Thursday, August 27, 2009

Please take this quiz


I’d like to know how many of my readers really believe in things like ghosts, UFOs and psychic things. Take a couple of minutes and check-off the following and send it to me at You don’t have to give your name. Only your opinion:

1. I believe that we are “alone in this world. Yes______ No______

2. I believe that there are other forms of intelligent life in outer space. Yes______ No______

3. I believe that UFOs are manned by alien beings. Yes______ No______

4. I believe that all UFO reports are made-up. Yes______ No______

5. I have seen UFO photos that appear genuine. Yes______ No______

6. I believe all UFO photos are the result of photo workshops. Yes______ No______

7. I have seen (or know someone who’s seen) a UFO. Yes_____ No______

8. I have read the British and/or Russian declassified UFO reports. Yes_____ No______

9. I go to church (synagogue, mosque, etc.) regularly. Yes_____ No______

10. I believe in ghosts. Yes_____ No______

11. I have had an experience with a ghost. Yes_____ No______

12. I have had a “near-death” experience Yes_____ No______

13. I have experienced mind/body separation. Yes_____ No______

14. I have had one or more déjà vu experiences. Yes______ No______

15. I know someone who is genuinely psychic. Yes______ No______

16. I believe there is a God as written in the Bible. Yes______ No______

17. I believe that when I die, I will live again. Yes______ No______

18. I believe there is a Biblical Heaven and/or Hell. Yes______ No______

19. I believe that ghost-chasers are all a lot of nonsense. Yes______ No______

20. I believe that good (and bad) karma really exists. Yes______ No______

Send me your answers and I publish the results in about a week. Thanks. Stephen Ellis

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