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Peter Hurkos - Genuine Psychic

July 31, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

My apologies for not writing a blog last week. My wife and I were in NYC on vacation. We had a wonderful time, and writing a blog for the week simply slipped my mind.

Of all the famous psychics I have heard about (Edgar Casey, Elizabeth Montgomery, Rasputin, etc.) perhaps the most deserving of fame was Peter Hurkos. The reason I say this was because Peter, by taking my keys on his hand, pulled out many long-forgotten memories from me. I do not profess to be an expert on cold readings, but I’m fairly knowledgeable about them…and this was no cold reading. Not even close.

Hurkos has been credited with solving many police mysteries, the most famous of which was the case of the Boston Strangler. He’s also been credited with solving several other famous cases. One of the lesser known cases (but yet most impressive) was locating the body of a seven year old girl in Amsterdam who had disappeared. She had fallen into one of Amsterdam’s innumerable canals and had gotten tangled in some weeds. Hurkos directed the police to the exact spot the body was found.

Albert Einstein once said that for every person with a special gift or skill, there will be a hundred people of mediocrity who will fight to the death to put-down that skilled or gifted person and belittle him. In the same vein, Hurkos has many people dedicated to minimizing his unique skills. There are those (including Wikopedia) that allege Hurkos never allowed himself to be scientifically examined except once at the University of California…which test was ridiculous, impossible and totally unworthy of the scientific minds at the University of California..

The truth is that Andrija Puharich, MD, a noted physician and researcher of ESP was so impressed by the stories about Hurkos that he invited Hurkos to the USA in 1956 to study what seemed to be Hurkos’ unique psychic abilities under laboratory conditions. Hurkos was studied at Dr. Puharich’s Glen Cove, Maine, medical research laboratory under what Dr. Puharich considered to be very tightly controlled conditions. The results convinced Dr. Puharich that Hurkos’ psychic abilities were far greater than any he had ever tested (before or thereafter) . . . a remarkable 90% accuracy. After two and-one-half years of testing Hurkos, Dr. Puharich said, “I am convinced that Peter Hurkos, is the greatest of anyone I have ever tested as a psychic. His abilities are so far reaching, that he hasn’t even scratched the surface of what he can do with his abilities and mind."

Peter Hurkos, like most people, was primarily concerned with making a living and supporting his family. He often said that his mind was like a TV set that turned itself on and off and he did not always know when his psychicl TV would turn “on” or “off”. This became a problem when he was signed to do a weekly TV show. He never knew when his mental TV screen would be operating, so when his mental TV was “off” he resorted to his “showman” and “cold reading” techniques. But even on his weekly TV show, sometimes the screen would turn “on” and he revealed precise things about people in the audience that no ”cold reading” technique could possibly produce.

Hurkos gave those of us that research the paranormal a significant insight into psychic powers. The so-called TV screen is not always “on”, but the fact is that it does, sometimes, turn “on”, and when it does, we have one of those inexplicable things called psychic phenomena. Even the studies at Duke University have confirmed that the same person who fails their psychic tests on Monday may pass them with flying colors on Tuesday.

Tell me about your psychic experiences. Stephen Ellis


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For those interested in hearing Peter Hurkos, here's an Broadcast he did with Bill Jenkins on "Open Mind" in approximately 1985 (exact date unknown):

It's on this page, in case you can't access the link above.

It's a great listen!

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