Sunday, November 15, 2009

More on Reincarnation

More on Reincarnation
November 15, 2009

Maybe it’s the holiday season, but this week I did not receive any questions or e-mail. Either that means no one is reading what I write, or that no one is curious about the paranormal. In either case, it gives me the chance to write more about reincarnation:

The only thing about reincarnation that is a great mystery to me is why more people haven’t recognized it as a true fact of life. The evidence that reincarnation is real is absolutely overwhelming! Granted that it is empirical or circumstantial evidence, but what kind of forensic evidence could possibly exist?

In the case of Shanti Devi, a young Indian girl of nine was able to go back to the village in which she lived in her past life which was many miles away from where she now lived and in a village where she had never visited. Accompanied by a group of scientific skeptics, she not only correctly located what she claimed was her former home, but noted the changes in it caused by remodeling. She immediately identified her former husband although he, anticipating her much publicized visit, intentionally,
pretended he was an onlooker and had an actor pretending he was her former husband. In front of numerous witnesses, newspapers and skeptic Shanti related intimate details of their married life that no one could have possibly known. That’s about as close to “forensic” as you can get.

I recently read of an Englishman named Ricky Wills who, when regressed by a hypnotist to a past life remembered being a printer who could never keep his hands clean of printers’ ink. As a printer he was always embarrassed by his ink-stained hands. When he was killed (being run-over by a horse and cart) he remembered watching his own funeral where his widow, as an emotional gesture, threw a decorative dress pin onto the dirt as they were covering the coffin. Ricky went back to the place where his former self was buried, found the grave, and out of curiosity dug down about a foot into the dirt covering the grave…and found the pin! Forensic evidence? Incidentally, Ricky, for some reason, in his present life, had never understood why he had a fetish about keeping his hands clean.

Or what about Bruce Kelly? The young man who, under hypnotic past life regression, remembered being a sailor, James Johnston, who died aboard a submarine that was sunk in WWII. Under hypnosis, he related in detail what it was like dying on the sinking submarine although Bruce had never been on a submarine. This was recent enough so that some of Johnston’s family was still alive and the details of Johnston’s life before enlisting and his Naval career in WWII were verified as told to the hypnotist by Bruce. Kelly had gone to the hypnotherapist because he had an unexplained fear of water. Forensic?

It’s not that these are isolated cases. There are more than one hundred that have been written about, detailed and verified in intricate detail. It does not seem probable…or even possible…that all of these people are lying or making-up stories while they are hypnotized. One of the characteristics of hypnotized people is that they tell the truth.

Hypnotism is, and always has been, a magic key to the paranormal. Hypnotism puts the brain to sleep and allows the mind/aura takes over. It’s the mind/aura that has lived before and will live again. During a waking state, when the brain is active, for some reason, direct communication with the mind/aura is exceedingly difficult. All communications with the mind/aura in a waking state are influenced by the brain.

It is while hypnotized (usually self-hypnosis, but sometimes under artificially produced sleep through anesthetics) that people can experience astral projection (mind-body separation). It is while hypnotized that psychics get their clearest telepathic communications.

As I stated at the outset, the biggest mystery to me is how so many, otherwise intelligent, people can refuse to even accept the possibility that reincarnation is real.

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