Sunday, August 2, 2009

Other Possible Explanations of UFOs

By Stephen Ellis

Nobody asked me, but…

I’ve been genuinely fascinated with the recently declassified Russian Naval documents concerning UFOs. It has brought about a lot of concern and opened my mind to different thinking. First of all, the Russian military is an absolutely “no-nonsense” organization. When high ranking Russian military officials are suspected of “coloring” reports or trying to make “political gains” from their reports…such individuals tend to quietly disappear.

That’s why their reports need to be respected and given serious consideration. The Russian Navy’s declassified reports (if you read them carefully) are suggesting that the UFO’s we see in our skies are not from another planet or another solar system…but may be from right here on Earth. From beneath our oceans!

My nature is to examine all possibilities…and I believe you should do the same: Without accepting or denying the Russian Navy’s reports, let’s take a moment to examine them versus what most “UFOniks” appear to believe:

Question: Is it more probable that members of some advanced civilization have traversed the incredible vastness of space to locate our planet and visit it…or is it more probable that these objects are actually Earth-bound objects? Bear in mind that approximately seventy percent (70%) of the Earth’s surface has not been explored. Particularly the surface of the Earth beneath our oceans.

Question: Is it more likely that Interplanetary visitors would visit this planet and not attempt communication, or that creatures (or whatever life forms) living at great depths have no means of communicating where atmospheric pressures are as light as on the land surface of the Earth or in our planet’s atmosphere?

Where and why did the story of the lost continent of Atlantis originate? What about Lemuria or Kandam? Were there actually significant land masses and civilizations that submerged and disappeared?

Where and why did the stories of an ancient super-advanced, super high-tech, civilization here on Earth originate? Has anyone ever understood how the Pyramids of Giza not only calculated the value of “Pi” but accurately measured the distance between the Earth and the Moon and the Sun? Or showed the rings of Saturn in some hieroglyphics? Or calculated that there were eight planets in our Solar System long before there were telescopes? What about the unexplained underwater city just off of Bimini Island (a part of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle) or what appears to be an airstrip at Machu Picchu in Peru?

Although credit for the concept of Atlantis goes back to Plato’s writings, I feel reasonably confident that these legends are, minimally, 99% false and are little more than fodder for some science-fiction writers…although I must admit that the extremely high levels of nuclear radiation and ash found in the buried Indian city of Harappa (buried approximately 50,000 years ago) do make me scratch my head in wonder. I’m not suggesting anything other than that there are an awful lot of unanswered questions concerning what life was like here on Earth before history began to be recorded. Advanced, high-tech civilizations are a possibility although there is no credible history to support such thinking.

Let’s make-up a little scenario: Let’s suppose that there is some sort of intelligent life existing in the depths of our oceans. Unlike us, however, they are not humanoid in shape or form, but are more like orbs of energy capable of living beneath the sea and able to visit our atmosphere for limited periods of time. If they were orbs of intelligent energy it would be expected that they could change their shape and may not be able to communicate with humanoid life forms. The appearance of UFOs, based on available photographs, does seem to change…even in flight. This scenario may even suggest an explanation of some of the extremely high number of UFO and orb appearances in Australia recently. One thing appears certain: UFOs tend to prefer areas near deep water.

Of course this is a scenario and has no basis in fact. It might tend to explain some of the massive bursts of energy that seem to emanate from specific parts of our oceans such as the Bermuda Triangle where hundreds of ships and planes have said their instrumentation goes “haywire” at various times. What makes the thought intriguing is that I feel it is so much more likely that UFOs are from somewhere within the Earth rather than from outer space.

Travel at the speed of light is (to the best of our scientific knowledge) a physical impossibility because, at the speed of light, you become “one” with everything… everywhere. But, it might be possible to travel at “half” the speed of light if we ever possess the technology to travel at such unimaginable speeds. But, at half the speed of light, simple arithmetic doesn’t compute: An object that is ten light years away would probably take a thousand Earth years to traverse travelling at half the speed of light; not the simple arithmetic “five” years.

It’s obvious that there are some things out there called UFOs. It’s just that I can’t see some form of life travelling a thousand years to get here and then not even stopping to say “hello”.

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