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January 10, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

There is a very old adage I have repeated many times: “If you don’t believe something, no amount of proof will convince you. If you do believe something, no proof is necessary.”

This adage was brought home to me in a very powerful way: A reader spoke with me about UFOs and told me that although she has an open mind, she is still not a believer that UFOs really exist. She wonders about why all photographs have been fuzzy; she wonders what sort of people can develop machines that fly faster and higher than our latest high-tech aircraft; she wonders where they came from and where they go to; she wonders why none of them seem to communicate with us…and how (according to numerous descriptions), they can be the size of large cruise ship.

That’s a lot of questions, and not all of them can be answered. Only a year ago, she thought that UFOs were the product of vivid imaginations and never really existed. Her questions indicate that her mind has started to open to other possibilities. Still, she is clinging to an element of skepticism like millions of others who want “scientific proof”.

This particular reader is very special to me. She is exceptionally intelligent (she has a PhD) and she is my daughter. She has read my book “Explaining the Unexplained”, I have flooded her with articles written by people who have nothing to gain by deception, she’s seen videos, photos, etc. and what I call overwhelming evidence.

I’m certain she would like some “scientific proof”…but the fact is that “scientific proof” does not exist outside of the laboratory. Science can prove (with reasonable certainty) such things as water being composed of H2O or what the reaction will be when you mix certain chemicals; beyond that, there is very little “scientific proof” of anything. Science can’t explain how it is that we live on a little ball in the middle of nothingness, how it is that the ball keeps spinning at the same pace or how it is that it rotates around its star (the Sun) at the same rate annually. Science will use a trash pot term such as “gravity” to try and explain it, but science will admit is does not know what gravity is or how it works…only that it exists. Then, too, science keeps changing its mind: They used to say that the Earth held its accurate rotation because there was no friction in space to slow it down. But, as our satellites have shown, there is friction in space and it does slow down the rotation of satellites. Science used to say that gravity kept us equidistant from the Sun…only now our space research has shown that our orbit around the Sun is elliptical and not circular.

It is highly unlikely that there will ever be “scientific proof” about anything paranormal.

There have been millions of people who have had encounters with ghosts…but there is no “scientific proof”. There have been numerous cases of former lives with documented, verified facts and knowledge about a former life the living could not possibly have known…but, not with “scientific proof”. There have been more than two million UFO sightings and hundreds of thousands of photos and videos taken…some by figures of national and international prominence, others by military leaders of many nations…but, of course, no “scientific proof”.

Let’s see if I can respond to some of my daughter’s questions:

1. Why are photos of UFOs always “fuzzy”? As I understand it, UFOs, generally, are moving at very high rates of speed. Moving objects are always “fuzzy” when photographed…especially when they are moving at speeds in excess of 1,000 mph.

2. What sort of beings can create machines that fly faster and higher…? To believe that the human mind and its capabilities are the highest possible is to have a monumental ego. I believe it is possible for other beings to have intelligence and manufacturing capabilities far beyond that of man.

3. Where do such beings come from and where do they go? I don’t know. There are several possibilities to consider: From outer space, from the dark sides of our moon, from other planets, from beneath our oceans, from another dimension, etc. The “Super String Theory” which is now the pet theory of astronomy and physics is strongly indicative that there are other dimensions we cannot see and there may very well be parallel planets, identical to Earth, in those dimensions.

4. Why don’t they communicate? Again, I don’t know. It’s possible that their system of communications is far too sophisticated for our listening devices…or possibly they communicate through telepathy.

As I said, there are many things I don’t know at this time but that I’m hoping to discover before I depart my Earthly realm. To me it is important is that we all open our minds to other possibilities and allow our imaginations to run free. But for the imagination of some people, man would have never learned to fly…to store food…to record music…to visit the moon, etc., etc. etc.

Humans are the only Earthbound creatures that can imagine and create. Don’t limit your beliefs to those few things that have “scientific proof”.

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