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Powers Within

November 29, 2009

A lady friend from the San Francisco Bay Area named Nancy wrote that when she was six years old, she had an accident wherein she fell on her head onto concrete from a 12-foot height. Miraculously, she recovered completely, although a neurologist told her mother that some soft tissue (or “brain buffers”) may have been injured. Some years later, while in college, Nancy decided to have herself tested for psychic ability, in a lab. To the amazement of the scientists administering the test she was able to perform psycho kinesis: the ability to move objects with her mind. Nothing fantastic (or phony) like Yuri Geller’s artificial act of spoon bending, but she was able, at will, to move a wire so that it made an electrical connection and sounded a bell. She was tested repeatedly and succeeded every time.

My family and I had a fabulous Thanksgiving prepared by my son, Craig Ellis and his wife, Bethany Ellis. At the dinner table, the conversation turned to the blogs I’ve been writing. My niece, Laura, an exceptionally beautiful (and unmarried) girl, related a few instances that she felt were precognition and four instances of a “ghostly experience”. They were interesting enough to set forth here:

When she was going to college (in Indiana) sometimes she and a bunch of the girls she roomed with would go off to have a little fun. They would pack themselves in a car and just take-off laughing about everything. Because Laura was the smallest one in the group, they told her to lie down in the back where they usually stored the luggage. Laura had a premonition that she was not safe, so with her girlfriends’ approval, she squeezed into the back seat with the others stating that she had a strong feeling they were going to be in an accident. Minutes later, a car crashed into the rear of their car and crushed the area where Laura was supposed to be lying down.

In another event, Laura had rented a hotel room and all of her friends came over bringing lots of beer. Laura was upset because she was the only one in the room that was legitimately over 21. Laura cautioned everyone to stay quiet as Indiana does not cotton to people under 21 drinking beer. They all had quiet fun until a pizza delivery man knocked at the door. Laura hushed everyone and said she saw an image of a cop standing right behind the pizza delivery man. Everyone laughed. When she opened the door, there was the pizza man…with a cop standing directly behind him. They had not been making any noise and there was no known reason for the cop to be there.

Laura also told of a ghostly experience: She was trying to sleep when she felt someone pushing down and bouncing the foot of her bed. She thought it was her roommate playing a prank, and she was not going to open her eyes to appease her roommate until the bouncing of the bed became too severe. She opened her eyes…and there was no one in the room. She says she was not sure if it had been a half-awake/asleep dream, but the shaking of the bed was very real. No one was there except Laura. Laura told me this happened to her three more times…always when she was alone. She always tried to keep her eyes closed until the shaking of the bed became too severe to ignore it.

The above, unsolicited, stories are examples of how the paranormal affects our lives and existence; often in ways we tend to ignore until we start reflecting back on them and we realize that there are special forces within each of us. If we will only make the effort, we can learn to control them and use them for our own benefit and the benefit of others.

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Bill Gladwell said...

Those are some very week examples and lack scientific documentation.

The moving of the wire... I'd like to see the documentation and the parameters of the experiment. The other examples lend themselves to mere coincidence.

Bill Gladwell