Sunday, November 8, 2009

Questions and Answers 3

November 8, 2009

1. Question: What are “orbs”?

Answer: That’s not an easy question. Orbs are roundish balls ranging in size from pin-points to the size of a volleyball. We do not know what they really are, so, perhaps, a description of them would be best:

These (not always) round balls will appear in photographs and make a photo look like there were rain drops or a lot of dust on the lens of the camera. Of course, these possibilities have been tested and found to be without merit. At first, orbs were thought to be imperfections in the film. But when they started to appear on digital photos, this was also eliminated. If the orbs had been imperfections on digital photos, they would have appeared Square and not round.

A spectro-analysis of orbs has shown them to be surrounded by a coat of energy. Not very high-grade energy, but clearly the markings of energy. Thus, some scientists started to call them balls of energy. They have since retracted that theory.

It is interesting to note that the energy surrounding orbs is electromagnetic in nature and extremely similar to the electromagnetic field that surrounds our bodies… often called our “aura”.

Orbs have been around for a long time, but it seems that their presence has been noticed more in the past ten years than at any previous time.

In Perth, Australia, there is a house that seems to attract orbs. These are not orbs that the camera alone can see. They can be seen with the naked eye! In fact, the internet is replete with U-Tube videos of the orbs that seem to frequent this house. These orbs seem to come and go as per their own fee will. Solid objects do not seem to deter them…they pass right through. This, by the way, obviates someone using a flashlight or laser beam to make these things appear. When a light strikes a solid object, the light bends and goes around the object leaving a shadow on one side. These things clearly pass directly through solid objects.

The thought that these may be ghostly objects has also filled the internet with theories. Many people claim to be able to see faces in these orbs. To me, that takes a bit of imagination, but I can’t deny the “possibility” just because I don’t see them.

As I have often written about, I believe there are cracks in the time and fabric of our Earth and what we call “reality” or the dimension in which we live. Perhaps this house in Perth is near such a crack and some inter-dimensional objects pass through.

One thing is for certain: They have never harmed anyone.

Please keep the questions coming.

Stephen Ellis

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