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August 22, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

For some reason, there have recently been an uncommonly high number of articles and supposed eyewitness events concerning haunted houses, haunted commercial establishments and the like. While this is interesting, I suspect many readers may not even know what is meant by a “haunting”. Surely all of us have heard about haunted houses and maybe, when we were kids, stood outside some gloomy looking place afraid to go in. The brave kids may actually have entered such a house and left abruptly when there was some weird sound inside.

So let’s take it from “scratch”: Haunted houses are places where ghosts seem to inhabit.

Are there such things as “ghosts”? And, if so, what are they? Why do they pick some particular place to hang-out?

Ghosts exist! There are millions of claims regarding ghosts and haunting. That’s a pretty high number of people to call “liars” or “delusional.

Ghosts are the energy of people who have died who for some reason (and we’ll talk about the possibilities) have not gone to the usual place dead people go. When someone’s body dies, the energy that was that person’s mind or aura does not die. Most people who have died and come back to life (yes…there are many such people) seem to suggest that they went to a place like Heaven…or a free-floating world…or to someplace where they saw other ghostly energies waiting to be reborn. Speaking of being “re-born”, there is absolutely overwhelming evidence that reincarnation is a fact of life.

Ghosts are never something to be feared. They were people, just like you…only now they do not have a body. If the energy that was a person is still alive, that energy may not want to go to the places mentioned above and may prefer to remain where they lived or where their life was abruptly ended. When this happens, we say that the place the energy decided to remain is “haunted”.

The person whose energy is located in a specific place usually decides to remain there for one of several reasons: 1-They do not believe or are not willing to accept that their body has died. 2-The person, when alive, may have been someone who built that house and does not want to let go of it. 3-The person whose energy has remained in a house may be because their life was ended abruptly there and they still do not understand their abrupt death. 4- The person who died may want to remain there to watch over those who are still living.

There can be many other reasons, of course, but what makes a place haunted is the fact that the dead person’s energy is still there.

What can a ghost do? Not much! The energy has no body. It has no larynx…no vocal chords, etc. So if it tries to talk, it’s going to sound like a super-faint whisper. That’s why ghost-chasing organizations use equipment to monitor the faintest of whispers. Can it harm you physically? Of course not. It has no body to do any harm to anyone.

Can it affect you mentally? That’s a good question: Energy has a way of permeating your own energy and it can put thoughts into your head. It can make you think you are hearing sounds or voices that are really not there. It can make you think you are seeing someone who is not there…at least until your own energy chases out the intruding energy. That’s how I was able to see the exact image of a girl who was murdered in an apartment I was renting, but then as I became more awake, the image disappeared. It is safe to conclude that your own energy, the energy that comprises you mind/aura has been with your body since birth, can always override any foreign energy that may have entered your mind. Ghostly energy may be able to (temporarily) take over the mind of a child, but in both the long and the short run, ghostly energy cannot harm you. It may give you some strange dreams when you sleep…but that’s about all it can really do.

How do you get rid of a ghost? You talk to them! For some reason, still inexplicable to me, the energy in your body can both see and hear without an optic nerve or an ear drum. This has been verified thousands of times by people who practice astral projection. So, If a ghost can see you and hear you, the usual, most successful, way to rid a house of a ghost is to speak to them; tell them they are dead; that they no longer own the property they are haunting, that you now own the house and you want them gone, etc. This seems to work almost 100% of the time.

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Stephen Ellis