Monday, January 25, 2010

January 24, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

The mail I get from readers is wonderful. I always manage to find the time to answer all questions E-mailed to me despite the fact that I still have a full-time job (even at my age). To me, the mail I get can be as much a learning experience as it is a chance to help others become acquainted with themselves. I have written about “fear” before: How people are afraid of ghosts, UFOs and almost anything associated with the paranormal. For some reason, I never stopped to think about the fear of people who actually have a sixth sense, can communicate with the dead and/or are sensitive to psychic things. It seriously concerns me.

Many psychically sensitive people are not only afraid that their parents or friends will think they are crazy, but they sometimes think to themselves that they actually are crazy: How is it they can hear sounds others do not hear; how come they can sense the presence of others who cannot be seen? Isn’t hearing voices in your head a sign of schizophrenia or paranoia? And what about the way other people look at you if you tell them about it?

A lot of kids have imaginary friends…but imagine how your parents must feel when you scream at them to be careful because they are about step on your unseen friend. Adult reaction can be very frightening to children.

The line between bi-polar disorders and being super sensitive to paranormal phenomena is very thin…and sometimes it’s as imaginary as that imaginary friend. It would not surprise me in the least if many children diagnosed with bi-polar disorders are actually children with a sixth sense who are too young to know how to handle it.

The truth is that many children are born super-sensitive to paranormal things…but there is enormous pressure around them to stifle their natural instincts and “behave like an adult”. Family and friends have, undoubtedly killed or subdued the psychic powers within a lot of children.

Please do not underestimate the psychic powers of children: Just about every single case of reincarnation that has been verified with overwhelming evidence has come from a child: How would a four-year-old child know, when taken to an aviation museum, that the bomb-shaped metal casing beneath a military aircraft was a spare fuel tank and not a bomb? Yet this is exactly what happened! How would that child sense he was a pilot on a P-40 fighter plane that was shot down near Iwo Jima in WWII? Even to the extent of describing the Mitsubishi Fighters that shot him down or the little-known aircraft carrier where he was based. How about the three-year-old girl city dweller who described living in a mountain shack in Tennessee a hundred years earlier (including a description of an outdoor water pump and an outhouse)?

Or, how could a seven-year old child describe the interior of a WWII submarine and the effect of a depth charge on it.

May children are psychically sensitive as children…and they seem to outgrow that sensitivity. Memories that they spoke about when they were five or six are completely blotted-out from their memories by the time they are ten. Or, perhaps the memories have merely been suppressed by an adult world. The memories are still there when hypnotized.

We all live in a world where the greatest single desire of humans is to be loved and accepted. Fear of losing love and respect has destroyed an infinite number of lives.

So it is when we find we have a super-power or a strong sensitivity to things the world terms as paranormal, we tend to hide or suppress those things out of fear rather than chance we will lose the love or respect of those we love or whose love we want and need.

The truth is that we are hiding who or what we really are from the rest of the world. If you want to be loved and respected, earn that love and respect for who and what you really are. Don’t let the pressures of everyday life kill one of the most beautiful things inside you.

Please write and tell me about the psychic things you try to keep secret. I won’t use your name unless you tell me it’s OK to do so.

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