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Questions and Answers 4

Questions and Answers-4
November 22, 2009

Dear Mr. Ellis: My uncle belongs to a group that studies UFOs. He tells me that our government knows that UFOs are based on the back side of the Moon, and is keeping the truth from us. What do you think? David in Gallup, NM

Dear David: Theories about where the UFOs come from have been talked about for fifty years, and no one seems to know the answers for sure. Granted, it is far more likely UFOs come from our Moon or from Mars than that UFOs have traversed the vastness of outer space to visit us. There are a lot of “conspiracy theories” out there about our government knowing what (and who) UFOs are and keeping it a secret from us.

The above having been said, there are also conspiracy theories concerning man’s landing on the moon, about so-called concealed photos from Mars and the Moon that show the remnants of life and buildings, etc. These conspiracy theories have just flooded the internet. It’s worth a few moments of our time to look at them closely and see if, perhaps, they answer some questions about UFOs or even about our own origins.

YouTube has at least four or five videos claiming that the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon never happened. They say it was a massive conspiracy to deceive the world into believing that man had actually set foot on the Moon. I’m certain that Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins get very upset when they hear these theories.

I am not, particularly, a conspiracy buff. I do believe that our government has intentionally concealed much information about the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, but there are important, serious reasons behind our government’s concealing the truth in these instances:

In the case of JFK, there is strong evidence that the assassination was planned and formulated in Cuba. If this was true and could be verified, The USA would probably have bombed and invaded Cuba. This would have brought Russia to Cuba’s defense and probably started World War III. So, our government might have had some strong reasons for not wanting the full facts to be known.

In the case of 9/11. Virtually every knowledgeable structural engineer in the world has agreed that the WTC towers could not have collapsed the way they did due to the crashing of the jets into the towers. Tower #7 showed no signs of weakness when it collapsed with only a minor fire on its roof. So, the conspiracy theory is that our government intentionally or accidentally imploded the towers in order to give us the grounds to start a war in the Middle East. Again, there would be some serious reasons for the government to conceal this information. Thousands of people died.

Now let’s look at Apollo 11: What serious reasons would the government have had to cover–up a failed mission? No lives would have been lost, no wars started. It might’ve been a big slap-in-the-face for NASA, but hardly worth a government cover-up. There would have been another mission attempted after about six months. Britain, Russia, India and others have subsequently sent missions to photograph the moon, so what would have been the big deal?

It is these other subsequent photographic missions circling the Moon that have created even bigger conspiracy theories: YouTube has several videos of our Moon that some believe to show manmade structures on the surface. I’ve seen several of the videos and, I must admit, there are things on the surface that appear like they could have been manmade.

Is this the kind of thing you keep under wraps? I think not! I’m certain all Moon surface photos have been examined thoroughly by NASA and Russian scientists. If they felt there were any indications of life (past or present) on the Moon, there would have been several exploratory missions to check it out. Your uncle has his beliefs, but until there is a lot stronger evidence than unclear photos of the Moon’s surface that can be interpreted in many ways, I’ll have to assume the Moon is not a UFO port.

Thanks for writing. Stephen Ellis

I love your questions. Please keep them coming.

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