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January 17, 2010 By Stephen Ellis

One of the most common, yet still unexplained, things we have all heard about is hypnotism. Most of us have seen shows where a hypnotist makes the subjects do weird (sometimes funny) things; where it is demonstrated that a hypnotized person can be made immune to pain or possess great strength. More serious hypnotists will practice painless childbirth, painless dentistry, the breaking of habits such as nail-biting or smoking. Some qualified hypnotherapists will evoke memories of long buried things, explore past lives and use hypnotism as a tool in psychotherapy.

Yet, very few understand the “why” and the “how” of working with a hypnotized person. Hypnotism may be a key link between the normal and the paranormal.

First of all, let’s clear up a few myths: 1-Not everyone can be hypnotized to the same extent. You have to be willing to allow yourself to be hypnotized. There are certain drugs that can be used to help hypnotize an unwilling subject, but the result is quite different than hypnotizing a willing subject. 2-If you are hypnotized, despite false and misleading stories to the contrary, there is absolutely no chance that you will not wake up. If left alone, a hypnotized person will covert to normal sleep…and wake up normally.

On the surface, the only thing we really know about hypnotism is that it results from what we call “suggestion”. The hypnotist suggests something and the willing subject actually feels what is suggested. The hypnotist suggests “sleep” and the subject sleeps. The hypnotist suggests that pain cannot be felt…and pain cannot be felt.

But, as I just said…that’s what’s on the surface. Now let’s explore what is really happening:

As I have so-often stated, mind (or aura) is completely different than the brain. If the brain is injured, the mind/aura continues to function normally. When we are awake, the brain is in control. But, like every other part of the body, the brain needs to rest or sleep. When it does, the mind/aura takes over. That’s why, when we sleep, we dream…but what we see in our dreams is a distortion of reality because we are not seeing with our optic nerve and we are not hearing with our ear drum. So, even things that are familiar to us look and sound differently when we dream.

A person's mind/aura is extremely powerful. If the mind believes you can feel no pain, you can comfortably walk over a bed of hot coals and not feel pain. If you allow your brain to function and create doubt, your brain knows that hot coals will burn your feet, so the brain steps in and your feet get burned…but not if your mind/aura stays in complete control.

So, effectively, the hypnotist is putting the brain to sleep and communicating directly with a person’s mind/aura!

The brain (which tries to protect your body) tells you that the human body has its limits in strength and endurance. But your mind can expand these limits so that a hypnotized girl of 90 pounds can have a cement block sledge-hammered over her rigid body while suspended between two chairs…and a man can lift the rear of a car off the street with his bare hands.

Your brain is an incredible computer and can store every memory of everything you’ve ever done or said. But because the brain’s filing system is so clogged with the sights and sounds of everyday life, it sometimes takes days or even weeks to bring up a forgotten memory. Your mind, however, doesn’t have that problem. It is oblivious to the sights and sounds around it and can bring up forgotten memories in an instant. Thus a hypnotized person can recall their third birthday party…who came to it and what presents were received. Or, if the brain sleeps deeply enough, the mind can bring up a prior life such as has been shown in numerous reincarnation studies.

In one short blog, I can only scratch the surface of what can be and is being accomplished through hypnosis. Hypnosis can be a great tool in psychotherapy; it can open the doors to astral projection; to non-medical healing, etc. There are far too many advantages to being hypnotized to set forth in this blog. Being hypnotized is a wonderful sensation and can do much for your life, in general. There is one very important caution:

You must know and completely trust your hypnotist. A hypnotist can make you do some strange things by making suggestions directly to your mind/aura. So be certain that anyone who wants to hypnotize you is professional and always have a trustworthy friend in the room with you when you are being hypnotized.

There is much, much more to say about hypnotism…what it can and cannot do, etc. If you have questions, I’ll provide the answers. Write me at

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