…or, as we call it, ESP. If your mind is not preoccupied with other thoughts, frequently you will be able to hear ESP messages. Since verbal communication, without speech, is very difficult, frequently a deceased friend or relative may set your mind to thinking of a song or a scene that you can readily associate only with that person. How many times has a song you haven’t heard for years just popped into your head without rhyme or reason? If you think about “when” and “where” you first heard that song, it might be a communication from a deceased loved one letting you know that they are O.K.

2. Question: This week there were a couple of ghost-chasers and “mediums” on the Larry King Live show. Did you see the show and, if you did, what did you think of it?

Answer: I did see the show. I was away in San Francisco at a Probate Referees’ Conference when my wife called me and told me to check-it-out. The so-called ghost-chasers were very impressive with the equipment they set up. They did acknowledge the existence of ghosts…or rather, “unexplained presences”. Insofar as the mediums, psychics and authors were concerned, I repeat what I have often said: I have never met a genuine medium, or psychic who made their living being a medium or psychic. There are some very fine people who run paranormal centers, but they usually do not claim they have psychic powers.

3. Question: Are the so-called hand-healers or Reiki healers for real?

Answer: First we have to distinguish between Reiki and hand-healers. Reiki is a technique whereby, through massage or other touching of your body, the tensions within the body transfer themselves to the hands of Reiki therapist. Reiki therapists are taught the Reiki technique and apply it to their clients. Those who go for Reiki treatments swear by it. If it helps people, I’m fully in favor of it. Hand-healing is significantly more complex: For thousands of years there have been hand-healers. These are special people with special powers. Throughout history they have been known by different names: witch-doctors, saints, voodoo hands, miracle workers, etc. They have the ability to draw the problems or dysfunctions of the body out of the body like an “Empath”. There are hundreds of thousands of recorded cases where hand-healers have cured such things as appendicitis, brain tumors, smallpox, scoliosis, cancer, etc. Hand-healers do not succeed more than 25% of the time, and even then, sometimes take months to affect a cure. Many physicians now hire supposedly authentic hand-healers to try to help their patients who do not respond to the more traditional treatments.

4. Question: Is there anything to astrology?

Answer: When you say “anything”, you’re asking an extremely broad question. If you mean, “Is there anything to published horoscopes?”, the answer is a definite “no”. Your astrological sign does not determine whether today will be a good day or a bad day, nor does it pre-designate your lucky numbers, nor tell you how, when and where to find love. If you meant “Does your position in the cosmos at the time of your birth have an effect on your life?”, then I would have to respond, “I don’t know.” It’s possible that the position of the sun, the moon and the stars at the time of your birth has some effect on your life, but I have not studied this possibility enough to give you an educated answer.

5. Question (from the same person): Is there anything to palmistry?

Answer: Again, I don’t know enough about palmistry to give you a good answer. It just seems to me that if there was anything to palmistry, every insurance company would want to look at your life-line before selling you a life insurance policy. And, of course, they don’t.

Please keep the questions coming.

Stephen Ellis

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