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Nobody asked me, but… August 23, 2009

It never fails to amaze me how many people who are, otherwise, intelligent people, continue to deny the existence of UFOs, of ghosts, of virtually anything that touches the paranormal. For the most part, these are not unintelligent people or people without an education. They are doctors, lawyers, engineers…even some rocket scientists. Yet, they live in complete denial of things that that have not only shown us overwhelming evidence of their existence, but in many cases have been accompanied by logical, virtually irrefutable evidence.

To such people there is never enough proof or photographic evidence. It’s as if a ghost came and visited them in their bedroom and they spent the following ten years searching the room for some sort of holographic projector. I have often used the phrase: If you do not believe something, no amount of proof will convince you…if you do believe something, no proof is necessary.

Let’s take a minute and look at some of the proof such people deny: This week I’ll talk about the “proof” of UFOs. Next week, the proof of “ghosts”…and who knows what we’ll discuss after that:

UFOs: There have been more than five million UFO sightings throughout the world. There have been more than a hundred thousand photographs taken of UFOs (approximately half of which have been examined by experts for photo-shop alterations and found to be original photos that have not been retouched).

If you look at some of the photos of UFOs, they have different shapes, different lighting, etc. Photos of UFOs, generally, are not “copy-cat” or “me-too” pictures sent by people seeking to fool others. Many of these photos have been taken by military personnel, college professors, airline pilots, etc. Certainly fifteen minutes of fame is not being sought by Heads of State of several countries or by their Prime Ministers, Ministers of Finance or Ministers of Defense who claim to have seen UFOs (and some have taken photos).

Here in the USA, there have been several books written by intelligent authors demonstrating that the UFOnick claims of a UFO having crashed near Rosewell, New Mexico, are false and misleading. These books claim to have interviewed people stationed at the nearby Walker Air Force Base who stated that it was simply a weather balloon that crashed. It’s interesting that none of the books alleging that “nothing happened” ever interviewed the military personnel who were sent to investigate the event. It’s interesting that none of the books mention that the metal fragments recovered at the alleged crash site were unknown to our metallurgists…or that an analysis of the recovered metal fragments has led to the creation of new alloys that are now being used by our military in their aircraft. The writers of these books simply say that it was a weather balloon that crashed. No one seems to even want to ask how a weather balloon could have exploded upon impact. It was the explosion upon impact that led the military to investigate what the explosion was. Nor has any author of those “denial” books ever asked why the Chairman of our Joint Chiefs of Staff flew out the Walker Air Force Base the following day.

Is our government or military trying to conceal something from us? It won’t be the first (or last) time our government has tried to cover-up something they felt would “panic” our citizens. Remember that the bulk of our laws and government are based on the church-goers who descended from the Puritans who landed at Plymouth Rock. Our Government is based on the slogan “In God We Trust”. It would never do to announce that there are such things as alien life forms. It would severely impact the belief that God made us unique in the world…and might cause massive uprisings and wars around the world. Lots of religious fanatics would gladly kill others to prove it isn’t so.

Recently, several previously classified reports from Russia and Great Britain regarding UFOs were declassified and released to the public. Although I’m certain the “Top-Secret” reports have not been (and will probably never be) declassified, it’s most interesting to look at what has been opened to the public:

Hundreds of Britons had 'close encounters' with UFOs, according to previously-classified documents released by Great Britain’s Ministry of Defence.

The sightings were made between 1981 and 1996 from observers including police officers, fighter pilots and school children. They range from lights in the sky to close contact with aliens with 'lemon-shaped heads', and include detailed analysis on some of the UK's most well-known cases.

The British Government 'X- Files', contains 14 files of sightings, letters and Parliamentary Questions - 4,000 pages in total.

The Russian reports were significantly more extensive and strongly suggested that the source of these UFOs was not outer space, but from the depths of our oceans. The declassified Russian reports are over 10,000 pages long. They have reports from their top Naval brass that UFO’s were spotted by Sonar under water and travelled under water at speed normally associated with jet aircraft. They slowed down and stayed close to the Russian ships, sometimes tracking them for hours before accelerating away at high speed. They were often visually seen by entire ship’s crews to burst out from the sea into the sky where they, sometimes, hovered, and sometimes sped off to God- knows-where.

You ought to tell some of your disbelieving friends to investigate these declassified files.

What are they and where are they from? At this moment I do not have those answers…but rest assured I am researching the reports and…maybe…I will have an answer soon.

In the meantime, if you’ve got any ideas, please let me know at

Next week I’ll discuss “proof” of ghosts.

As I said…nobody asked me.

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